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Michael Carey was born in Dublin, Ireland and arrived in Victoria in 1851. Carey settled at Ballarat in early 1852. He died in March 1911.[1]

Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Michael Carey was an eye-witness to the Eureka Stockade.


Mr. Michael Campion Carey, a well-known bookseller of Sturt-street, Ballarat (Vic), died a few days ago after a brief illness. Deceased, who was 77 years of age, arrived in Victoria in 1851. He settled in Ballarat early in 1852, and followed the occupation of a digger for several years. He was an eye witness of the revolt at the Eureka Stockade, and was acquainted with a number of the leaders in that movement. Subsequently he adopted the profession of a school teacher. Mr. Carey, who was a native of Dublin, was a classical scholar and held first-class qualifications as a mathematician. He was a life long total abstainer. Deceased was for many years associated with musical affairs in Ballarat, and was for a long while a member of the choirs attached to the Catholic churches in the district.[2]

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