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Patrick Curtain was born in 1810 at County Limerick, Ireland. He married Anne Carey at St Francis' Church, Melbourne on 18 June 1846. Patrick Curtain died on 17 July 1885 at Ballarat. Anne Curtain died on 28 November 1898 at Ballarat.

Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Patrick Curtain was an innkeeper at Eureka. He sought compensation for losses during the Eureka riots.

Ballaarat, 27th August, 1855. MAY IT PLEASE YOUR EXCELLENCY- I do myself the honor of bringing under your Excellency's notice the, fact that some time "after the late disturbances at Ballaarat, Mr. Patrick Curtain, at that time a licensed storekeeper at Eureka, represented to the Commission appointed by your Excellency to enquire into that affair, that he had suffered very severe losses, by having his store enclosed within the stockade erected by the insurgents against his inclination, and which store, with all its contents, was burnt dowh by the military and police after the capture of the place, the loss sustained by Mr Curtain amounting to between £1200 and £1300.

Some time afterwards, Mr. Curtain forwarded "to your Excellency a Petition, stating his claims. The Petition was numerously and most respectably signed. Amongst other signatures were those of Mr Sherard, Resident Warden, and of Mr. Green, The Resident Gold Commis­sioner. To that Petition 1Hr. Curtain has not hitherto been honored with an answer, and has requested me to bring the subject again under, the notice of your Excellency.. I have most respectfully, and at the same time most earnestly, to represent to your Exc61­ lency, that a few weeks previous to the outbreak, Mr. Curtain had made-up his mind to return home, and had determined to sell off his stock-in-trade, and realize his other interests; and, to shew the poverty and hardships upon himself and family by the destruction of his property at Eureka, I may further state that some months previously he had purchased some land in the suburbs of Ballaarat, and had paid more than one-half the purchase money, giving a bill at six months date for the balance of the price, but when the acceptance arrived at maturity, from his being reduced to poverty, be 'vas unable to retire it. Judgment was obtained agains't him, execution was taken, and the parties from whom he purchased the land, Dr. Silverman and Mr Wynne, bought it in themselves.

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