Jurors for the State Trails

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Walter E. Pidgeon, Illustration from The Eureka Stockade by Raffaello Carboni, Sunnybrook Press, 1942, offset print.
Art Gallery of Ballarat, purchased 1994.


(The Jury List.)
Supreme Court, Colony of Victoria. County of Bourke to wit.
List of General Jurors to try Prisoners at the Bar, Thursday, 22nd February, 1855.[1]

1. James Wilkinson, East Brighton, market gardener

2. Charles Welch, do, hotel-keeper

3. Patrick Welch, do, farmer

4. Joseph West, do, do

5. James Watts, charcoal burner

6. George Walstab, do, auctioneer

7. William Wood (2), Great Bourke-street, fruiterer

8. George Worcester, do, colour dealer

9. Jonathan Wilkinson, Eastern Market, Great Bourke-street, draper

10. John Whitehead, Elizabeth-street, Clarence Hotel

11. James Wise, do, hair-dresser

12. Charles Watts, do, upholsterer

13. William J. White, do, Flinders street, wine merchant

14. Henry Williams Jr, do, merchant

15. Robert Watson (2), do

16. Aldred Watson, do, do

17. John B. Wallis, Stephen-street, draper

18. John W. Waugh, do, carpenter

19. Johnstone Wylie, Russell-street, architect

20. George Walker, do, surveyor

21. Robert Walker, Swanston-street, grocer

22. John Wright, do, do

23. William J. Watts, do, bookseller

24. Josh Wilkie, Great Collins-street, music seller

25. Edward Wild, do, broker

26. George Wharton, do, architect

27. Frederick Walters, do, tailor

28. Thomas Winstanley, Little Collins-street, coffee roaster

29. Edward Whitby, Flinders lane, merchant

30. Charles Watson, do, storekeeper

31. Septimus West, do, merchant

32. Thomas Ward, Swanston-street, licensed victualler

33. Abraham Lemon Wolf, do, mineral

34. Jospeh Wall, do, joiner

35. Michael Winter, Little La Trobe-street, cabinet maker

36. William Weenless, Russell-street, blacksmith

37. John Walker (2), do, merchant

38. John Watson, Bourke-street, licensed victualler

39. Waugh, James, Little Bourke-street, confectioner

40. Weldon, John, do, corn factor

41. Wal, Charles, do, saddler

42. Williamson, Henry, Great Lonsdale-street, tailor

43. Walker, John, do, stationer

44. Warton, George, do, tailor

45. Williamson, Caleb, iunior, do, draper

46. Williamson, Caleb, senior, do, grocer 47. Young, Edward, Princess-street, or Punt-road, builder 48., Young, Henry, Gardiner's Creek, farmer 49. Young, Alexander, Victoria Crescent, landholder 50. Yates, Alfred, Richmond-road, draper 51. Young, Robert, Yarra-street, Heidelberg, carter 52. Young, James, Tullamarine, carpenter 53. Yates, Alfred, Gore-street, Collingwood, draper 54. Young, Thomas Brown, Quarry store, store-keeper 55. Young, David, St. David-street, gentleman 56. Young, Joseph, Gore-street, plasterer 57. Yew, Charles, Queen-street, saddler 58. Young, Henry, Moorabbin, market gardener 59. Young, John, do, farmer 60. Youle, William, Great Brighton, brickmaker -----------1. Whitmore, William, Queen-street, licensed vic-tualler 2. Williams, Thomas, William-street, merchant 3. Wishart, David, Market-street, licensed victualler 4. Wallace, John, West Market, produce merchant 5. Wooley, George, Orr's-buildings, merchant 6. Williams, Walter, do, dealer 7. Watson, William, Flinders-lane, West, importer 8. Walter, Francis, do, do, dealer 9. Watkins, William, do, do, licensed victualler 10. Williams, Pierce Jones, Little Collins-street, West, dealer 11. Wicks, Richard, do, do, licensed victualler 12. Williams, Benjamin, Great Bourke-street, mer-chant 13. Whitehead, Geo. Morrison, Barry's-row, Eastern Hill, general agent 14. Williamson, Sweatingham, Cecil-street, land-owner 15. Walker, William H., Charles-street, off Coventry-street, land-agent 16. Watson, John, Coventry-place, bookkeeper 17. Westall, William Francis, Bank-street, auc-

