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[[1853 Petition Signatures - K]]
[[1853 Petition Signatures - K]]
Benj. cabe digger
James cable
George cade digger
Geo. Cadle
Charles cage
John cage
Anthony cahill
Denis cahill
Hugh john cahill
John cain
M. caine digger
James cairnveiw
Chas. Cakley
James calder
William caldwell
William caldwell
William caldwell
Denis callaghn
Denis callaghn
John callen digger
William a. Calrow
Robert calso
Robert calso
[[William Calvert]]
Jas. Junr. calvert digger
J. Camell
A. Cameron no occ. Given
Peter cameron storekeeper
Augus cameron
David cameron
David cameron
Duncan cameron
Hugh cameron
Hugh cameron
Ja. Cameron
John cameron
John cameron
John cameron gold miner
Keneth (sic) cameron
James camnel
Duncan campbell
Mc. Campbell
Allan c. Campbell
Augus campbell digger
Chas campbell digger
D. S. Campbell
D. S. Campbell
Duncan campbell
Finlay campbell
George campbell
George campbell
Henry campbell
Henry campbell
Henry campbell digger
Henry campbell digger
Jas. Campbell
John campbell
John campbell
John campbell
John campbell
John campbell
John campbell
John campbell
John campbell digger
M. C. Campbell
Stewart campbell
Thos. Campbell
Thos. Campbell
W. Campbell
William campbell
Wm campbell
Wm. Campbell
Edward douglas camron or caneron
A. Canderikin
James cann
John cann
William cann
Henry canning
William canning
Thomas douglas cannon
Andrew cant
George cant
Griffin cant
Wm. Capers
Jas. Capey
Henry carbis
Henry carbis
Josiah carby
William card
Thomas carew
William cargill
A. E. Carier
John carlgan
J. P. carlin boot maker
Hesa h. carlton digger
Henry carlyon
John carmac or larmae
John carmac
Archibald carmaghin
D. Carmichael
David carmichael
David carmichael
- carmody
David carmody
John carmody
John carmody
James carne or carice or carrie digger
Thomas carney gold digger
G. Carnsworth
John carr
Francis carr
James carr
James carr
John carr
John carrison
Thomas carro---
Peter carrol
G. H. Ludlow carroll
John d. Or l. Norton carroll
John l. Norton carroll
Michael Carroll
William n. Or u. Carroll digger
Jos. H. Carruthers
Jas. Carruthers
Thomas carruthers no occ. Given
James carson digger
William w. Carson gold digger
William cart
Benjamin carter
Chas carter
John Benjamin Carter
Benjamin carter smith
Clement carter digger
George carter
John carter
William carter
William carter
William carter digger
Jacarah carthris digger
John cartless
John cartlis
Thomas cartwright
William cartwright waiter coffee house
John carty
John carty
Martin carwin gold digger
William cary
H. W. Case
James casey
James casey
John casey
Thos. Casey
Jame cash
J. Mc. Cash
William casidey
Chas. Cater digger
John cathie
A. catins digger
David catoms digger
Thos. H. Caughlin
James cauie
James cavanagh
Owen cavanagh
Cave & amos
Cave  william
Joseph cawen
Edward cayton
John ceal or oal
George cefburn gold digger
Isaac cenwan
Joseph ceroth or peroth
Ben chada
Ben chadd
Joseph chadwick storekeeper
Geo. Chaffey
Thomas chaffey licensed digger
N. Chaillett
W. J. Chalkley
James challis
James challis
George chalmers gold digger
Robt. H. Chamber or chambre
Jon chamberlain
Robt. Chamberlain
Robt. H. Chambre
R. Chamten or chambers
George chandler
Edward chantry
Newton chaplin
Thomas chaplin
Benjamin chapman
Edward chapman
George chapman
George chapman
Jacob chapman digger
James chapman digger
John chapman
John chapman
Peter chapman
Philip chapman
Richd. Chapman
Robert chapman
Robert chapman
A. B. Charles
Tarry charles
Francis charles
James charles
Thomas charlton
Thomas charlton
T. Charmichael
Chas. C. Chase digger
Dun. W. Chasloch
Samuel chater or chaler digger
Charles chefrells
John chellew miner
John chellew miner
Bengam chester
Thos. Chester
Thos. Chester
Joseph chesterman
George chewett or prescott
George chisholm digger
Malc- chishome
Malcolm chishome
John chissell
Js. Chiswell
Jas. Chiswell
-. Chohwill
C. Choquette
Cyril christian
Rufus christmas
George chubb
M. K. Church
Giles chusork
Podger claire
Allen clapp
Alexander clapperton digger
Henry clara or clare
George a. Clare
Henry clare
W. Clare
Wm. Clarham
Abraham claridge
Thos. Clark
Jno clark digger
N. Clark digger
Alexr. Clark
Alexr. Clark
Charles clark
George clark
George clark
Henry clark
James clark
James clark
John clark
John clark
Joseph clark
Walter clark
William a. Clark
George wilkins clarke
George wilkins clarke
Henry clarke
James clarke
Peter clarke
Samuel clarke
T. Clarke
Warwick clarke digger
William clarke
W. H. Clarne
John clarren
Henry clay
John clayton
John cleailey or clearley
Joseph clear
M. Cleary
John cleaton
George cleaver
John cleaver
Thomas clegg
J. Bw clements
Augustus cleveland
John clifeton gold digger
John clift
D. Clifton
Maxw. Clifton
Thos. Jno. Clifton
James climer
Allan clink
Allan clink
Augustin clliat
William renton cluterson storekeeper
- coad digger
Charles coad
Frances coad
John coall
Joseph p. Coast
John coats
Donal cochran
Donald cochran
John cock
R. S. Cock or cook
Philip cocking digger
John coffs
Alfred coglan store keeper
H. B. Cohen
H. B. Cohen
John cohen
Jno. Cohen or cahir digger
John cohiape
Alfred j. Cohn
J. P. Colahan
Silas cole
Ben cole
Richard cole
John colebrooke
E. Coleman
John coleman
James colemen
Charles coles gold digger
James coles gold digger
Wm. Coley
Bengamin collade
W. Collern
Bengeman collin or collase
Evan collins
Henry collins
Alf. Ger. Collins
Daniel collins
J. Collins
James collins
James collins
John jas. Collins
Joseph collins
W. B. Collins or collens
Robt. B. Collyns
Patt colman
Thomas colpinan digger
William comary
J. M. Comaty
Thomas comer
Michael comport
H. G. Comstock
Jame conby
Jame conby
Michl. Concannon
Charles conell
Thomas coney
J. Congreve gold digger
John connelly do.
Alfred conner
Alfred conner
John conner
William conner
C. O. Connor
D. O. Connor
James connor digger
Thomas connor
William connor
Thomas connors
John conor
John conor
Daniel conroy
David conroy
James conry
James conry
James considine storekeeper
Ezekeil constable
Daniel conway
David conway
Henry g. Conway
John conyington
John conyngton
- cook digger
G. Cook
James cook
Marshal cook
Marshal cook
Richard cook
William cook
A. Cooke gold digger
Wm hy. Cooke storekeeper
Saml cooley
Henry coombs
John coopen
John coopen or cooper
Geo. Cooper
Henry cooper
John cooper
A. S. Cooper
A. S. Cooper
Chas. Cooper
Chas. Cooper
Henry cooper
Isaac cooper
James cooper
Joseph cooper
Joseph cooper
Joseph s. Cooper
Lindsey cooper
Thomas cooper
Thomas c. Cooper
Thos. Wm. Cooper
William cooper
Wm. Cooper
Wm. Copplebun digger
F. R. Corbett
George e. Coreley
Mac. Corllock
Alexander cormack
Thomas cornelius
George cornman
George cornman
John cornthwaite digger
Francis cornwall
John corregan
William corry
John cory
Ins. Cosgrove
Thos. H. Cosham
Thomas cosovel
George cosstick
Henry cosstick
P. Costello
John cottrell
J. Coulthard
Joseph couper
Willm. Courrier
Ar. Courtin
F. Cousins
F. Cousins
Wm. Cousins
Wm. Cousins
Joseph couttie
Joseph couttie
Wilber covell
Archibald cowan digger
John cowan digger
Richard cowell
Andrew cowen
R. K. Cowing
George e. Cowley
Charles cowley
Charles cowley
Danl. Cowley
Patrick cowley
Patrick cowley
Joseph cowper digger
John cowse no occ. Given
Thomas cox
Thomas young charles cox
Jas. Coxey
James coyle
J. Coyne
John cracker
James cracknall brick maker
Alexr. Craig
Daniel craig
William c. Craigie
William c. Craigie
Michael crait
B. Or m. Craley gold digger
Jones cramp
C. S. Crane or crow gold digger
J. B. Cranford
James cranston
John m. Craven gold digger
Charles crawford
Charles crawford
James crawford digger
Tehen crayet
Tiben crayet
Wm. Creagh
Joseph creeper
Daniel creig
Mark cress
James cridlan
James cridland
James cridland
- c. Crignett
William crisp digger
Ge crockett
James crockett
John crockett
C. P. Croft
G. H. Croft digger
John croft
Thomas cronan
James croncher digger
Patrick crones
Bartmew cronin
B. Cronin
Bartmew cronin
Wm. Cronin
- p. Cronyn
John crook
John louis croom
John lowes croom
S. Cropley
Fred. J. Cropp miner
James cropper digger
C. G. Crose
John cross
John cross
John cross
Robert cross
Wm. W. Cross
John cross
Wm. Cross
Michael crother
Thomas crotty
John crouch
John crowe
Wm. Mc. Crowe
James crowl
I. Or j crowley
J. Crowley
James crullan
William crulmony blacksmith
John crunny digger
William junr cubb
John j. Cudy
Thos. Culbert
Thos. Culbert digger
Wm. Theo or thos. Culbert
James cullen
John cullis
John cullis
John culloch
J. B. M. Culloch
G. W. Culver
C. Donald cumming
Charles cumming
Charles cumming
Davidson cumming
Davidson cumming
Donald cumming
Richd. Cumming digger
Robert cumming
Robert cummins
Wm. Cummins
John cunningham
Michael cunningham
Robert cunningham
Thomas cunningham
Thos. Cunningham gold digger
Patrick cuperster -
Wiliam curen or caren
James curr
James curr
Richard curr -
Thomas curran or carran
Jos. Currey by his marksman
Wm. Currie digger
Dameon curry digger
William curry digger
John curtin
P. Curtis
Patrick curtis
Henry curtiss
John cusac
Patrick cusick
James cuthbert
James cuthbert
James cuthbertson
Thos cuthbertson digger
George cuttwell

