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Martin Ryan lived at Ballarat, and was recorded on the 1855 Electoral Roll, under the electoral qualification of Miner’s Right. [1]

Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Arrested after the Eureka Stockade but released due to lack of evidence.[2]

Post 1854 Experiences

In The News

... Mr. Dunne appeared for, the following prisoners, who were likewise discharged, there being no evidence against them to warrant a committal :— Patrick Gilhooly, Walter Ryley, John Powell, Joseph Penrose, Robert Winkfield, Durald Magennes, John Quin, Edmund Burn, Wm. James Steer, Arthur Smith, Kennedy O'Brien, Martin Kinnear, Matthew Orr, Alexander Ross, Robert Leslie, George Thompson, Martin Ryan, Thomas Box, Thomas Ferdinand Tighe, and John Cahill. ...[3]

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Further Reading

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