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[[Richard Hicks]]
[[Richard Hicks]]
[[William Hicks]]
[[Daniel Higgarty]]
[[Daniel Higgarty]]

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Anastasia Hayes, A Eureka Heroin. Australian Town and Country Journal, 18 June 1892
An Early Portrait of George Higinbotham, by Batchelder and Neill, Melbourne, photographers. State Library of Victoria (H37475/12)
The Hon [i.e. Honorable] John Basson Humffray, First Commissioner of Mines - of Victoria, pastel on brown paper by Thomas Flintoff, 10 August 1859. State Library of Victoria (H325)

Charles Hackett

John Hafele

Daniel Hagerty

Samuel Haigh

William Haines

Robert Halbery

Israel Hales

William Halirson

Armstrong Hall

Charles Hall

Christopher Hall

James Hall

John Hall

Josiah Hall

Robert Hall

William Hall

David Ham

Harry Hambrook

Archibald Hamilton

Gerald Hamilton

Thomas Hamilton

John Hammer

Phillip Hammer

Henry Hammon

James Hammond

Jeremiah Hanafin

Patrick Hanafin

William Hance

Patrick Hanlan

Michael Hanley

Simon Hanley

Francis Hanlon

Julia Ford Hanmer

Sarah Hanmer

Patrick Hannafin

Henry Hannington

John Hanrahan

Michael Hanrahan

Patrick Hanran

Abraham Hanson

Jane Hanson

John Hanson

Robert Hanson

Happy Jack

William Hardie


William Hargreave

George Harker

Mary Ann Harlow

Alexander Harman

Charles Harman

Anna Harrington

Edward Harris

Henry Harris

Nathaniel Harris

Samuel Harris

William Harris

George Harrison

James Harrison

John Harrison

William Hart

George Hartley

Martin Harvey

William Harvey

C. L. Harward

Michael Harward

Frank Hasleham

Benden Hassell

Anastasia Hayes

Michael Hayes

Timothy Hayes

Lowther Haynes

Isaac Hayward

John Heayser

Edward Hedger

James Heffernan

Daniel Hegarty

William Heise

John Henderson

Robert Henderson

James Henrey

Thomas Henfield

B? Henword

Thomas Hepburn

Andrew Hermiston

John Herring


Joseph Hewitt

C? Hickey

Patrick Hickey

John Hickman

Richard Hicks

William Hicks

Daniel Higgarty

James Higgins

Richard Higgins

Joseph Highmore

George Higinbotham


John Hill


Isaac Hinds

Isaac Hinds

Adolphus Hirschler

Thomas Hiscock, University of Ballarat Historical Collection

Thomas Hiscock

Howard Hitchcock

William Hoare

Richard Hobson

James Hodges

William Hodgkinson

John Hodgson

Jeremiah Hogan


Captain Holland

John Holland

John Hollis

Martha Holmes

W.G. Holmes

Thomas Holthouse

George Holyoake

Henry Holyoake

Horatio Holyoake

Edward Honiss

John Hope

Sir Charles Hotham, Governor of Victoria

Jane Hotham

Patrick Howard

William Howell

Charles Howes

William Howly

Laura Hudson

Thomas Hughs

Frederick Humffray

J.B. Humffray

Richard Humphreys

Mary Ann Humphris


William Hunter

Albert Hurd

Alfred Hurlestone

William Hurst

W Hutton

Samuel Huyghue

Bridget Hynes

John Hynes

Richard Hynes

James Hynim?