Henry Molyneaux

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Travelling to the Diggings, the Keilor Plains. Victoria by John A. Gilfillan. State Library of Victoria Collection (H25126)


Henry Molyneaux was born around 1823 (or 1828) in Oxford England. He emigrated to Australia at an early age on the Eliza Jane, arriving in Adelaide. According to his obituary he was a professor of physique and general aptitude and soon gained a position in the mounted police. He related many interesting accounts of troubles with Aborigines and convicts while in the police force.He settled in Van Diemen's Land for some time, but when the gold rushes broke out in Victoria he severed his connection with the police force and made his way to Ballarat and Creswick. He experienced the up and down of digger's life with varying success. [1]

Post Eureka Activities

As showing the hardships endured by gold seekers, the late Mr Molyneaux often narrate how he on one occasion was driven to the extremities to provide the necessities of life. He unearthed a gold nugget of 1000 pounds, gave an interesting account of Eureka Stockade and work at the Railways. [2]


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