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[[Alexander McFadden]]
[[Alexander McFadden]]
[[Patrick McGettigan]]
[[James McGill]]
[[James McGill]]

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William Mair Victoria and Riverina - a biographical record of some of the pioneer families of Victoria and the Riverina. McCarron, Bird, Melbourne, 1933.
Tobias McGrath, Ballarat Heritage Services Picture Collection

Edward Macarthur

Daniel Macartney

Joseph Macknon

C.W. Maclean

James Madden

John Madden

Margaret Madden

William Madden

Alfred Madocks

Hugh Maguire

Thomas Maher

Edmund Mahoney

David Maine

William Mair

James Malcolm

Francis Manallack

G H Mann

Leonard Mann

John Manning

Sophia Marks

Thomas Marks

James Marshall

Peter Martin

Thomas Martin

James Matthews

Isaac Mattson

Alexander Mawatt

Dugald Magennis

Isaac Matson

C. McAlister

Nancy McAuley

William McCammon

Robert McCandlish

Edward Macarthur

Alfred Madocks

James Marshall

Thomas McCombie

Edward McComish

Matthew McCormick

William McCrea

Michael McDermott

Thomas McDonald

Donald McDougall

Alexander McFadden

Patrick McGettigan

James McGill

Rosa McGill

Tobias McGrath

Robert McIndoe

Michael McInerney

George McIntosh

Andrew McIntyre

Duncan McIntyre

Helen McKay

Hugh McKenzie

Alexander McLaren

Catherine McLaren

Catherine McLister

Robert McLister

John McNeil

Duncan McMillan

Alexander McPherson

J.A. McPherson

Hugh McPhillimy

Duncan McRae

Malcolm McSporran

Charles Meacham

Patrick Meade

Michael Meagher

James Meek

Hugh Meikle

Hugh Meikle jnr

William Melville

George Meredith

"Sir Archibald Michie. Photographer Batchelder & O'Neill. State Library of Victoria (H37475/37)

Archibald Michie

Henry Miller

Joseph Miller

Montague Miller

Alfred Millman

Charles Milne

George Milne

Robert Milne

Charles Mineall

William Mitchell

Robert Molesworth

Arthur Moller

William Mollison

William Molloy

John Molony

Henry Molyneaux

Jane Molyneaux

Robert Monckton

William Monckton

Robert Monteith

Robert Monteirth

Thomas Mooney

Alexander Morrison, the first secretary of the movement for a monument at Eureka. Ballarat Heritage Services Picture Collection

John Moore

Mary Moore

Michael Moore

Patrick Moore

Thaddeus Moore

James Moran

George Morgan

Matthew Morgan

Sarah Morgan

Susannah Morgan

George Moreland

Edward Morey

Alexander Morrison

Michael Morrison

Edward Mount

Thomas Moylan

Lydia Mullett

Michael Mullins

Thomas Mullins


Francis Murphy

James Murphy

Lawrence Murphy

Michael Murphy

John Murray

John Myles