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Edward Freeman was born around 1828 to Thomas and Grace Freeman (nee Caddy). The family lived at 6 Chy? Street, Gunwalloe, Cornwall, England. His father, Thomas was 47 years of age a farmer of 30 acres. Grace, his mother, was 45 years of age. Their children and Edward's siblings were: Edward, aged 22 years who described himself as an agricultural labourer, Grace 18 years was 'at home', William 15 was a scholar, Elizabeth 7 and Mary 5 years comprised the family. In the adjoining property were: Edward Freeman, aged 45 years, a farmer of 50 acres who employed one labourer, Marie Jeffrey 46 years, a general servant, Jane Jeffery aged 20 a general servant, William White an agricultural labourer aged 21, and Thomas Jewell aged 15 years, and an agricultural servant.[1]

Edward Freeman, the son of Thomas and Grace, arrived in Australia in 1852 on board the Bombay.

Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Edward Freeman was at the Gravel Pits during the Eureka Stockade. According to descendants he was an euewitness to the Eureka Stockade.[2]

Post 1854 Experiences

Edward Freeman and his family were in Balalrat until 1865, at which time they went to Scarsdale to live.

Freeman was one of the first members of the Engine Drivers' Association of Ballarat. He died in May 1912 and was buried at the Ballaarat Old Cemetery on the 23rd of May. At that time he was living at 5 Grant Street, Ballarat East. He left a widow, six sons, and four daughters.[3]

Louisa his widow died and was buried with him in grave CCN 8, Ballaarat Old Cemetery 5 November 1921. She was aged 74 years and living at 20 Hardinge Street, Kensington, Melbourne.[4]


Edward Freeman married Louisa Sands. They had 15 children.

1.Thomas Freeman (b. 1870, Newtowm)

2. Campanion Ionadab Freeman (b. 1874, Scarsdale)

3. Charlotte Freemand, (1868, Scarsdale)

4. Edward Henry Freemand (B. 1877, Scarsdale)

5. Grace Louisa (b. 1879, Maryborough, Victoria)

6.Louisa Ethal Freeman (b. 1883, Ballarat)

7. Sydney James Freeman (b. 1888, Maryborough)

8. Evylyn Freeman (b. 1890, Maryborough)

9. Leslie Harry Freeman (b. 1891, Maryborough)

10. William Caddy Freeman (b. 1894, Scarsdale)

11. Annie Elizabeth Freeman (b. 1885, Talbot)

12. Albert Harry Freeman (B. 1886, Talbot)




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The University of Melbourne Archives holds the collection of the Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Enginemen, Victorian Division, amongst which are papers from the Ballarat Branch. This collection contains 94 archive boxes. See https://gallery.its.unimelb.edu.au/imu/imu.php?request=multimedia&irn=5408

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