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Denis Condon was born in Ireland.

Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Post 1854 Experiences


AT EUREKA! - Saw Famous Ballarat Riots PIONEER'S DEATH
The death of Denis Condon at Cooranbong has removed a pioneer resident of 70 years—he was 84 years old. Humorously termed the "Irish Rebel," the late Denis Condon earned the title because he was a spectator at the Eureka riots at Bailarat.
He was there with his male relatives, with whom he had emigrated from Ireland as victims of the land laws. The elders were prominent at the Stockade. Denis was a spectator, but he could describe the happenings lucidly. When he left Ireland the authority was in the hands of the "Bobby Peelers." The impression left on his mind by their action never faded. And at one portion of his life, the sight of a policeman's helmet seemed to him to be an invitation to send a stone or anything handy at it, he was wont to say. But there is no record of his having done so. In mature age he was a well-known but peaceful character and his re mains were followed to the Cooranbong Cemetery by a large and representative district assembly.[1]

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