Gravel Pits

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Charles A. Doudiet, Gravel Pits Ballarat, 1854, watercolour, pen and ink on paper.
Courtesy Art Gallery of Ballarat, purchased by the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery with the assistance of many donors, 1996.
Digger Hunts from The Revolt at Eureka’ by R. Wenban. Schools Publishing House, 1959.

The Gravel Puts were in close proximity to the Government Camp. The use of the bayonet point by the Military to clear riotous miners during a 'digger hunt' on 30 November 1854 ignited the armed insurrection at Eureka. [1]

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A Digger Hunt, Federation University Historical Collection (Cat.No. 4170)


  1. To Pierce the Tyrant's Heart, Australian Military History Publications, 2009, p.9.