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[[File:Cain.jpg|800px|thumb|right|''The Late Thomas Cain, Esq., J.P.  Bacchus Marsh Express, 25 October 1913]]
[[James Caddy]]
[[James Caddy]]

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The Late Thomas Cain, Esq., J.P. Bacchus Marsh Express, 25 October 1913

James Caddy

P. Caddy

James Cadds

John Cahill

Amy Cail

John Cail

Robert Cairns

Thomas Cairns

Thomas Cain

Bridget Callinan

Catherine Callinan

Patrick Callinan

Thomas Callinan

Samuel Calman

Davis Calwell

John Cambordger

Allan Cameron

Cosneo? Cameron

James Cameron

Edward Camm

Charles Campbell

Daniel Campbell

E Campbell

James Campbell

John Campbell

Frederic Camson?

Michael Canny

Patrick Canny

Antonio Capuano

Raffaello Carboni

Francis Carey

Alfred Carr

Francis Carr

Mary Ann Carroll

Michael Carroll

Patrick Carroll

William Carroll

Charles Carter

Henry Caugherty

John Cavanagh

Mrs L.F. Cavanagh

Lionel Chabrillan

Joseph Chalk

Thomas Chambers

John Chandler

Ebenezer Chapman

Henry Chapman

James Chapman;

John Chapman

William Charlstone

W. B. Child

George Chinery

Hussey Chomley

Chris Christensen

Olaf Christensen

Thomas Chuck

Lloyd Churchward

Sr Clane?

Duncan Clark

James Clark

Samuel Clemence

Samuel Clemens

George Clendinning

Margaret Clendinning

Martha Clendinning

James Clerk

James Clow

Patrick Coady

Alfred Cobley

Edward Cock

William Cock

John Cole

John Coleman

Terry Coleman

Henry Colwell

George Comfrey

Thomas Commins

Denis Condon

Edmond Condon

John Connelly

James Connor

Kenneth Cook

B Cooper

William Cooper

Thomas Cope

William Corkhill

Lancelot Costello

Michael Costelloe

Thomas Coster

James Cotter

Thomas Coulson

Edwin Coulter

George Coverill


William Cox

Frederick Coxhead

John Crampton

James Crichton

Ismael Croft

James Croikett

Christopher Crook

Edward Crossman

Alfred Crowe

John Crowe

Ann Crowley

William Cruickshank

William Cullis

George Cumming

Jane Cumming

Stephen Cumming

Michael V. Cunningham

Arthur Curnick

Jane Curnow

Patrick Curtain

Patrick M. Curtain

Martin Cusack

Ralph Cuthbertson

Warren Cuttance

Eli Cuttance