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Diggers Flag of 1853, 2013, From Bendigo Monument in Rosalind Park.


Once thought to be lost, the Bendigo Goldfields Petition was discovered by chance lying in a pile of papers on a rubbish tip. Some 13 metres in length and bound in green silk, it’s a milestone document in the state’s history.[1]

The petition was signed by over 5000 diggers on the Victorian goldfields in mid-1853. At the time, the signatures represented about one in 12 diggers.[2]

In June 1853 an anti-gold licence association was formed at Bendigo to give voice to the diggers' many grievances about their conditions. The diggers were angry about the mining licence fees imposed by the government and the system by which they were collected.[3]

The petition was signed by miners across the state’s major goldfields and was brought to Melbourne and presented to Lieutenant-Governor Charles La Trobe on 01 August 1853. Most of its demands, including the reduction in the licence fee, were rejected. Eventually the diggers' dissatisfaction erupted, culminating in the Eureka Stockade uprising at Ballarat on 3 December 1854.[4]

Dr John Chapman, a Melbourne collector, purchased the petition from its discoverer and presented it to the State Library of Victoria in 1988. Its discovery is particularly valuable for historians and genealogists investigating the history of social and political events during the gold rushes in Victoria.[5]

Alphabetical Listings

1853 Petition Signatures - A

1853 Petition Signatures - B

1853 Petition Signatures - C

1853 Petition Signatures - D

1853 Petition Signatures - D

1853 Petition Signatures - F

1853 Petition Signatures - G

1853 Petition Signatures - H

1853 Petition Signatures - I

1853 Petition Signatures - J

1853 Petition Signatures - K



Thomas d--- Antonio gomes da silva William da--- Robert dados C. Dagenhurst Joseph dagnall digger Henery daierds or edwards Nicholas daile Patrick dailey gold digger Joseph dailey James dainsley G. F. Daioren or davoren J. U. Dairperu Charles dale George dale James dale no occ. Given Joseph dale John daley John daley James dallas Wm. Daller digger Valentine dallis or vallis or wallis - dallon storekeeper S dally licensed digger Edward dalton James dalton John dalton John daly John daly John daly John daly digger Wm. Daly John daly Samuel dalyrimpel Thomas dalziell William danger digger R. Daniaes or daviaes Charles daniel Charles daniel Edwin daniel James daniel Walter daniel digger G. S. Daniel or david Thos. Daniels William daniels Daniel danvers gold miner Gorge danvers gold miner John danvers gold miner Hugh darby William darby Jas dargan gold digger John by his marksman dargan gold digger H. Dark northam James darmgool F. Daru Alfred darvall digger Joseph das--- W. T. -. Davenhill digger John davenport William davett Michal davewell John davey John davey or perry John david digger Edw. Or cdr. F. Davidson digger James davidson Robert davidson Robert davidson Robert davie Robert davie A--- davies Holmes davies Augustus g. Davies George by his marksman davies Henry davies James davies James davies John davies R. Davies or daviaes John davis Benjamin davis David davis David davis digger Henry b. Davis James davis James davis John davis John. Davis Joseph davis Joseph davis William davis William davis no occ. Given John davison William davison G. F. Davoren Michl. Davorn William dawford William dawitt William dawitt L. E. Or t. E. Dawson Richard dawson Thomas dawson Te or ted dawson or anson Fred day digger Robert day John day or mckay or mcday Benjamin daykin Abbel. De casselle gold digger Carlos de gargue gold buyer Alfred de rothesay Alfred de rothesay Wm. De--- William deak George dean William dean gold miner James l. Dear James k. Dear digger Henry decker storekeeper George dee chemist J. Dehane J. Dehane John dehane John dehane William delahay digger Thomas delan C. T. Delane digger William delanty digger John delany digger Edward demian or demoran Edward demian or dennan - dempsey William dempster - William d. C. Den Thomas dena digger H. M. Denchav John denis John denis Denery denney Charles denning Thomas denny Abraham derby F. Derinhard S. Deterb F. T. P. Detering James deulyrave John devlin J. Devonshire John deyman George diamond Martin diamorne licensed digger Lychney dianard Lyching diarnard William dibb William dibbs William dick John dicker John jnr. Dicker digger John dickinson Wilson dickinson digger Thomas dickson digger J. M. Didier Eduard diegen Jas. J. Diggot or piggot James dights T. Dillestone Miles dillon digger Joseph dimond Joseph dimond Richard john dinan John dinard or diviere George dine Edward dingle W. H. Direon digger Charles dirket or dicke Thos. Diron Philip dislandes Philip dislandes William disney John divany gold digger Patrick divany gold digger John divey Ralph dixon Thos. Dixon James dnurcus A. W. Doak Frederick dobson Frederick dobson Frederick dobson Wm. Dobson Chairman doctor jones Frederick dodd lee digger John dodds Wm. Dodds John dodgse--- Thomas dods Thomas dods John dodsworth John dodsworth Thomas dodsworth Thomas dodsworth Isaac doggett Isaac doggett or daggett Hory doher- James doher- James doherty storekeeper Thomas doherty William doherty Patk. Dolan Hugh doland S. A. Dolsen Ins. Dominick Ml. Dominick Thyby dominick William dominsan gold miner Robert don James donald Henary donaldson Hugh dongan L. Capt. D. J. Dongens digger William g. Donlevy no occ. Given John donley Henry donnelly Patrick donnelly Patrick donnelly Patrick donnelly James donough John donovan gold digger James dood Bernard doran John doran digger Walter doter digger H. Doughty James douglas digger W. Douglas - W. Douglas no occ. Given Wm. Douglas Wm. Douglas John dowling John dowling John dowling Michael dowling Charles down John downie gold miner B. U. Downing Daniel downing Daniel downing G. Dowson Laueners doyle John doyle L. Or d. Doyle Laurence doyle Lawrence doyle Nicholas doyle Nicholas doyle Patrick doyle Patrick doyle Pattrick doyle Robert doyle Thos. Doyle Alfred drake F. Drake John drake digger Edward draper George draper Richard drew James drew John drew John dring John driscoll Thomas driver P. Or t. Driver Joseph dromgoll David ducat digger John ducio James dudley James dudley Moses dudley Moses dudley Eccleston dufaur Eccleston dufaur John duff Patrick duffey - J. Duffill J. Duffill Thomas duggan J. Duglean Hugh p. Duke - George duke Charles dulu or dubie John dunbar David duncan Amd. Duncan And. Duncan D. V. Duncan Edward duncan James duncan James duncan Wm. Duncan digger George dunderdale licensed digger F. Dunemann W. Dunemann Duncan dunham Patrick dunlevy Andrew dunlop Robert dunlop Robert dunlop or dunlip contractor John dunn Michael dunn Richard dunn Wm. Dunn Peter dunne R. W. Dunne Laury dunphy Richard dunrab Charles dunstan Richard dunstan William dunstan William dunster Samuel dunston digger C. Dureau George y. Dutton Ham. S. Dyason W. Dyckhoff D. M. Dyer m. D. D. M. M.d. or m.a. dyer J. Dyson Hugh dyson J. Dyson J. Dyson J. Dyson William dyson Joseph dyson or byson


