1853 Petition Signatures - W

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Thomas C. Waddell

Henry Wade

Henery Wade

W.M. Wade

John Wray

Stephen Waghorn

Charles Wainright

John Waite

Robert Waite

Wm. Wake - See William Wake

Robert Wakefield

I. Waler

H. Walker

D. Walker

Daniel Walker

David Walker

John Walker

John Walker(2)

Robert Walker

H. Walkinghorn

Patrick Wall

James Egan Wall

James Wallace

Thomas Wallace

William Wallace

John A. Wallage

Richard Wallis

Francis Walls

John Walls

W. T. Walls

H.D. Walpole

Ja. Walsh see James Walsh

Edmond Walsh

George Walsh (by his marksman)

John Walsh

Michael Walsh

Patrick Walsh

Peter Walsh

Thomas Walsh digger -

J. F. Walter digger

Jno. Walter - John Walter (2)

John Walter digger

Saml. Walter - See Samuel Walter

Wm. W. Walter - William W. Walter

C.T. Walters, digger

A.S. Walton

Will Stanley Wanen

C. G. Wannill

C.H. Ward

Charles Ward digger

Geo. Ward - George Ward

John Ward

Robt. Ward - Robert Ward

F. Ward or white

Frederick Warden

Thomas Warden

John Ware

John Warhurst, shoemaker

T. Or J. Warn

J.W. Warren

John L. Warren

Richard Warren

Thos. Matthews warren

Richard Wartell

J. Water

Joseph Waterman

William Waters

H.B. Waterson

Charles Watkins also see Charles Mathews

David Watkins

Wm. H. Watkins - William H. Watkins

Saml Watson - See Samuel Watson

David Watson

James Watson

John Watson

Joseph Watson

Robert Watson

William Watson (2)

Wm. Watson - See William Watson

Robert Watson (2)

Robert Watson, digger

John Watson, digger

C. Watt & Co.

Wm. S. Watt - See William S. Watt

C. Wattele

John Wattie

W.Wattle or Nattle

Fredk Watts - See Frederick Watts

G.T. Watts

Henry S. Watts

Jas. Watts - James Watts

W.T. Watts

Wm. Watts - See William Watts

William waurby

Edward Way

James Way

F. Webb, digger

James Webb, digger

Jn. R. Webb - John R. Webb

John Webb

L. Webb digger

George Webb digger

Wm. Webb, digger - See William Webb

George Webber

Jas. Webber - James Webber

William Webber

George webber or webster

William webden

John Webster

David Webster

Francis B. Webster, digger

George Webster

George Webster digger

James Webster miner

M.B. Webster

Thomas Webster

William Webster

William Webster (2)

F.H. Wedgwood, digger

C. C. Wedrac or wedrae

J.G. Weekes

Thomas Weekes

E. Welchman

William Welford

Henry Wellis

Asael Wells gold digger

Henry Wells

James Wells

Nicholas Wells

Francis wells or walls

James Welsh

Thos Wesford - See Thomas Wesford

Charles West

Edmond West

Edwin West

James West

John Weston

John Westrop, brick maker

Robert Westrop, brick maker

John Wetherell

Thos. Weynall or wignall See Thomas Wignall

Patrick Whalen

John whatly digger

David whea---

James Wheatby, page one first column

William Wheatby, page one first column

Aaron Wheeler, Peg Leg

John Wheeler

T. Whelan

Thomas Whensmouth

Geo Willoughby See George Willoughby

Juner Whiry - See Whiry (Junior)

Sen. Whiry - See Whiry (Senior

G.V. Whitbread

The. White

Abraham White

Benjamin White

Charles White

Henry White

James White

James White, gold miner

John White

Martin White

Robert White

Robt. White - Robert White

Thomas White

William White (2)

William White, digger

Robert Whitehead

Edward Whitehood

Wm. Whitehorn, licensed digger See William Whitehorn

W.J. Whitehouse, digger

John Whiteman

John Whitfield, digger

W. Whitford

John Whiting, digger

Joseph Whiting Jnr, blacksmith

Joseph Whiting Snr, digger

R. Whiting

Thomas Whitsaides

Daniel Faber whittaker

Philip Whittaker

F. Whittenberg

William Whittington

James Whyllia

Thos Wignall - See Thomas Wignall

Henry Wilde

Henry Wilde

J.H. Wiles

J.H. Wiles

Henry Wiley

Henry Wiley (2)

