Unicorn Hotel

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The first telegraphic communication between Ballarat and Melbourne and vice versa took place yesterday afternoon at twenty minutes past three o'clock. Last evening about eight o'clock the representatives of the Press in Ballarat were invited by Mr M'Gowan to witness the working of the telegraph. There being no office accommodation ready at present on the spot selected was the last post near the Unicorn Hotel on the Township. A wire was carried from the post to a small testing machine placed on a stump at its base, and thence, to secure moisture, carried to the steam adjoining, which runs from Bath's claim (now Cobb's Corner). Mr J.B. Humffray, who was at the Melbourne station, transmitted the following remarks to Mr M'Gowan:- The establishment of electric telegraph communication between Ballarat and Melbourne is a far more pleasing event to celebrate on the anniversary of the 3rd of December than stockades and massacres.[1]
  1. The Ballarat Star, 4 December 1855