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Eureka Medal


Established in 2005, the Eureka Australia Day Medal is awarded by the Anarchist Media Alliance to activists whose actions reflect the principles outlined in the Eureka Oath, at a ceremony at Bakery Hill, Ballarat, on Saturday 3 December, the anniversary of the Eureka Stockade.

The oath the diggers took at Bakery Hill and the Eureka Stockade in 1854 was:

‘We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties’. And the words of this oath are reflected in the public actions of the following people who accepted the Australia Day Award.


The medal was designed and cast by well known Australian sculptor, Bill Perrin, who owns his own foundry. Ellen and Joseph Toscano asked Bill to design a Eureka Medal that featured the Eureka 8 pointed star.

Award Recipients


  • Jan Bartlett - for her long involvment in Community radio 3CR as an administration manager and broardcaster.
  • Pamela Curr
  • Graeme Dunstan
  • Robbie Thorpe - an Aboriginal elder who received his award for his activism in the struggle for the rights of indigenous Australians.
  • Jennifer Worfe
  • Joseph Toscano


  • Wendy Lowenstein (posthumusly) who died a few weeks previously. Anne and Bill Pickering accepted the medal on her behalf.
  • Margaret McDonald, a teacher by trade
  • Gerry Harrant, a tireless activist and broadcaster
  • Pauline Mitchell, involved in the disarmament and nuclear free movement in Victoria for many years.
  • Kevin Bracken, Victorian Secretary of the MUA, for inceasing the trade union movements interaction with the community.


  • Doreen Burrow – Wollongong, NSW, (Radical Activist – over 50 years)
  • Jean Ely & Ray Nielsen – Melbourne, VIC, (Public Education Activist – over 40 years)
  • Stuart Highway – Darwin, NT (Community Radical Activist – over 20 years)
  • Dave Kerin – Melbourne, VIC (Workplace & Community Radical Activist – over 30 years)
  • Peter McGregor – Newcastle, NSW (Community & Education Radical Activist – over 40 years)
  • Alan parker – Sorrento, VIC, (Environmental Activist – nearly 60 years


  • Leanne Price (Posthumous)
  • 93 year old Phyllis Johnson from Padstow, New South Wales
  • Hans Post an activist from Wollongong, New South Wales.


  • John Englart
  • Jessica Harrison
  • Ellen Jose
  • Bill Pickering
  • Jack Grancharoff


  • Dorothy Wickham for historical and genealogical research regarding Eureka, and publications including The Eureka Encyclopaedia(2004) and Women of the Diggings: Ballarat 1854(2009).
  • Grahame John Garner and Esme Merle Garner, Brisbane - in recognition of 50 years political and union involvement, defending the rights and liberties of Australian workers and citizens.


  • Clare Gervasoni - for an amazing collection of historical and genealogical information about the people of Eureka, including the Eureka Encyclopaedia.


  • Joan Rooke (Posthumously) – Nurse, mother, partner, community activist who weathered the worst of the Bjelke-Peterson era and continued political, social and community activity for over 40 years.
  • Peter Riley – Foundation member new Industrial Workers of the World in Australia, union, community and political activist for over 40 years. Involved in numerous political struggles in Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and Great Britain. Member of the Wednesday Action Group, broadcaster, father, partner.
  • Sharon Firebrace – Broadcaster/Melbourne 3KND. Indigenous and community activist for over 40 years. Originally came from New South Wales, now lives in Victoria. Continues to be at the forefront of radical indigenous struggles in Australia. Mother to be, community and political activist.
  • L oretta O’Brien – Courageous, devoted activist for over 20 years. Although in poor health took over management of Community Radio Station 3CR during last critical few years.
  • Bill Deller – Independent Marxist who has been involved in workplace and community struggles around Australia for over 45 years. Partner and father. Broadcaster on Community Radio 3CR. One of the more astute political activists this country has produced.
  • Michael Smith – Living treasure at 3CR, humble hard working over 30 years experience with community activism. 3CR Broadcaster, a 3CR stalwart who almost single handily has provided the technical assistance for numerous outside broadcasts.


  • Jacob Rumbiak, the most senior representative of the West Papuan independence movemnet not in an Indonesian jail.
  • Elizabeth Conolly
  • Gwen Goedeckie
  • Ruth Martin
  • Gary Foley


  • Marissa Sposaro


  • Helen Lee


  • Samantha Castro - an activist with Whistleblowers and Citizens Alliance
  • Bernard Constable

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