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[[William Brownbill]]
[[William Brownbill]]
[[Edward Browne]]
[[William Brownfourley]]
[[William Brownfourley]]

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Henry Barkly

George Backers


C.S. Baillie

William Bairdon

Margaret Baker

Nathan Baker

S. Baker

John Balderston

V. C. Ballot

Isaac Baratt

Joseph Barberis

James Barclay

Henry Barkly

Frederick Barlee

William Barly

Thomas Barr

M. Barrass

William Barrclow

Mary Barnett

Redmond Barry, c1875. State Library of Victoria (H4706)

Redmond Barry

Thomas Barry

William Barry

Thomas Bass

Thomas Bath, c1894.

Thomas Bath

Alexander Bartholomew

Matthew Batten

Robert Batty

William Baylie

James Bayne

Henry Bazley

William Beament

Finlay Beath

Darius Beaton

James Beattie

D. B. Beauval

Francis Beaver

Henry Begley

Cosman Behrends

Eliza Bell

John Bell

Reginald Bell

Thomas Bell

William Bell

Eugene Bellairs

Catherine Bentley

George Bentley

James Bentley

John Bentley

P Berae

H. S. Berger

Graham Berry

Mrs Berry

James Beveridge

James Bickett

John Bier

John Bills

John Birch

John Hill Birch

John Bird

Thomas Bird

James Birgers

Thomas Bisk

Alfred Black

Charles Black

George Black

James Black

Thomas Black

John Blackburn

James Blackie

Arch Blair

David Blair

Neil Blair

George Blake

William Blazence?

Mary A. Blennerhassett

John Blight

Susan Blight

John Blyth

Mary Blyth

Mary Ann Blythe

Edmund Bloehm

Michael Bloehm

William Boase

T.C. Bode

Thomas Bodely

Thomas Bodycomb

Edmund Bohen

John? Boinkon?

Michael Bolger

Thomas Bolger

Thomas Bolitho

G. R. Bord

Alden P Borres?

Emund Bourke

James Bourke

William Bourke

James Bourke-Finn

John Bourne

Thomas Box

Eliza Boyce

James Boyce

T Boyce

John Boyd

Charles Boyell

Richard Boyne

Alpheus Boynton

William Bradford

William Bradshaw

Hugh Brady

William Braidie

Henry Brandt

Johann Brandt

James Brash

George Braybook

James Breen

Paul Brentani

John Brewer

John Broadhurst

Edward Brooks

Lawrence Brooks

William Brooks

Daniel Brophy

David Brough

Charles Brown

James Brown

John Brown butcher

Robert S Brown

Simon Brown

William Brown

William Brownbill

Edward Browne

William Brownfourley

Emma Browning

Thomas Browning

A. C. Brunig

M Bruning

Richmond Bruton

Hugh Bruwn

Abraham Bryant

Alfred Bryant

James Buchanan

Eliza Buckland

Thomas Budden

Arthur Budge

Edmund Burn

Robert Burnete

Thomas Burr

Isaac Burrell

William But

John Butler

Michael Butler

Samuel Butler

Charles Butt

William Buttwell

Robert Byers

Bridget Byrne

Catherine Byrne

James Byrne