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Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Coleman was residing at Ballarat when he signed the Benden Hassell Petition in 1856. [1]

Post 1854 Experiences

Capt Brown did not lecture on Monday night for the simplest of reasons, Bath would not give him his room. The meeting to-day was held at 3p.m., the main speakers were as usual. The following are the resolutions; it was "erambe bis decocta," alias "cauId kail het again." The first resolution was proposed by C. F. Nicholls, seconded by James Ryce. "That this meeting protests most earnestly against the course pursued by the Attorney General in the case of the Ballarat state prisoners, and against the insult offered to the inhabitants of Melbourne in the persons of the jurymen, and denounces as cruel and tyrannical the unconstitutional suspension of the Habeas Corpas Act, in the punishing of many by a tedious imprisonment, who have not been found guilty, and whom the Attorney General dare not bring to trial before an honest jury for fear of an acquittal " Proposed by J. B. HUMFFRAY, and seconded by H. S. BINNEY, "That this meeting adopts the prospectus, and pledges itself to support the Victorian Reform League." Proposed by J. F. COLEMAN, and seconded by Captain BROWN, "That this meeting tenders its thanks to those members of the Bar who have taken part in the defence of the Ballarat State prisoners." The meeting on Bakery Hill was about from 400 to 500. A collection was made to the amount of 10/. The new rush near the "Star" is said by some to be doing well, others contradict the assertion. A few days will determine the matter.[2]

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