Henry eadey C. G. Eaeles Benjamin eagle David earl David earl C.h. earl or earle George earle Josiah earley C. H. Earls James earmin or cannin or cummins or curwin G. Earnsworth George eastman John eaton John ebzery George echels O. L. B. Eddome Robert eddy Robert eddy John edgar Thomas edgar Michael edgar or edgan John edhouse view point Thomas edmondson William edmondson Wm. Edmondson - C. B. Edward or edwards storekeeper Munrowe edwards storekeeper Se. Edwards C. B. Edwards F. Edwards Jho. C. Edwards Cemus edwards storekeeper Edward edwards George edwards James edwards Joe edwards John edwards John edwards John edwards John jun. Edwards Jos. E. Edwards Same. Edwards Thomas edwards gold digger Henry edwards or edward - egan James egelton George h. Egtdon T. Or g. Eichart Theodor eiib George eiles William einbey Alfred ekart Andrew elder Henry m. Elder John elder digger Robert elder Jesse eldridge John eldridge Moses eldridge James eley John eley Charles elgar Goiorn eljse Robt. Ellias digger mates Alfred elliot John elliot P. Elliott Alexander elliott Charles elliott Frederick elliott John elliott John elliott John elliott John elliott John elliott James ellis Joseph ellis Thomas ellis W. Ellison John n. Elm digger John hanfard or hansard elwyence John anthony emery John anthony emery Edwd. Emmerson William emmerson Benn. Empty digger Enice enwall Eric enwall Thos. D. Erland storekeeper John eskhold Wm. Eskhold Benjamin esmond gold digger Thomas esner Eadward eulon Robert evans Jno. Evans digger B. C. Evans Charles evans Chas. Evans Chas. Evans Geo. Evans Geo. W. Evans Henry t. Evans - Hugh evans do James evans James evans James evans John evans Michl. H. Evans Robert evans Samuel evans Samuel evans Samuel evans K. T. Evanson Wm. Evanson Paul evenor J. Evens F. W. Everard Geo. Everell George evison or corson James ewart digger M. Or mcewen ewen william Charles b. Ewens digger James w. Ewin miner James ewin or ewing James ewing Wm. Ewing Alexander eyrenns


Henry faenare Samson h. Fagan Thomas fairbairn Th. Fairclough Th. Fairclough William faircluff digger Daniel faith digger John falconer Eduard falkenhagen James falkner John fallon David fanthom - farestmann or faustmann Deneael fargison Willm. Farley Edward farr Edward farr Wm. Farrand digger John farrell Hugh farrell Hugh farrell George farrier digger Mack farron A. D. Fauld A. S. Favillo or favilli Samuel fawcett digger Aleier fawse licensed digger W. Fawson William fayes Geo. Featherby Wm. Featherston Wm. Featherstone Heinrg feder Heinry feder Joseph fegan Sebastian fehrerbach H. Fellner Frederic fenton Fredric fenton Storekeepers fenwick & snowden Donald ferguson James ferguson digger John ferguson John ferguson Joseph ferguson William esq. Ferrier - william ferriere John feuthy gold digger Joseph fide digger A. Field Robert field John fielding Robert fields digger Patt fielly Richard fien Wm. S. Files I filler A. Finch James fincher William junr. Fincher William senr. Fincher G. Finlay John finlay John finlay G. Finlay or henlay Hugh finley Thoms. Finnamore Edwd fisher Edwd. Fisher F. Fisher G. Fisher G. Fisher Henry fisher Henry j. Fisher Saml. Fisher W. Fisher W. Sawsome fisher peg leg Fisher arnott & co. F. Fisher or kishen George fitchet Michl. Fitzgerald James joseph Fitzgerald John Fitzgerald L. Or f. Fitzgarald Micheall (sic) fitzpatrick Denis fizgerald gold digger myers flat Henry g. Flack James flanagan James flanagan John flanagan E. Flashions William flatanpson E. Fleetwood F. Flerett John fletcher Tos. K. Fletchere William p. Flight Hugh flinn digger William Flint [[John Flintoff]] George flood John flood John flood Thomas flood George flutin Thommas flyme or hyme John flynn John flynn John flynn John flynn Henry foiger digger George folar Florence foley Benj'm. Fonsecea Alexr. Forbes William forbes Edward ford Edward ford Frederick ford Jas. Ford Joseph ford T. Ford - forde Les forder Thos. Fordham George formace digger George forman George forman Charles forrest James forrest John forrest Charles forrester digger mates John forrester E. C. Forster George forster Gideon forsyte H. Clark forsyth Frank foster digger Benjamin t. Foster George foster J. Foster J. S. Foster Jas. H. Foster John foster John foster Wm. Foster do. John fosterson gold miner Thos. Fotherby M. Foulerton M. Foulerton Fredrick foulkes digger Wm. Fowler Wm. Fowler Thomas fowles or fowle or fowler Edmund fox Edmund fox Henry fox Henry fox Henry fox R. Fox R. Fox James frame B. Francis Cornelius francis Leonard francis James francitlan John frank Fredrick (by his marksman) frankins Henry franklin shoe maker Henry franklin shoemaker George frankling George frankling John franz N. Or m. G. Fraser digger Donald fraser James fraser digger James fraser digger John fraser Simon fraser Wm. Fraser J. Frazer George fredrick John freeman John freeman W. Freeman W. Freeman William freeman William freeman William freeman Edward frell Ras freney A. Freytag K. Fritsche Emile fronfert W. Froomes Alfred frost Chas frost Chas. Frost F. Frost Thomas e. Frost Wm. Fryer Wm. Fryer F. Fryman Richard fuge digger Patk. Full John fuller or willie R. Fulton Robt. Fulton digger R. Fulton William g. Furgen John furney digger W. Fuslover Wm. Fyan


Abraham gaarms A. Gabbet George gachon gold digger sailor's gully Charles gage A. Gairns A. Gairns Wm. Galaghan William galarny (sic) charles galerger Joseph gallah Joseph gallaher digger Joshua galle Louis galleri W. Gallup Wm. Galoway William galsworthy Wm l. Galvey Arthur c. Gamble Robert j. Gamble James gamday Calahar ganan P. Ganigan James ganir Ch. Gansser William gantley no occ. Given Thos. Gard Thos. Gard John gardiner Robert gardnear Robert gardnear R. M. Gardner John (by his marksman) garmir John garner digger Benjm. Garnett George garratt George garraway George garraway John garrett T. E. Garside digger W. G. Garvin or gavin John garwood James gasketh or gaskett James gates digger Geo. Gaull Martin (by marksman) gauly - gavin or sims Geo. S. Gawler Thomas gayner or gaynor George h. Gaynor Thomas gaynor John gazeley Guntas gebler - gelborch F. Gelling John gendall William gengell William gengell Andrew glen gentle T. George Edwin george George george James george John george John george Royal george Nicholas georgeson digger Carl gerber or gerbr Hugh gerden or gerdern Thomas geresford K. Gerey William german or norman or gormon or gorman Victor germis William gerrard R. Getzerhmam - geube G. Geule--- Hugh gevdern William geyar William gibb C. W. Gibbarl or gibbins C. W. Gibbins - gibbis or libbis Alexr. Gibbons George gibbs digger Henry gibbs John gibbs digger William gibbs Gartas gibler John gibney George gibny or wilson digger George gibson Thomas gibson Hy. Wm. Gibson T. S. Gibson digger Andrew gibson digger Frank gibson digger George gibson George gibson George gibson Henry j. Gibson James gibson do. John gibson John gibson Wm. Gibson Adam gibsy John gidley John giesse James gilberd G. Gilberd George gilbert R. Gilchrist J. Giles digger John giles Joseph giles Robert gill Samuel gill Peter gillan J. T. Gillies John gilligan Thomas (by his marksman) gillon Thomas by his marksman gillon Jno. Gillott Jno. Gilly Thomas gilmor N. Gilmour George gilmour or gilmore Adam gilsey Henry gimlly no occ. Given William gimnen Alfred ginal A. B. Ginger James m. C. Ginnes C. Girard Frank girdin or gordin or girvin John h. Girvin Calvert girvird digger Hugh giston William gitling Thomas givjng John glackin storekeeper & digger H. Glahn C. Glans C. Glans or glens or glaw Chas e. Glass Geo. W. Glass John glen John glen John glen Alexander by his marksman glenn digger John glenon John gleson Benjm glover Henry g. Glowrey John gluth James glynn Attilio gobb Attilio gobb Arthur h. Godfrey digger W. H. Godfrey licensed digger Lucien gogotte Th. Goith Revd. Oliver gold Oswald goldammer gold miner Francis goldhammer gold digger T. H. Goldicutt T. H. Goldicutts storekeeper H. Goldsmith James goldsmith Robt. Gollan storekeeper Rodk. Gollan storekeeper William gollop Antonio gomes da silva William gomey Wilim gondy digger Charles gonez gongevay Daniel good William good John goodburn Darwent goodell Charls gooding Charls (sic) gooding - goodman digger Wm. Goodman James goodman William goodman B. Goodson H. Goodson Edward gooly or gooby Forbes b. Gordon John gordon Patt gorman William gormon (sic) William gormon or gorman Thomas c. Gosling H. Gossart Philip götz George goudling John gough H. J. Gould Harry gould digger Samuel gould Samuel gould Albert goulding gold digger G. G. Gouran Joseph govaden digger William grace W. Grace Thomas grad or brad digger Henry graham John graham Henry grainger Henry grainger Jas. Grange - grant T. Grant Alex grant George grant John grant shoe maker John grant shoemaker Thomas w. Grant Thomas w. Grant William grant W. Grathm licensed digger Josh. Graves digger Loftus d. Gray George gray H. Gray See Hugh Gray Loftus c. Gray Richard gray Richard gray William gray J. B. Grayford Henry graystone S. Gready R. S. Greaves T. Green gold digger Edwd. Green Francis green George green George green James green James green James green - John green John green John green John green John green - John green contractor Joseph green Joseph green Joseph green Joseph green Joseph green Joseph bray green Patk. Green Richard green Richard green Thomas green Thomas green Charles wm. Greene Samuel greene digger E. G. Greenfield by his marksman Jab greening Michael greenning Edward greenway Edward greenway M. Or w. G. Greenwood James greer A. Gregory J. A. Gregory Jno gregory Jno. Gregory J. G. Gregreys Peter Greig sheep & cattle dealer Wm. Grene Josh. Rose grenside Benjm. Grey Henry grey Joseph grey Peter grey Robert gribben James gribble Richard gribble John griffen George griffin Edwd. W. Griffith digger Joseph griffith digger David griffiths David griffiths Eddwin griffiths Edwin griffiths George griffiths digger Hnr griffiths gold digger James griffiths John griffiths David griggs J. G. Griggs A. Grigor storekeeper William gripe Henry groom no occ. Given Thos groom Thos. Groom Francis grose Francis grose John grouls W. Grover or groves S. Groves J. Groves E. Grube Guibertan Guibertan Thos. W. Or h. Guighlin or gaighlin Thomas guilliam John guine Henry gundell Francis gundry William gunn Henry gunnern Henry gunnew or gunnerr Wm. Gunson Heneih günter digger Walter guppy digger F. S. Gurynne George gutsole William guy


