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Eureka's Children is primarily an association of the descendants of those involved in the events surrounding the Eureka Stockade attack and battle on 3 December 1854, and its significance to the development of our democratic traditions and ideals for Australia.[1]

The Association seeks not only to commemorate the events associated with the struggle at the stockade but to encourage a broader discussion about the values inherent in the mining community's quest for representation and basic freedoms, as expressed for instance at Bakery Hill and through the Ballarat Reform League and The Ballarat Reform League Charter. The Association also seeks to discuss the role of these values in contemporary Australian society.[2]

Emeritus Professor John Molony spoke at "a large gathering organised by Eureka's Children in the bicentenary year" of 1988. [3]

Membership is open to all descendants of those involved or associated with the Eureka Stockade event, its prelude and aftermath. In addition, associate membership is open to those individuals or corporate bodies, who may not be descendants but who have a special interest in Eureka, and wish to support the work of Eureka's Children.[4]

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