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Walter E. Pidgeon, Illustration from The Eureka Stockade by Raffaello Carboni, Sunnybrook Press, 1942, offset print.
Art Gallery of Ballarat, purchased 1994.

Tait was a witness examined during the report of the Board appointed to enquire into circumstances connected with the riot at Ballarat, and the burning of James Bentley's Eureka Hotel. [1]


Goldfields Involvement, 1854

...One William Tait, a storekeeper, sold grog on the sly, and for eighteen months had paid £5 a week to the police; Sergeant-Major Milne had charge of the foot police at that time, and received the £10 from this storekeeper.[2]

Post 1854 Experiences

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Corfield, J.,Wickham, D., & Gervasoni, C. The Eureka Encyclopaedia, Ballarat Heritage Services, 2004.

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