James haberlin John hacas John hack Wilhelm hacker Henry stewart hadfield Philip H. Haering digger William hagarty Francis hagemann David haggarty Thomas haigh J. K. Haight J. R. Haight or caight Thomas hain Nicholas haines baker Hakaria one word only John halcrawe Geo. Hale John hale digger S. Hale Thomas halfpe--- Thomas halfpenny William halirson Thomas m. Halkin Thom or john hall James hall Christopher hall H. O. Hall Henry hall James hall Joseph hall Sammuel hall Thomas hall William hall William hall Henry j. Or s. Haller digger John c. Hallett John halley John hallier John b. Halls William haltora or halfora J. Hamilton digger William hamilton Wm. Hamilton Saml. Hamilton T. Hamilton Thomas hamilton digger Daniel hamilton David hamilton Fredrick hamilton H. W. Hamilton John hamilton T. - hamilton Saml hammarsmed Carl hampsole Robert hampton E. Hams C. Hams F. C. Hamson John hamson John a. Hamson Jorge hanan digger Gorge hanan John hanan Thomas hanbrook C. L. G. Hancke George hancock John hancock Robert hancock William hancock William hancock John hancox Henry hands gold digger John s. Or l. Hanley digger Henry b. Hannan James hannan William hanrahan Robert hanvista Andrew happ Charly happ James har--- Iraison harbeck Johannes harbeck P. Harbety Samuel harbourn Geo. Hard or hand John hardeman John hardeman - James harden John hardiman Thomas hardiman Thomas harding William hardinge William hardinge Joseph hardy John hargan I. Hariss James harley James harley James harley James harloy P. Harms John harney John harney Richard harney Wm. Harney John harny or harvy Thomas harold Charles harper Charles harpur James harren or hasren Alan finlay harris digger I. Or j. Harris Ambrose harris digger Benj. Harris Charles harris George harris Godfrey harris H. Harris Henery harris Henry harris digger J. Harris John harris John harris Jonathon harris Jonathon harris Joseph harris Samuel harris Samuel harris Samuel harris Thomas harris W. E. Harris Walker harris William harris William harris William harris William harris L. Harrison digger Robt. Harrison Thos. Harrison - Wm. H. Harrison digger William harriss William harriss John harry digger William harry Charles hart James hart John t. Or c. Hart Joseph hart Amos hart Benjamin hart Robt. Hart Dennis harte Fred. Hartley W. R. Harton surgeon James harv-- James harvey digger - harvey A. C. Harvey Charles john harvey storekeeper Edwin harvey digger George harvey digger Harry lester harvey Henry harvey Henry harvey Henry harvey Hugh harvey James harvey John harvey John harvey Nichl. Harvey Robert harvey W. T. Or p. Harvey William harvey William harvey William harvey Willm. Harvey Thomas haskey James haslings digger Robt. Hastie Topp hathaway Thomas hatherston James hatton by his marksman James haverlin Henry hawbinson Henry hawdon Nathaniel hawke miner William hawke miner George hawkins George hawkins James hawkins J. H. Hawley C. G. Hawley Charles hawley James hay James hay W. F. Hay James haycock William hayden Thos. Junior haydon John hayes Mortimer hayes Wm. Hayes J. Haynbird John haynes Thomas haynes digger Edwin b. Hayres or haynes Stephen hayter W. Haytor William hayward R. J. Hazard Robt. Headley Robt. Headley Geo. Healy E. Healy John hean William hear Edwd. John arthur hearait or fearact William hearney digger Chas. H. Hearns digger James heason Charles heath Henry heath James heath digger William heath John heaton Wm. Heatson James hebron or helson John hedy Dennis heenan licensed digger - heese James heffy no occ. Now Charles heine Charles heine - heleler or keleher - helera George helfas Edmund hemstey Jamie henard digger M. S. Henderson digger Neal henderson Richard henderson Alex. Henderson Arthur henderson gold miner Duncan henderson Duncan henderson Fredk. Cook henderson digger John henderson John henderson John henderson John henderson John henderson John henderson John henderson digger Peter henderson Robert henderson digger John hendry Robert hendy digger William henery digger - henlessy James henley James henning B. Henning Carl henning William henrey I. Henrick Carlos henriequer digger F. Henry F. Henry no occ. Given William henry Graham henry Haine henry Robt. Henshaw Edmund hensley Thos henson William henson John hentio James herbert Samuel herbert Runard herd nil James herd Thos. Herd - herdegen Titner herdegen T. A. Herdogen William heries Edward j. Hermenshorn digger William heron Bath. Herring Johny herring Johny herring William herriot Fred. Herthey Patk hervy Froadrirn hetjohanlith John heusel Ch. Heussler Hugh hevey Charles hewlet digger R. Hewlett Emanuel hibberd digger Henry hibbons Jas hickery Jas. Hickery Mathew hickey W. Hickey Patrick hickey F. Hickey James george hickey digger Michael hickey gold digger Wm. Hicks William higans Edw. Higeinas Daniel higgins James higgins James higgins James higgins M. Higgins Thomas higgins V. Highland no. Occ. Given T. Highland F. W. Hilder butcher F. Wiilliam hilder butcher John james hilder butcher George hiley August hill Charles hill Charles hill Fred hill Fred. Hill George hill George hill Godfrey hill Godfrey hill Goge hill Hiram hill James hill Richard hill Robt. Hill Thos. Hill Thos. Hill W. E. Hill eaglehawk gully Wm. Hill James hilleycombe digger John hillier G. Hillson W. Hind H. J. Hinks Isaac or james hipwell W. Hirk Wietor hirsnift Douglas hislop William hitchcock Frank hitherleye Edward hobbhouse Herbert hobbs Thomas hobin Alexr. Hobson Alexr. Hobson John hodge gold digger Samuel hodgkins George hodgson digger James hodgson Josh. Hodgson James h. Hoey Martin b. Hoff gold digger Henry hoffman James hogan Patrick hogan Henry hogarth William holan or hoban miner George holbrick Henry holden J. Holden James holder Stephen holgate T. Hollandy Dewey hollis Thomas hollis Hy. Holman John holman John holmer W. Or gg holmes storekeeper Chas. Holmes Chas. Holmes no more occs. Edward holmes George holmes John holmes by his marksman Joseph holmes Richard holmes Samuel holmes Samuel tuxon holmes Alexander holson Wm. Hy. Holt Edward holton Carl holy Carl holy Jas. Holyman H.T. Holyoake, Reporter Samuel c. Holywell digger William homan no occ. Given Wm. Homden W. Honan or hanan G. Honeybone Jacob honeychurch Jacob honezeh George hood Jo. Hood Fredick hook Robert hooks William hoop--- Edward g. Hooper James hooper Francis hope Francis hope G. Hopkind Charles f. Hopkins Charles f. Hopkins Chas. B. Hopkins Thomas hopkins Thomas hopkins Wm. Hopkins Wm. Hopkins James hopper Thomas hopwood Thomas hopwood James horan gold digger sailor's gully John horgan Jakmet horgan storekeeper Thomas horiaan James horley Edmund horn D. T. Horne Dy. Horne John horrie Samuel horton Wm. Hory John hosking digger Mark t. Hosking Daniel hougton digger Emanuel hounslow Ezekiel hounslow George hounslow Benj. Houston digger Campbell houston J. Hovert Robert howard Robert howard James howcutt John howe John howe J. Howell Daniel howell Daniel howell David howell John howell baker Thomas howells Thomas howells George howie George howie Herbert hrench Frederick hudson George hudson Saml. Hudson digger S. L. Hugdon Michell huggett Samuel huggisan G. B. Huggons David hughes J. H. Hughes John hughes S. Hughes S. Hughes Thomas hughes digger Thomas hughes digger William hughes digger John hughs William hull M. Esq. Humffreys Wm. Hummel Geo. J. Humphrey although not a subject of her gracious majesty but a gold digger from america would add his prayer to this petition Richard humphrey digger John humphreys John c. Senr. Humphreys digger John junr. Humphreys digger George humphris George humphrs James hunt Charles hunt Charles hunt Samuel hunt Alexr. Hunter David hunter digger William hunter William hunter James huntley James huntley John huntley George hurditch Joseph hurley Charles hurst George hurst digger G. Husditch Samuel husson Samuel husson or kusson John hutchens N. R. Hutchins Wm. Hutchins James hutchinson digger John hutchinson Alexander hutton And. Hutton digger John hux butcher John f. Hux butcher Isac hyams digger Henenry (sic) hyde Thomas hyde Wm. Hyde Mauritz hyden gold miner Thomas hyder Thomas hyder James hyham Isaac Hynes