Jn. H. Wilgus

Edmund wilken

Richard Wilkinson

David Wilkinson

Henry Wilkinson

Kate Wilkinson See Robert Wilkinson

Rob. Wilkinson See Robert Wilkinson

Thomas Wilkinson

Thos. Wilkinson See Thomas Wilkinson

W.B. Wilkinson

George Wilks, digger

Wm Willcock - See William Willcock

Henry Willcocks, digger

Richd. Willcocks See Richard Willcocks

Edward Willett

Williams(sic) William See William Williams

I. Or J. Williams

Alexr. Williams See Alexander Williams

J. Williams baker

Jos. Williams See Joseph Williams

T. Williams

Thomm Williams See Thomas Williams

Alfred Williams

Edw. Williams See Edward Williams

Edward Williams

F. Williams

Foster Williams

Francis Williams -

George Williams, gold digger

George B. Williams, Peg Leg, digger

George Williams

Gorge Williams, gold miner

H. J. Williams

Henry Williams

Henry Williams digger

I. Williams

Isaac S. Williams

James Williams

James Williams(2)

James Williams(3)

James Williams(4)

James Williams(5)

James Williams(6) licensed digger

James B. Williams

Jas Williams See James Williams

John Williams

John Williams(2)

Ramsey Williams D.D.

Richard Williams

Richd Williams See Richard Williams

Saml Williams, gold digger See Samuel Williams

Thos Williams See Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams (2)


W.Williams(2) licensed digger

W. S. Williams

W.C. Williams

William Williams

William P. Williams

William A. Williams digger

James Williams

Richard Williams

Seth Williams

W.C. Williams

- Williamson digger

Henry Williamson

A. Williamson

Arch Williamson

George Williamson

Sarah Williamson

S. F. Williamson

Williamson & Co

N. H. Willigas storekeeper

Walter Willis digger

Willmam -

Mw Willock

Geo. Willoughby - See George Willoughby

Henry Willoughby digger

G. Willson

Henery Willson See Henry Willson

Robt. Willson See Robert Willson

Thomas Bardley Wilmot See also Thomas Wilmot

George Wilsdon

H.B. Wilson

Andre Wilson signed with X (Possibly Andrew Wilson)

Andrew Wilson(2)

Charles Wilson

Edmund Wilson

Enock Wilson digger, possibly Enoch Wilson

Geo.Wilson See George Wilson

George Wilson storekeeper

George Wilson digger

George Wilson, storekeeper

George Frederick Wilson, digger

I.F.Z. Wilson

Isaac Wilson

James Wilson

James Wilson (2)

James Wilson storekeeper

Jno. Wilson See John Wilson

John Wilson

John Wilson(2)

John Wilson(3), digger

M.H. Wilson

R.B. Wilson

Robert Wilson, digger

Robt. Wilson See Robert Wilson

Samuel J. Wilson, digger

Samuel Wilson

Tho Wilson

Thomas Wilson

Thos. Wilson

William Wilson

Henry Wimmel

Thomas Windus

George Wines, digger

William winspers

William winspers

J.H. Winstone

John Winter

James Wintle carrier

Morris Wiseberg

John Wiseman

Robert Wiseman

Samuel withecombe digger

John Wither

George witheram

Charles Witherby

Danl. Witlewis digger

August wobul

C.S. Wolff

Arthur Wooldruff  ???

M.B. Wolland, blacksmith

Wu Wonson Chinese?

Charles Wood

George Wood

George R. Wood, digger

Henery (sic) Wood

J. Wood

John Wood

Joseph Wood

Richard Wood

Thos. Loftus Wood - See Thomas Loftus Wood

Wm. Wood - See William Wood

Joseph Woodcroft

Thomas Woodfine

J. S. Woodhouse, page two, RHS

John Woodhouse

James Woodlock

William woodr---

Rufus Woodruff

Henry Woods

James Woods

John Woods

John Woodward

John Woofe

C.S. Woolf

Loftus Wooll

W.B. Woolland, blacksmith

James Woolock

Arthur Woolon

J. Woster

- Wright

Alex Wright

Henery(sic) Wright, digger

Henry Wright

Henry Wright(2)

James Wright(2)

James Wright(3)

John Wright

John Wright(2)

John Wright(3)

John Wright(4), digger

Wm. Wright, digger, SeeWilliam Wright

Robert or John C. C.Wright

Alan Wright

James wuthers

John Wyatt, digger {by his marksman)

John Wybrants

Charles wyne or wynd digger

George Wythe

W difficult to decipher