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On 20 July 1853 a shipment of gold from the McIvor Diggings, that was being sent to Kyneton for ultimate transport to Melbourne by a Government gold escort, was robbed by six bushrangers and one female (although the total number of thieves involved is questionable. The haul was 2,223ozs of gold and ₤700 in banknotes.

Twenty four days later one of the bushrangers (George Francis) reported the men (including his own brother Joseph Francis) to the police and then committed suicide by cutting his own throat.

The trial was concluded by 17 September 1853. Justice was swift in the colony! Three of the bushrangers (George Melville, George Wilson, William Atkins - or Atkyns; Atkens) were hanged in Melbourne Gaol on 3 October 1853 (within 16 days of conviction), the female (Agnes Atkins - or Atkyns; Atkens) was released and the leader (Joseph Grey) was never caught.[1][2]

Names of Bushrangers

George Melville - George Wilson - George Francis - Joseph Francis - William Atkins

Women as Bushrangers

Agnes Atkins