Henry ibbotson Robert ibley Robt. W. Ievers digger Ilborthe Wm. Ingham Wm. Inglis - ingram John ingram John ingram William henry inman G. T. Ireland Irving Thomas irving Henry irwin Samuel Irwin Benjamin ivey Thos. B. Ivey


James -. Jacco licensed carter & carrier Walter Jacka James jackman J. Jackson Jas. Or john or thos jackson William jackson storekeeper David jackson Francis jackson no occ. Given Fredrick jackson Fredriech jackson G. A. Jackson digger G. A. Jackson I. Jackson no occ. Given J. Jackson James jackson James jackson digger John b. Jackson digger John g. Jackson digger Richard jackson Richard jackson Thomas jackson storekeeper Thos jackson Thos. Jackson W. C. Jackson Wm. Jackson James jackson barr gold digger William jacob John jacobs William jacobs do. John jacobs S. Jacobs - james Wm. James H. James Henry james John james John james John james John austin james Matthew james Thomas james Thomas james William james William james Markett james. T. William jameson watch maker Ha. Jameston Robt. Jamieson Robt. Jamieson Edwin jamison William jamison Willm jamison Willm. Jamison Wm. Janly William jeane stephens David jeanthorn David jeffery Samuel jeffery James jeffrey Jeremiah jemison Jeremiah jemison Wm. Jenkens John jenkin William jenkin H. Jenkins J. Jenkins James jenkins John jenkins John jenkins gold miner Joseph jenkins baker Thomas jenkins Thos jenkins Thos. Jenkins Patrick alfred jenning G. Jennings Geo. Jennings John jennings Joseph jennings Joseph jennings Thomas jennings Thomas jennings James jervis William jess William jess Robert jewel John jewel John jewel John jinrie digger Edwd. Job Edmund johan St. S. A. John Henry johns Henry johns Henry johns John johns Joseph johns digger William johns - johnson storekeeper Isac johnson Alfred johnson Alfred johnson Angus johnson Ed. Johnson Ed. Johnson Francis johnson Frank johnson digger George johnson Henry johnson digger J. T. Johnson James johnson James johnson James johnson Jas johnson John johnson John johnson John johnson John - johnson M. Johnson M. H. Johnson Samuel s. Johnson Thomas johnson Thomas johnson gold digger W. Johnson William johnson William johnson William johnson William johnson Wm. Johnson Robt. Johnson or pitchin John johnston R. P. Johnston J. Johnston Thos. Or jno. Johnston A. Johnston gold digger Alexander johnston digger Charles johnston D. M. Johnston James johnston John johnston John johnston Laurence johnston Peter johnston Robert johnston Thomas johnston William johnston William jonas William jonell digger John jones John jones Maurice jones Ro. Wm. Jones Wm. Jones Alfred. Jones Benjamin jones Benjamin jones digger Bill jones D.G. Jones (chairman of the anti-gold license society) David jones David jones David jones David jones Edward jones Fred b. Jones Hugh jones I. Jones J. Jones J. Jones J. G. Jones James jones Jno. Jones John jones John jones John jones John jones John c. Jones Marshall jones Owen jones Owen jones Robert jones Samuel a. Jones Thomas jones Thomas jones Thomas jones Thomas jones Thomas b. Jones Thos. Jones Thos. Jones W. H. Jones William jones William jones William jones William jones William jones William jones digger William jones digger Williams jones Wm. Jones Chairman of the anti-gold license (sic) society jones. D. G. Robert jonston Robert jonston John jopling John jordan John joseph Jas. S. Joslin Alfred joyce John joyce Thomas juck Michael judge Jumians


H. K-omi John kadson G. Kaigll Jas kaines Frank kane Frank kane T. Karverau Tam kates D. V. Kay Andrew kean Joseph kean B. Keane William keating John keaton Wm. Keddish Thomas keean Pathrick keldee James kelley Joseph kelley Wm. Kelley Danl. Kelly Edward kelly James kelly James kelly Janes (sic) kelly Jeremiah kelly John kelly John kelly John e. Kelly M. W. Kelly digger Mich kelly P. Kelly P. Kelly Patk. Kelly Peter kelly Richard c. Kelly Richard c. Kelly Richard e. Kelly Thomas kelly Henry kempson Henry kempson Thos. Kendall Thos. Kendall Jno. Kendray Thos. G. Kendrick Charles kenedy Charles kenedy William kenedy licensed digger L. Kenfeldt L. Kenfeldt Kiesmeth kennedy William kennedy F. Kennedy John kennedy John kennedy no occ. Given William ker gold digger Josiah kerby or herby Wm. Kermmel William kermode William kermond James kerr John kerr digger Munge kerr James kershevall William kerswell digger W. D. Kerwick F. H. Kesterton Geo. W. Kettle Geo. W. Kettle I. Key no occ. Given William keyes S. Kick Charles kiehardsen Edward kielby Heb. Kielly Thos. Kil - T. Or j. P. Kilbe Fredk. S. Killam Edward killen John killen John killen Duncan m. Kilvie Stephen kimber John kincela Thos. Kine Frank king James king James king James king John king John king Samuel king Samuel king Thomas king Thos. King Thos. King William king Wm. King Wm. King Chas. B. Kingman (of u.s.a.) Chas. B. Of u.s.a. kingsman Thoms kingston Luke kinison John Kinnane Robert Kinnear H. Kipack James kirby James kirk James kirk John kirk William kirk William kirk William kirk Saml. Kirkhamson digger James kirkland David h. Kirkpatrick Thomas kisselman Joahana kitchen John kitchen gold digger Joshua kitches Fred. Klein Fredk. Klein Pa klein or kleir Jacob klein or kleir James klein or kleir Stephen klen Pa. Klin Jacob klin James klin A. Klofter Francis kneebone John kneeshaw gold digger G kneeshaw gold digger David knight Edwin knight Edwin knight Henry knight Jonathon knight digger Saml. Jas. Knight Thos. Knight digger M. Knitt Francis hy kohn digger H. Kolling Herrmann komott Herrmann komott T. Josepth kormey or cormey or horney H. Kovmi Michol krigan Henri kroll Charles kurts Thos. Ky John ky -


