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Dorothy Wickham, Bendigo Goldfields Petition, eBook cover

Charles Ladbrook

John Lackey

Carl Lagergren

Peter Lalor

Andrew Landler

H. D. Lane

Richard Laney

David Lang

George Lang

James Lang

Thomas Lang

Henry Langlands

Richard Large

Charles Joseph La Trobe - study by Sir Francis Grant. This portrait of La Trobe was subscribed for by the colonists of Victoria in 1855. It hangs in the Melbourne Town Hall Melbourne. Two less finished versions were also made by the artist for the family. This version was done for La Trobe himself and remained in the family until it was donated to the State Library of Victoria in 1954. State Library of Victoria Collection (H92.360/162)

Charles La Trobe, Lieutenant-Governor of Victoria

Samuel Laundrey

Alexander Lawson

Peter Lawson

David Lazarus

Isaac Lazarus

Jacob Lazarus

Samuel Lazarus

John Leadlow

Pat Leahy

Henry Leaker

John Lean

Morgan Lee

John Lynch, Courtesy Ballarat Heritage Services.

Thomas Lee

John Leech

James Leggatt

William Leggatt

Jean Le Maitre

Henry Leman

John Lemmone

Robert Leslie

Adolfus Lessman

Alfred Lester

George Levey

Martin Levrington

Martin Levrington Jnr

Hyman Levinson

Emil Levison

Abbot Lewis

Alexander Lewis

James Price Lewis

Minchin Lewis

Robert Lewis

John Leylon

Ralph Liddle

S Linch

Ralph Lissle

Stephen Lingham

Maurice Linquist

Andrew Lister

Joseph Little

Robert Little

George Littlehales

Thomas Llewellyn

Evan Lloyd

James Lloyd

Sarah Lloyd

Thomas Lloyd

Richard Loglen

James Lolley

William Longhurst

R. Longstaff

James Lord

James Louge

James Lough

George Lovett

G. Lowe

Samuel Lukeis

Charles Lydiard

John Lydiard

James Lynch

John Lynch

Jason Lyon

John Lyon

Adam Loftus Lynn

Marianna Lynn