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[[Geelong Petition to Abolish the License System]]
[[Goldfields Commission of Enquiry]]
[[Goldfields Commission of Enquiry]]

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Diggers Flag of 1853, 2013, From Bendigo Monument in Rosalind Park.
Down With License Fee Poster Displayed at Sovereign Hill, 2016.
Ballarat Heritage Services Picture Collection
S.T. Gill, Site of Bentley's Hotel - Eureka Ballaarat, 1855, lithograph, Art Gallery of Ballarat Collection, Purchased, 1977.
Ballarat Reform League Deputation to Governor Charles Hotham from The Revolt at Eureka’ by R. Wenban. Schools Publishing House, 1959.

Historical Background





Digger Hunting


Geelong Petition to Abolish the License System

Goldfields Commission of Enquiry

Bendigo Goldfields Petition

Goldfields Reform League

Mount Alexander

Red Ribbon Rebellion

Eureka Timeline

Further Reading