A. La mehitesk Robert j. La nauze Philip h. Labey Santiago labinas Geo lach Frederick ladbury dispensary bendigo J. E. De lafontaine Wm. Laidlaw James or davis or louis lake George lalfray - lalor Decimus lamb sheep cattle dealer George lambert digger James lambert James lamesoll John lamont digger John lamont Peter lamont William lamswood Charles lancaster digger George lancaster George lancaster Wm. Landers Morgan lane Thomas lane Thomas lane E. H. Lane or love or low Edward lang David lang James langan Leaer lange George langer George langer Langly Charles langridge Richard langridge Thomas langtree Thomas langtree H. Lankenan Thos. Lannon Thos. Lannon no occ. Given Thomas lanyon Thos lanyon Alex larar storekeeper Ellaminonca lareec John larjde James minie larkins John j. Larkle William larnon Wm. Lary John latimer James laurence William laurence baker E. J. Laurence or sausene F. Laurens Francis lavador Wm. Lavel James s. Lawnie - lawrance storekeeper John lawrance Wm. Lawrence Jamies lawson Jasmus or james lawson Alexander lawson George lawson C. J. Lawyer Josh. Henry layson surgeon Wm. Layton Charles le miardiauer William lea no occ. Given Abra. Leach - John leahy gold digger Or seake leake richd. Wm. - lean Gilbert lean Arthur learnt Gilbert leary or lean John ledgerwood Daniel lee digger James lee digger John lee John lee John lee John b. Lee Moran lee S. P. Lee digger Thomas lee Thomas lee Wm. B. Lee Henry lees Thomas binnrose lees Thos. Leevith J. A. St. Leger Henry legg Fredk legg Jno. Leggat William leggett Absalom lehman Robt. Lehnlyn Charles leighton George lein Alex leiston Alex leiston William leith James leith James leith William leith - leithim digger How lemington Thomas len--- Danal or daniel lenham Thomas lenklateon digger - lennan Henry leonard digger Richard leshon J. H. Lesle Afred lester Ele letesllien Wm. Lethbridge George letts James level Charles lever Charles lever John levigo John levigo Martin levrington Martin jnr. Levrington Francis h. Lewin Andrea lewis George lewis James lewis Lewis thomas lewis Martin lewis R. B. Lewis Thomas lewis Thomas lewis Thomas lewis William lewiss David s. Libiksip digger John liddell John liddell Thomas liddell Thomas liddell Robert liean Joseph lightfoot R. Ligtburn H. Limmeameune John limond digger Michael linch C. Lindelberg Aug. Lindner Joseph lindsay John lindsay - ling digger Robert ling W. B. Lins or sins or tins Robert lisle J. H. Lisle Martene listen George lister Cornelius lister F. H. Litchfeida N. Litchfield G. Edw. Lithorp Thomas little William little Achd. Little digger mates Jacob little L. Little William little William little Wm. Little storekeeper Wm. Little do. James littlemore Richard living John livingston Thomas livingston blacksmith Alexander livingstone digger Eliss livoch Richard lloyd Alfred lloyd Alfred lloyd Charles lloyd Edmond lloyd Edward lloyd James lloyd John lloyd John lloyd digger John edwd. Lloyd Joseph lloyd I. Or j. C. Lobb R. H. Lock Walter lock William lock Thomas lockley William lockley Henry lockund Rich. T. Lockwood F. L. Lockwood John lockwood Wm. T. Lockwood John lodwick digger Jas. Logan Richard loglen Edward lohnsen or johnson James lolep or solep Johan lolfle Mac lomsell C. Long digger John long Peter long digger Thomas Long William Longhurst, storekeeper H. Longley William lorigoher digger Ruben or rufus or rupert lorimer Russell lorimer George lorimer Marshall lorne Hugh losyiorie Henry lot Henry lot digger Jonathan lot Jonathon lot digger William loues James loughhead Joseph lour digger James love James love John lovett Geo. Lovett Geo. Lovett Robert a. Low Robt. Low Robt. Low John m. Lowe Storekeepers lowen & co. Storekeepers lowen & co. George lowry R. I. Lowry Charles loxton William loyal Robert lucas Henary lucas Heniery lucas J. Lucas William lucas George luing Th. Luir Charles luke general dealer Henry luke surgeon etc Lewis luke James lukins Samuel lulen digger James lumsden or lumnlin Wm. Lunden Wm. Lundon butcher Graham lunessay Charles lunz digger James lyle James lynch Edwd. Lynell Jos. Lynn John lyon James lyons James lysirt or dysirt


