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Eureka Riot Relics.
BALLARAT, Monday. — An Interesting link with Eureka has been disclosed in an old newspaper file. It appears that when Sir Robert Nickle, In charge of the Government forces, came to Ballarat a day after the riot at Eureka, he brought with him a ton and a half of bullets. Departing a few weeks later he left them be hind, with Instructions that they should be held in case of further outbreak. The bullets remained unused until July, 1858, when, on instructions from the Government, Mr. James Oddie put them up for auction. They were bought by the Ballarat Gas Co., and the lead melted down and made into gas pipes, which wore installed in the shops in Sturt-street. A great many of the pipes are still In use to-day.[1]


  1. The Age, 13 August 1935.