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Ballarat Courier

November 18th 1968


The anniversary service of the Eureka Stockade will be held at the Eureka Reserve on December 1. The function is being organised by the Eureka Improvement Progress Association.

Ballarat Courier

Tuesday, November 11th 1968


After a lapse of four years, the Eureka Progress Association will revive the commemoration of the Eureka Stockade with a ceremony at the stockade site next Sunday. The Eureka fighting, which took place on Sunday, December 3, 1854, had been commemorated annually on the Sunday nearest this date. The ceremony lapsed about four years ago when only a handful of people attended the commemoration. Since then the Eureka flag has been raised each year and tow or three busloads of members of the Connolly Association of Australia have visited the stockade site. Connolly Association members are mainly people of Irish descent who follow the teachings of James Connolly, and Irish socialist republican executed by the British Government in 1916. The vice-president of the association, Mr J. Garvey, said that the association was formed in 1964 and each year members had attended the Eureka Stockade to pay homage to Australia’s “freedom fight.”[3]