tioneer 18. Woodward, George Augustus, Cecil-street, store-keeper 19. Wilson, John, Park-street, dealer 20. Woodbead, Benjamin, Queen-street, carpenter 21. Whitelaw, William, Albert-street, Prahran, builder 22. Whitehead, David, Nelson-street, carter 23. Walkin, Mark, Albert-street, builder 24. Wilkins, John, Dandenong, farmer 25. Weber, David, do, do 26. Warren, William Henry, do, settler 27. Wilson, Henry, do, butcher 28. Walker, Robert Caldecot, do, settler 29. Walters, Joseph, do, farmer 30. Wood, James, Neptune-street, St. Kilda, car-penter 31. Wilkinson, Henry, do, do, builder 32. Wooley, William, Clyde-street, do, merchant 33. Williamson, Charles, Great Brighton, merchant 34. Wedge, Richard, do, gentleman 35. Webb, Charles, do, builder 36. Webb, Richard, do, do 37. Willen, William, do, farmer 38. Will, William, do, carrier 39. Wright, William, do, do 40. Watson, Thomas, do, gardiner 41. West, Thomas, do, butcher 42. Webber, Edmund Seymour, do, innkeeper 43. White, Isaac, do, gardiner 44. Wiltshire, William, do, carrier 45. Wood, John, do, carpenter 46. Winter, Samuel, do, farmer 47. Wilson, Charles, do, bookseller 48. Westrop, William Walker, do, auctioneer 49. Ward, William, do, carpenter 50. Watkyns, John, do, market-gardener 51. Whitcombe, Benjamin, do, labourer 52. Wullard, Joseph, do, carpenter 53. Wells, Thomas, Moorabbin, farmer 54. Wilkinson, John, do, market-gardener 55. West, John Farmer, do, farmer 56. Woods, Thomas, do, brickmaker 57. Watts, William, do, laborer 58. Wilson, Henry, do, market-gardener 50. Walker, John, do, do 60. Warburton, Geooge, do, do 1. Wise, Stephen, Roselyn-street, grocer 2. Warren, Robert, Jeffcott-street, carter 3. Wallace, William, Victoria-street, householder 4. Watson, James, Curzon-street, engineer 5. Walls, Edward James, do., carpenter 6. Wardman, Charles, Queensbury-street, builder 7. Wylle James, Little Howard-street, householder 8. Woodsworth, Henry Curwin, Howard-street coffee roaster

9. Watt, David, Chetwynd-street, carpenter 10. Walker, Peter, Leveson-street, farmer 11. Watson, Robert, do, joiner 12. Whelan, Patrick, do, bricklayer 13. Wilson, John, do, sawyer 14. Wilson, Thomas, do, householder 15. Wallace, Frederick W., Arden-street, grocer 16. Watt, John, Courtnay-street, labourer 17. Wylie, James, Erroll-street, joiner 18. Wall, William, Blackwood-street, tailor 19. Williamson, Humfray, do, blacksmith 20. Watts, William, Wreckyn-street, carpenter 21. Wood, James, Vale-street, salesman 22. Wilson, David, do, carpenter 23. White, William, Flemington road, carter 24. Watts, Timothy, Lothian-street, labourer 25. Wright, Frederick, do, carpenter 26. Wright, Walker, Bay-street, baker 27. Wood, John, Smith-street, Collingwood, baker 28. Wood, Jacob, do, do, Shepherd's Arm's Hotel 29. Warren, John, do, do, farmer 30. Williams, Frederick, Gertrude-street, do, iron-monger 31. Withers, Charles Searles, Osborne House, draper 32. White, Edward John, Brunswick-street, store-

keeper 33. White, John, do, wheelwright 34. Westlake, Arthur, do, broker 35. Wallis, William, Gertrude-street, buildrr 36. Westwood, James, Napier-street, gentleman 37. Wilcox, George, do, turner 38. Weedon, James, do, baker 39. White, Henry, Fitz Roy-street, builder 40. Wymond, Thomas, Brunswick House, draper 41. Wymond, Joseph, Brunswick-street, draper 42. Wincs, Sampson, George-street, gentleman 43. White, Peter, Gertrude-street, storekeeper 44. Whitmore, Frederick, do, saddler 45. Ware, Samuel, Gore-street, builder 46. Wood, James, do, builder 47. Willoughby, Thomas, do, corn merchant 48. Watt, Charles, Gertrude-street, grocer 49. Wood, James William, do, Swan Hotel 50. Wood, John Thomas, do, do, do. 51. Waters, Frederick, Smith-street, butcher 52. Weston, Stephen, Moor-street, bootmaker 53. Wills, Edward, Hanover-street, stone merchant 54. White, Thomas, Johnston-street, bricklayer 55. Williams, John, do, gentleman 56. Walker, Andrew, Victoria Parade, livery stable-keeper 57. Woods, John, Condell-street, timber merchant 58. Wright, John, Albert-street, clothier 59. Wheelar, Bartholomew, Elizabeth-street, licensed victualler 60. Williams, Charles, 109, do, do, restaurant
  1. The Age, 14 February 1855.