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Kopke was born at Hamburg, Germany in 1835. He married Emma Schroeter in 1859 at the Ballarat Lutheran Church, and the couple had 12 children.[1]

Kopke sailed to South Australia with his father at the age of fourteen, his father purchasing a farm near Adelaide. After the discovery of gold L.H. Kopke spent five months searching for the ellsuve metal in Bendigo, McIvor and Goulburn, doing very well. He next set his sights on Little Bendigo, Ballarat, again doing very well. [2]

Post 1854 Experiences

Kopke came second for Herefords at the Ballarat Agricultural Show. At that time he was living at Haddon. [3]

In 1869 Kopke wrote a letter to the editor relating to the Sago Hill Common. [4]


Mr. H. I. Kopke, an old resident of Trunk Lead, died suddenly on Tuesday. The deceased was a well-known hotel-keeper, and for many years his house was the rendezvous for the various hunts held in the neighourhood.</ref>The Argus, 09 November 1899.</ref>

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    Goldfields Involvement, 1854

    Kopke witnessed the Eureka Stockade, and was one of the first to enter the stockade after the fighting was over, and was nearly caught by a trooper. He left Ballarat for 8 months, returning to Adelaide. He returned in 1857 Ballarat and settled down. x <Ref> Ballarat & Vicinity.

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