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Gunfire from the Government Camp on 04 December 1854 is witnessed. John Wilson writes:

Tom Wilson came very near to getting shot on Monday night after the Stockade affair. The (Government) Camp took false alarm and kept up a continued fire all over the flat which is densely populated. For maore than 20 minutes the thickest of the fire fell were Tom was living, riddling the tents all around about.
The ground had been rushed at one time but afterwards left doting the locality over with holes from three to four and five feet deep(one to 1.5 and 1.8 metres), to these holes the inhabitants crowded for safety and Tom among the rest. Unfortunatley the one he got into had been used for a certian purpose - but he won't tell ohow much soap ot cost him to make his clothes nose sweet again though we often ask him.

J.B. Humffray corroborated these events:

On the Monday Night, the fourth of this month (December), I was on theflat a short distance from the bridge her about seven or eight o'clock when I head the rapid and consecutive reports of an immense number of firearms, and I heard a number of bullets whiz over my head, and i sat upon the gound to escape the bullets. Robert Rede released a Proclamation on 03 December 1854 after the Eureka Battle.[1]

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