Alexander ma--- William ma--- Joseph macalister James c. Macarthur John macauley Robert maccarthy John macclarence Maccormack Di macdonald Dr. Macdonald John macdonald John macdonald John macdonald digger William macdonald digger mates John macdougall T. G. Macenery James macenery G. Macintosh G. Macintosh George macintosh - mack digger - mack surgeon Michael mack Stephen mack Alexander mackay Alexander mackdonald digger Alfred mackeith or markaith James mackenth David mackenzie David mackey Michael macknamara Michael macknamara E. Macpaveten Walter macqueen Walter macqueen Walter macqueen digger N. W. B. Macrossan Mich h. Madden Robert madden George madder John maddern Will maddoms Thomas maden Thomas maden Robert maetab I or j. D. Maetens John mag--- W. Maggs James magin James magin--- Thomas maguire William mahaley Michal maher gold digger Thomas maherr Michl. Mahon digger Matthew mail Andrew mailer John mailer George thomas main Joseph main Joseph main Alexander main Edward maine James b. Mainwaring James b. Mainwaring David mair Jas. Maitland John maitland Charles malby Charles malby - malcolm John m. Malcorn Henry mallatt Dennis malloney digger James mally Martin maloney Wm. Malony or falony W. J. Malpas James malthouse digger John manery I. Manley William mann William mann Hy. Manning John mannix John mannix John mannix Jaames mantell H. W. Manuell Thom map Peter mar or mars or marr Hearde march Mathew march Thomas march or horch A. E. Marius Dane. Marley John m. Marlin P. Marlone Torrens marney Or harris marnis h. Or w. Harriot marriot Thomas marsh Henry marsh W. E. Marsh Charles marshal Jho marshall Tho. Marshall David marshall storekeeper George marshall Jno. Marshall John marshall John park marshall Richard marshall Tho. Marshall William marshall gold digger - marsland digger W. Marslin Richard Martell B. Marten Frederick marten John marter or martez H. Martin B. Martin B. Martin Edwd. Martin George martin George martin H. Martin Henry martin Henry g. Or s. Martin J. A. Martin James martin James martin John martin John martin John martin John martin John martin John martin John martin John martin John martin Louis martin Paul martin Richard martin Thompson martin Thos a.r.u. martin William martin H. Martin or martins S. Martugs Hald. C. Mason Edward mason George mason digger Robert mason Robt. Mason William mason William mason Richard masson H. W. Masters Henry b. Masters charcoal coal contractor Hugh masters digger Thos. Masters Charles masterson James masterton James masterton George mateer digger T. Mater John mates Collins mather digger George mather Alexn. Mathers Donald matheson A. Mathewson A. Mathewson James mathie James mathie John mathieson Mathurin Stephen mattews John matthew G. W. Matthews John matthews William matthews Henry matz blacksmith Thomas maudy or mandy digger J. Maunder Benjamin mawson no occ. Given Thos. Maxene digger Thomas maxwell licensed digger John may John may Samuel may T. A. I. Or j. May Henry mayer gold digger William mayer or magee Henry f. Mayers digger Alfred maynard Alfred maynard Henry mayor Samuel mays Robt. Mcalister Patk. Mcardle Patk. Mcardle no occ. Given James mcarthur Patrick mcauber Donald mcauley John mcawith Peter mcbarcoe John mcbride James mccallam James mccallam Robert d. Mccallum James mccarron P. Mccarthy P. Mccarthy P. S. Mccarty Patrick mccarty John mccelleand William mccharles John mcclare John mccliver A. Mccluny Thomas mcconnell Thomas mcconnell Thomas mccormack F. -. Mccormick Carlebach j. Mccormick Carleback i. Mccormick James mccormick James mccormick Robert mccormick Robert mccormick William mccormick Dennis mccourt George mccoy Andw. Mccrindle Barn mccu M. G. Mccullough Michael mcdermett Alexander mcdonald Angus mcdonald Geo. Mcdonald George mcdonald George mcdonald J. Mcdonald James mcdonald James mcdonald digger John mcdonald P. W. Mcdonald Kenneth mcdonald Edward mcdonneld Thomas mcdonnell Rich mcdonnell digger Wm. Mcdonnell digger Arch mcdougal Colin mcdougall Hugh mcdowell Hugh mcdowell Edward mcelroy W. J. Mcewan James mcewen William mcewen William mcewen William mcewen surgeon John mcfadyean Angus mcfadyen Angus mcfadyen John mcfadyen John mcfarlan Robert mcfarland Thomas mcfarland A. M. Mcfarlin Daniel mcfdlgplin John mcganett Andrew mcgavin Archibald mcgee Hugh mcgennop digger Thomas mcginnis storekeeper Robert mcgonagal Robert mcgonagal Benjamin mcgr--- David mcgrady digger Hugh mcgrag Hugh mcgrath digger Thos mcgrath Andrew mcgregor Peter mcgregor Peter mcgregor J. Mcguines storekeeper Felix mcguire Felix mcguire Pat mcgurry William mchane P. Mcinnering Alex mcintosh John mcintosh Neil mcintyre Neil mcintyre Edward mcivett James mcjames Robert mck--- Alex. Mckahel Donald mckay L. Or r. Mckay Alexander mckay John mckeen or mcreen mckelvie Donald mckenzie Donald mckenzie Donald mckenzie James mckenzie John mckenzie Neil mckenzie John mckenzie Chas. Mckevar Angus mckinnon Hugh mckinstery Allan mclachlan Allan mclachlan Hugh mclachlan Hugh mclachlan James b. Mclane N. Mclean John mclean M. W. Mclean M. W. Mclean Roderck mclean William mclean G. Mclean or mcleaw digger James mcleish John mcleish digger Andw. Mclellan Archd. Mclellan Hugh mclelland butcher Hugh mclelland do. Donald a. Mclennan digger Donald mclennan Norman mcleod William f. Mclosky John mclure Daniel mcmahon John mcmahon surgeon Michl. Mcmahon Michl. Mcmahon Duncan mcmillan Duncan mcmillan John mcmillan James mcmullin W. Mcnairn Denis mcnamara Michael mcnamara Thos. Mcnamara Thom. Or thos. Mcnamara or mcnamare Alex mcnaughton James mcnaughton gold digger A. Mcneish Alexander mcnelbar or mcmillan digger Alexander mcniel Robt mcnill Donald mcpherson George mcpherson John mcpherson digger Augus mcpiel Angus mcpiell or mcpieel digger Samuel mcqueenil Norman mcrae Thomas mcsorley Thomas mctaggart Henry mcvane Daniel mcvary Rob mcwilliam Thos. Meacham William meader digger Martin meaney Philip measam gold digger William meath James meath John mebbatt Peter j. Medley or smedley Henry medway Henry medway Ths. Meeret Angel megus John melliey or nulliey digger George mellor Thos. Mellor Alexr. Melville Geo. S. Melville Ricardo memrabato Hugh menus Archd menzies James mercer John mercer Robt. Mercer John mercer John merchant John meredith John h. Meredith George meret D. J. A. Merington - merorpd Edward merredith Brittam merrell gold digger Richard merrett Robt. Merrett Guilam merson - mertels Patrick merten William merton store keeper William merton Taboort merynord Henry messin John meughian no occ. Given Georg meunhan Angel meyer Francis meyer Francis meyer William meyer William meyer William meyer John meze John meze Patrick miaa Alexr. Miawatt Jeremiah micecef David michael George e. Michell George e. Michell Arthur h. Middleton store keeper George middleton George middleton James middleton James middleton digger John middleton Johnson middleton Johnson middleton Joseph middleton Joseph middleton Thomas middleton William middleton licensed digger William middleton gold digger Charles midwood Francis mien or uren or nun digger - l. Migarge Mark miggel digger George miles George miles Henry g. Miles G. Mill - Henry mill sldy digger G. Millan or millar digger James millane Gavin millar Thos. Millard William mille William mille John milleir or miller A. B. Miller storekeeper Alex miller Alexander miller Christian miller gold miner Dan miller G. Miller no occ. Given George miller George miller digger George miller no occ. Given Hugh miller digger J. Miller James miller James miller John miller Peter miller Robert clarke miller Thomas miller digger William miller William miller William miller G. Miller James miller no. James miller no occ. Given Charles millieny John wm. Mills David mills digger John mills Thomas mills William mills digger George millson digger A. Jnr milne William milne George milten Daniel minahan Michl. Minahan Michl. Minahan Gerdi minanlooioulf Thomas miners James minnie Minter John miper gold digger R. Mirow C. Mitchel James mitchel William mitchel Alexander mitchell s.o. Alexr mitchell David mitchell George mitchell digger Henry mitchell carrier Hugh mitchell - James temple mitchell John mitchell John l. Mitchell Joseph mitchell Lauchland mitchell digger R. Mitchell Thomas mitchell W. Mitchell James mitchelson James mitchelson Edmund mitson Henrey mitton George moddleton William moett William moett Saml. Moffatt no occ. Given Mosleyn moilen gold digger James moilin or morlin William molin A. W. Möller J. Mollineane Charles mollis Hugh molloy Hugh molloy Patk. Mona Henry monday George monk James monk W. Monk Alfred monkhouse gold digger James monks storekeeper John monks James monro or manre John montgomery John montgomery A. Montieth Wm. Montrose digger D. Moodie D. Moodir or moodie Benjamin moody Matthew mooggen S. N. Moon storekeeper John h. Moon Patrick mooney - moore Benjamin (junior) moore Benjm moore G. Moore G. Moore G. Moore John moore John moore Robert moore S. K. Moore Saml. W. Moore W moore William moore William moore Wm. Hy. Moore Wm. Hy. Moore Edward moore John moran digger Henry moran Or moreson moreson john M. I. J. Morgan W. B. Morgan Frederick morgan gold digger M. J. Morgan Robert morgan Robert morgan Robt. Morgan Thomas morgan William morgan William morgan William morgan William morgan gold digger William h. Morgan John morissay Charles morleorre - morlke George morntery James morony Bernard morris Charles s. Morris Charles s. Morris Henry morris Henry morris John d. Morris John b. Morris digger Joseph bernard morris Lewis morris Robt. S. Morris digger Wm. Morris Wm. B. Morris John morrisen Michael morrisen digger Charles morrison Charles morrison Francis morrison James morrison James morrison Joseph morrison Michael morrison digger Hugh morrow Edward morton J. C. Morton Howard morton Morton co. Storekeepers bendigo mos marks & co. Henry moscrop digger Eben moses digger G. Moss digger G. Albert moulder Gilbert moulder John moum - John mowat William mowat William moxey James moyes James moylan James moylan Stephen moyle William moyle or mayle or nagle Delegate mr. Thompson H. Muchall Geo. Augustus muehler storekeeper Andrew Muir, digger [[B. Muir ]] George Muir,shoemaker [[James Muir]] O.J.B. Muir JohnMuirhead Cornelius mulcahy Th. Muller Wilhelm muller Wilhelm muller - muller H. O. Müller Johann müller digger James mulleton Edwd. Mullett digger Edw. Mullett digger Thomas mullicott George mulrene or mulane T. Munay Thomas munay digger Joseph munden David mundy David mundy John mundy John mundy J. Muntin William munyard Edwd. Muracase Hy. Murachybt Kernard murate - muray digger Fredke murch Alexr. Murchie Murchie G. Murdoch auctioneer John murdoch James murnan or murnare Charles murphy Charles murphy Charles murphy Charles murphy Edward murphy James murphy digger Jeremiah murphy John murphy John murphy Joseph murphy Martin murphy Patrick murphy Patt. Murphy Richard murphy Timothy murphy Wm. Murphy Wm. Murphy Jas. Murphy - Alexr murray Henry murray miner Daniel murray David murray David murray Patrick murray W. Murray William murray John murray Samid murt storekeeper J. C. Musgrave J. Musker Thomas mussell Edward musselwhite Henry myers Henry myers R. Myers


William nab Georg (sic) nagel Joshua naller George nankivell John nanlan Thomas nathanes Henry naybe Thomas naylor John nealellenie L. Neicke William neilham Charles neill J. W. Neione A. Ono. Neish J. Nellson James nelson John nelson John nelson M. M. Nelson Gustav nepbriner or nephiver Alexandre nerves J. Yr. Neuttlebury Henry p. Neuwman Chas. Nevick Martin neville Wm. Neville O. J. Nevin Chas nevins J. Newbery Henry newbiggera Joseph ed. Newborough W. Newell John newland Paul newling James newman James newman - newmann Henry newson digger O. J. Newton Raleigh newton Ralugh newton Jhn (sic) newton Lleww newton Michael newton Thos. K. Newton Thos. K. Newton - newton Edward nich--- Charles nicholas Chas nicholas Thomas nicholas Theophius nichole or nicholes Fredrick nicholls Henry nicholls Martin nicholls R. S. Nicholls William Parry Nicholls Abraham w. Nichols C. H. Nicholson Henry Nicholson Jno. M. Nicholson Peter nicholson Richard nicholson Richard nicholson digger Robert nicholson Jess nicholson John niclos Ed. Nicol John nicol William nicol Wm. Nicol W. Nicolson John nieper or nuper Michiel night John Nightingale Alfred nightly gold digger James nillqust John ninnan butcher Nippe or pippe Mitchell nisbet A. Nisbett Edwd. Niulency digger William nixon digger A. R. Noble Thos. Noblie do Chas. Noblies Patrick c. Nolan Patrick c. Nolan Nolen John j. Nooke Patrick noon John noonan Joseph norcliffe Joseph norcliffe Michael noreen eaglehawk gully Henry norman William norman digger John norrey Thos. Norris Cornelius norris Wm m.d. norris John norris or harris digger John norrisy James north Joseph north John c. Or i. Northcote John c. Northcote A. Northcott licensed digger E. Northcott licensed digger John northcott boot & shoe maker Joseph northey Joseph northey Peter norton Peter norton Francis nott Abraham notts Thomas nugent digger - numeyer John nylands digger


