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Now known as Craig's Hotel, Bath's Hotel was founded by Thomas Bath in 1853. It was situated in Lydiard Street South.

This Hotel has a direct link to international affairs, being the location of a meeting and ball in January 1865.

"Ballarat has a direct link to the American Civil War. In January 1865, the Confederate warship C.S.S. SHENANDOAH sailed into Port Melbourne seeking repairs and provisions, as allowed under the international rules of warfare. While in Melbourne, her officers were invited to take the train out to Ballarat to inspect some gold mines. On 18 February 1865, a ’Buccaneer’s Ball’ was held, in the Confederate naval officers’ honour, at Craig’s Hotel (still standing). The Melbourne-based American Civil War Round Table of Australia (A.C.W.R.T.A.) later placed a commemorative sign inside the interior of Craig’s Hotel."[1]

As part of the American Civil War Sesquicentenary, a 150th Anniversary commemorative ball was organised by the A.C.W.R.T.A. at Craig’s Hotel for 7 February 2015. Members of our A.C.W.R.T.Q. went down to attend this ball. A description of the commemorative ball is contained (pp. 4-9) in the issue of the A.C.W.R.T.Q. journal “THE BUGLE”.[2]
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