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See Eliza Robinson

Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Eliza's husband to be, William Bell, was inside the Eureka Stockade when it was stormed on 3 December 1854.

Post 1854 Experiences

Eliza (Robinson) married William Walton ‘Baron’ Bell on 21 June 1855 and they produced ten children in the Creswick, Spring Hill vicinity. Children: Rachel (1857 Creswick); Clara (1859 Bullarook); John (1861 Kingston); Eliza (23 October 1864 Spring Hill); William Walter (1866 ); Ephraim (1869 Kingston); Leah (1871 Creswick); Hannah Isabella (1874 Long Swamp, Dean); Walter (1876 Mitiamo, died in infancy); Ada Jane (1878 Creswick). Two of their children, John William and Leeah attended Creswick Grammar School. William Walton Bell died on 24 January 1915 at Kew. Eliza died 23 May 1890 aged 57 years and was buried in the Creswick Cemetery (Meth, Row 1, No 4). Her husband's name was added to the tombstone on 3 December 1988, a date chosen to commemorate his involvement with Eureka.[1][2]

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