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The Revolt at Eureka’ cover by R. Wenban. Schools Publishing House, 1959.

In March 2013 moves to develop the Eurekapedia wiki were discussed between Ballarat Reform League Inc. and Ballarat Heritage Services. The Eurekapedia wiki is hosted by the Ballarat Reform League Inc., with Clare Gervasoni and Dorothy Wickham (Ballarat Heritage Services) researching, creating, developing and maintaining the content pages. There have been millions of views attesting to worldwide interest in the Eureka event.

The Eurekapedia wiki explores the people and stories that lie parallel to the development of Australian democracy and culture. The significant narratives of goldfields agitation, the Ballarat Reform League, and the events leading to the battle at the Eureka Stockade, the only civil uprising on Australian soil, are central to the development of Australia as a democratic country. The men and women involved in the Ballarat Reform League, Red Ribbon Rebellion, and like organisations are important associations in the story of Eureka and significant in our national identity.

The main themes of debate surrounding Eureka provide insight into little known aspects of the event. The wiki provides referenced evidence and investigation for events prior, during and after the Eureka battle of 3 December 1854. It provides a Eureka Timeline and Essays on some very interesting and controversial points of difference. This project unlocks the stories of "ordinary" people, places and multicultural beginnings in the 1850s that resulted in extraordinary outcomes and reforms. Goldfields agitation, the Diggers Oath, and the Ballarat Reform League Charter contributed to the very fabric of Australian identity and the "Birthplace of the Australian Spirit".

The often interlinking stories of the people associated with the Eureka Stockade are readily accessible through the technology of this interactive wiki format on the world wide web. This platform allows researchers to seek the ships, origins and abodes ancestors are associated with, often finding fellow passengers or relatives. Migration patterns and multicultural associations can often be explored and extended by the use of such an interactive source.

The assistance of the Art Gallery of Ballarat, Ballarat Heritage Services, Ballarat Reform League Inc., Federation University, Gold Museum, Old Colonists' Association of Ballarat, Public Record Office Victoria, The Vera Moore Foundation and many other individuals who have contributed in so many different and helpful ways is gratefully acknowledged.

All images are published with permission, and credits published in close proximity to the image. Where images come from collections they are also listed under the Collections heading. Contributions and/or images may be sent to, should include references, and may be published after review. Eurekapedia reviewers are not obliged to publish all material, but where they do it will be credited to the contributor.

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