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Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Christopher Crook witnessed the Pikeman's Dog.

Post 1854 Experiences

In 1904 Crook was living in Geelong.

In the News

To the Editor.
Sir,-Perusing your Saturday's issue I was very much interested in your narrative of the Eureka riot, especially the incident referring to the little terrier dog, to which I am desirous of adding my testimony as to its correctness.
Upon that fatal Sunday morning, when the strife was practically over, I visited the scene. I saw eleven bodies lying upon the ground, to be recognised by relatives or friends Some had been taken away before my ar rival. I saw the little terrier whining piteously beside his dead master. While viewing this solemn scene a dray arrived in which was placed the body of the man who in life was the owner of the dog. When the little dog saw his master removed, his grief knew no bounds. Those interested tried to drive him away: they could not beat him back. He got into the dray and sat upon his master's breast, revealing in most unmistakable language that his master was taken from him. No human being could have lamented more at the loss of their dearest relative or friend than that affectionate and faithful dog be wailed the loss of his master. Though fifty years have passed away, this pathetic scene is vivid in my memory as though it occurred yesterday. It is one of those scenes which time cannot efface. I am etc.,

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