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Laura Hudosn died in Clunes in 1952, aged 104. [1]

Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Laura saw the Military arrive in Ballarat just before the Eureka Stockade of 03 December 2013.

Post 1854 Experiences

In the News

MRS. LAURA MAY HUDSON, who celebrated her 104th birthday at Clunes today, saw the redcoats arrive at Ballarat, just before the Eureka Stockade fight. She rushed to tell her parents, just out from England, she recalled to-day.
Mrs. Hudson has lived at Clunes for nearly 100 years. "It used to be a lively place," she said today. "It seems to have slipped a lob lately."
Mrs. Hudson apologised to the local post-office for her birthday. The telegraph and. mail-sorting staff had never been busier. Hundreds of letters and telegrams wished her a happy birthday. Messages came from the Governor, Sir Dallas Brooks, and Mr. McDonald, Premier. "It's like this every year," Mrs. Hudson said. "But I suppose you have to put up with it when you reach 104. "My doctor tells me I must go about quietly. He says I have sciatica; last year it was neuritis. I'll bet they are just modern names for good old-fashioned rheumatism."
Cr. and Mrs. W. C. Foulkes, Mayor and Mayoress of Clunes, paid Mrs. Hudson a personal visit today. Tomorrow Mrs. Hudson will have a birthday party with her four daughters Mesdames A. Lean. S. Rogers, and W. Clark, of Clunes, and Mrs. R. Taylor, of Geelong.[2]

Mrs. Laura Hudson, of Clunes (Vic.), was 104 yesterday. Although she has sciatica, she is reasonably active - she made her bed on her birthday morning. Mrs. Hudson came to Australia with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Slocombe, from Berks, England, 100 years ago, and passed through Ballarat at the time of the Eureka Stockade. [3]

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