1853 Petition Signatures - T

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Bendigo Goldfields Petition, August 1853. State Library of Victoria (MS 12440)

William Tabb

H.G. Taft

Henry Tagget

William Taggures

Wm. Tagzarts

James Tainsh

Fredk Talbot - See Frederick Talbot

John Talbot

Seth Talbott digger

Soaes Tange

James Tank

Henry Tanner

Richard Tanner

Henry Tannox

W. Tarant

Frances Tatteria

James Tatteria

Francis Tattersall

James Tattersall

Thomas Taubman

George Tay

J. Tayler

Charles Taylor


James Tayler

John Taylor

John Taylor digger

Rich. Taylor - Richard Taylor

Robert Taylor, digger

Samuel Taylor

Thos. Taylor, digger - See Thomas Taylor

W. Taylor

W. Alfred Taylor

W. T. Taylor

James Taylor

Wm Taylor - See William Taylor

S. Teagle

B.G. Teasdale

George Teasdale

G. Tedeeland, digger

Thomas Teeder

A. Teer or feez


N. Temperley

William Temple, gold digger

Henry Templemann

N. Temperley

William Ternuset - See William Terrieset

Charles Terny

John Terrell

Thomas Terrell

Charles Thacker

G. Tharley

T. Thembourn or Kembourn

William thenson or thurson

William Theyton

Richard Thimbleby

A. Thom

George Thom---

Thos. H. Thomas - See Thomas H. Thomas

- Thomas

G. Thomas

N. T. Thomas

S. Thomas

Barry Thomas

Chas Thomas - Charles Thomas

David Thomas

Edwin Thomas

Henry Thomas

John Thomas, digger

Malcolm Thomas

Rd Harvey Thomas - See Richard Harvey Thomas

Robert Thomas

Thomas Thomas

William Thomas

William Thomas (2) digger

William C. Thomas

Wm. H. Thomas - See William H. Thomas

John Thomas

Thomas & Kay

J. Thommis

William Thomps

A. Thompson

E. Thompson

Edwd Thompson - Edward Thompson

George Thompson, digger

Henry Thompson digger

Henry S. Thompson digger

James Thompson

James Thompson (2)

John Thompson

Joseph Thompson

Richard Thompson

Thomas Thompson, digger

William Thompson

William Thompson (2) digger

William Thompson (2), gold digger

William Thompson (3)

Patk. B. Thoms - Patrick B. Thoms

John Thoms, blacksmith

Michl. Thomsen - See Michael Thomsen

Alexr. Thomson - See Alexander Thomson

David Thomson

Geo. Edwd Thomson - George Thomson

James Thomson digger

John Thomson

M. Thomson

William Thomson

Reverend D.I. TooKey

James Thopson

Thomas Thoriaan


Nanken Thornhill, newspaper agent

Geor. Thornton - George Thornton

George Thorpe

Richard Thorpe, digger

W. A. Thorpe

Thos Thosbody - See Thomas Thosbody

Thomas Thyrm

Thomas Thyts

Wm. Tibbald - See William Tibbald

Charles Tibbs

John Tibes or Isbes

J. & son Tien

Thomas Tiffany

W. B. Tilling

Richard Timing

H. Tinkler

Wm. Tippy - See William Tippy

Alfred Tivey

Joseph Tivey

William Tlalirson

Larance Toben - See Laurence Tobin

C. Tobin

Michael Tobin

Henry Todd

Matthew Todd digger

Thomas Todd

Benjm Toiyne gold digger

William Toll

Henrey(sic) Tomlinson- See Henry Tomlinson

- Tomlinson

Joseph Tomlinson

Jesse Tompkins

James Tompson

Wm. J. Tonan - See William J. Tonan

Joseph Tonilinon

Francis Tonseng digger

- Toogood digger

Revd. D. T. Toohey

Peter Toomey

Edward Topliss

Samuel Torbey

Andrew Tormahill

Jas Torpey - See James Torpey

William Torryman

Robert Torventy

William Tounson

William Tovey

James Towell

James Towers

Robert Town

John Townsend or Townsen

John Toy

Wm. Trace - See William Trace

Stephen Tracey

Chas Tracy - See Charles Tracey

George W. Tracy

James Tracy

John Tracy

Thomas Tracy

A. Tragerays

George Train

Wren or Wreie Transtovik

Richard Tranturn

Carl. Wm Trapmann - See Carl William Trapmann

E. Trapmann

Henry Trounce or Traunce

Thomas Treble

Joseph Tree

William Treganic digger

John Tregeagle

Joseph Trelbie

Edwin Tremethick

Samuel Trengove

John Trenowth

Joseph Trescut Jns

John Trevail

Thomas Trevan

Henry Trevaskis

Richard Trevenn

Henry Trevillion

Frederick Trewis

G.A. Trigg

Thomas Triplet

William Triplet

Gottfried Trobitsch

John Troffer

Jack Troste

E. Tronchet

Acheson Trotter

James Trotter

John Trough

Thomas Troughton

Henry Trounce

George Truscott

Thomas Try

Alfred Tucker

Benjn. Tucker See Benjamin Tucker

George Tucker

Richard N. Tucker

William Tuckfield

Edward Tuey

Martin Tully

Michael Tully digger

Patt. Tully - See Patrick Tully

Michl. Tuohy - See Michael Tuohy digger

Wm. Tupper - See William Tupper

Wm. H. Tupper - See William H. Tupper

Thomas Turfford

Andrew Turnbull

Henry Turnbull, gold digger

Charles Turner

Elijah Turner

George Turner

H. R. Turner

It. R. Turner

James Turner

John Turner

Robert Turner, digger

Saml. Turner - Samuel Turner

Thomas Turner

Thos. Turner - See Thomas Turner

William Turner, digger

Horace Walpole Turner

Jas. Turner - See James Turner

John Turner

Eliel Turton

Edward Tury

M. Tuslover

John Tweed, digger

Peter Tweed

Samuel Tweedale

John Twentyman

John Tyler

Thos Tyley - See Thomas Tyley

James Tyreit

Thos Tyrie - See Thomas Tyrie