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Ned Devine and The Great Leviathan drawn by the famous 12 greys in Malop Street, Geelong, where for some years the office of Cobb & Co. was situated. The passengers were members of Stephenson's English Eleven, 1862. Geelong Advertiser, 08 July 1955.

Names associated with Living in Geelong

Alpheus Boynton - Michael Carroll - Patrick Carroll - Christopher Crook - Howard Hitchcock - Henry James - John Leech - Catherine McLister - Robert McLister - Martin Ryan - Thomas Turnbull


Born in Geelong on 17 April 1842 I have now plassed my long journey having passed the 81st milestone in my long journey through life and as I can't expect to reach many more mileposts I now make this solemn statement and it may not be long befoe I will have to make my maker to give an account of doings in this would and I now say it was my father Patrick Carroll who took all the risk in Lalors escape I his son was the one who drove the dray In which he rode and after three days and nights we arrived safely in Geelong.
Michael Carroll [1]

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  1. Transcription of a hand written document in the collection of the Gold Museum.