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[[Gold Museum]]
[[Gold Museum]]
[[Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales]]
[[Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka]]
[[Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka]]

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Charles A. Doudiet, Swearing Allegiance to the 'Southern Cross’, 1854, watercolour, pen and ink on paper.
Courtesy Art Gallery of Ballarat, purchased by the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery with the assistance of many donors, 1996.

Art Gallery of Ballarat

Ballarat Reform League Inc. Monuments Project, Eureka Park, 2013. Photography: Clare Gervasoni.
Gold License, 01 May 1854, Federation University Historical Collection.

Ballarat Heritage Services Picture Collection

Ballarat Reform League Inc. Collection

Federation University Historical Collection

Gold Museum

Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka

Old Colonists' Association of Ballarat

Public Record Office Victoria

Queenscliffe Historical Museum

State Library of Queensland

State Library of South Australia

State Library of Victoria

Various Collections

Manuscript Sources