J. O'brien James o'brien James o'brien John m. D. O'brien John m. D. O'brien John m.d. o'brien Morgan o'brien James o'brien Patrick o'conner or o'connor Charles o'connor digger Patrick o'connor Owen o'donnel Owen o'donnel Geo. O'donnell John o'donnell Phelim o'donoghue Thos. O'driscoll Thomas o'hair Charles o'hara Joseph o'hara Roger o'hara or mara Alfred o'hare or chare W. O'hare or clare James o'harris h. Patrick o'henessy Denis o'leary James o'leary Patrick o'leary Patrick o'leary Thomas o'leary Patrick o'leesy or o'leary Patrick o'loughlin M. O'maerioh Daniel o'mara - John o'mara - M. O'meara W. O'meara Michae o'nael Henry o'neill Henry o'neill digger Henry o'neill digger Patrick o'neill Patrick o'neill Morgan o'neill Maurice o'neill St. Dhus o'scroft digger John o'shannessey digger Patrick o'sullivan John o'thomas Or tookin o'tookey john E. F. O'tool J. H. O'toole John oates Philip oates John oats John oats James ogg George ogi--- Colin ogilvie Colin ogilvie James ogilvie James ogilvie Fredk. Ogle Fr. Ohlenxart G. Ohwell Wm. Oldfield digger Alf. Olive storekeeper Alf. Olive or hive storekeeper A. R. Oliver Alex oliver James oliver or olvere Leopold oppenhimer storekeeper Charles orchard digger Thos. Hy. Ord Wm. Ord (sic) george e. Oreilly - orelli Thomas organ F. M. Orme Alexr. Ormiston James orr Charles osborne James osborne James osborne G. Osgood Thomas osmen H. C. Oswald digger Robert Ottery William ounce Morgan owen William owen Richd. Owens Charles Oxborough William oxford


Thomas pabloo Thos. Padenny Eld. Or edw. Page Geo. Page H. H. Page James page digger Richard page Robert joseph page - page William d. Page - pagenhurst Richd paiack W. Pain - paine P. C. Palan no occ. Given Frederick palk Eduard palkenhagen John palker James pallen or pellen or pillen M. F. Palmatur J. Palmer Frank palmer H. J. Palmer no occ. Given J. Palmer James palmer Jno. Palmer Joseph s. Palmer Wm. Pan Wm. Paneang digger William panham g. Digger Edmund panne digger James pannell Henry pape Charles parish Geo. M. Park digger Robert park Robert park Thos. Park or peak Ellis parker James parker M. Parker M. Parker Thomas parker William b. Parker J. S. Parker John thos. Parkhouse Robert parkhouse Amos parkin Thomas parkin William parkin F. W. Parkins T. W. Parkins Henry parkinson Thomas parkney digger Petu or peter parrott George parry John parry Saml p. Parry F. Parsons Henry parsons John parsons Robt. Parston Thomas parter or porter do. P. Parvity digger P. G. Pascal John pascoe Wm. Paterson M. J. W. Patrick James patrick M. Jas. Patrick G. Robert patterson Peter patterson Peter patterson W. Pattie Andrew pattingill Andrew patton digger T or y. Paul Saml. Paull Thomas paull Erasmus paull Erasmus paull or faull James h. Pauly John pauslett - pavey digger George pawcett George payne James payne Chas. Payyett digger Benjamin pea or tea William peace William peacock Wm. Peaistow Geo. Peak - Percy peal Perry peal N-- on pean digger Daniel pearce Henry pearce John pearce William pearce William pearce Gorge pearlar Alexander pearson Robt. Pearson Wm. Ed. Pearson Wm. H. Pearson digger - pearth miner Chas. Peat Chas. Peat J. G. Peat Wm. Peck digger Geo. Peck do. George pedell Joseph peet J. F. Peet John peihoela Charles peirce David van pelt Robt. Pelwarth no occ. Given N. Penca T. Pender Absalem penhall digger David penhall butcher Rob penking K. Penleny no occ. Given William penrose Andw. Penwick John penwick David per--- Ac. H. Perkins N. H. Perkins Charles perkins John perks Charles perrett Isaac perry John perry John perry Thos. Perry Thos. Perry William perry Henry perrymen William pete digger Matthew peters William peters James peters Matthew peters Martin petersen Chas. Peterson gold digger Thomas peterson Henry pethman Chas. Petrie Chas. Petrie Robert petrie Robert petrie John petrie digger E. Petrusichs John pewdir or pender G. Pewee George peymany Jas. Phatlson Michael Phelan, miner J. Phellips J. Phellips J. Phellips or phillips Wm. Phibs J. Philips Henry J. Phillip digger D. S. Phillips Edward phillips M. Phillips Wiljam phillips Wm. Phillips digger Wm. Phillips digger Chs. Philpots William philpps - phils William phin William d. Phips digger Andrew pick-- R. V. Pickles John harrison pickrell James pidde Pider piderson gold digger Robt. Piele digger Taremia pierden or purden Jas. J. Piggot James pike He. Pike P. H. L. Pilger Henry pilkington Robt. Pilling digger George pims gold miner Robt. H. Pims gold miner Will pims gold miner Joseph pincin Robt. Pinklater M. R. Pinton M. R. Pinton W. W. Piny S. B. Piper Andrew pirkins J. H. Pirns or prout John pitchards Henry pitcher James pitey or piter Henry pithouse T. Pitman W. Pitman William pitt Louis plane George plant digger Henry t. Plant - William pleckham Gm. Plein C. Plerc or plere Hugh plinn Joseph plummer James plunkett gold digger myers flat Charles pmith or smith William poans poendiza Geo pogmore poirels J. S. Poitu F polendic F. Polendic Thomas poles Samuel polkinghorn Benjn. Poll digger E. A. Pollard James pollard James pollard William pollard G. Pollingtine Chas d. Pollock I. J. Pollock Thomas pollock John polson T. Polson Robt. Polwarth Edward ponton James squires poognarrd John pope Walter pope Henry pope or pape James popittler E. Port John port H. Porter Isaac porter Charles porter Robert porter Anthony w. Portgate William posford Abram postlethwai--- Thomas potes or poles Clark potter George potter storekeeper Hn. A. Potter William potter digger Fred. Powell E. Poyt--- John pranor digger Wm. Pratt J. Prisbard Joseph prout William provv James pucie or gucie Johen pucklyn Henry puger digger Henry pulling Edwin purchis Philip puryer Thos. Pymons digger Tamse p. Pyn


John w. Quain John quale Benedict quick Edwd. Quigley Edwd. Jnr. Quigley James quigley Jas. Jnr. Quigley John quigley Wm. Quigley John quin gold miner Mark quin Patrick j. Quin - quince Henry quine Mortimer quinn Timothy quinn Timothy quinn William quinn William quinn James quinton James quinton D. Quirk D. Quirk John quirk John quirk


William rabbich William rabbich John rablin Wm. Rablin James radcliffe James radcliffe George radford gold digger James rae H. Rahillar or rahiltar David railly George railton John rainbone or rainbow John rainbow Robt. Rainbow Patrick raleigh digger J. H. Ralletty Andrew ralph Josp. Ramsay Ralph ramsay Ralph ramsay storekeeper William ramsay Charles randle P. Randlett Thomas rankin William rankin William rankin digger William samuel raten James ray James ray William ray licensed digger John rayall or royall Charles raymond or raymend J. Raynbird R. Raynbird William rea James ken read John reading John ready James reardon Charles reasan Joseph rechrd or rochrd Baird reddan gold digger George redfern William redfern James m.d. reed John reed Joseph reed Joseph reed Richard reed Thomas reed digger William reed Carl reeder Patt reedy Patt this is different handwriting from same name above reedy John rees Thomas rees John rees or kees Charles reese P. Reeve Thomas reeves Thomas reeves William reeves William reeves David regan David regan John rehof H. Reichmidliber Alexander reid George reid digger James reid James reid James reid John reid John reid John reid Richd. Reid Dan reid digger John reiley Bn. Reilly digger James reilly licensed digger B. Reilly George rendall Michael rennay Joseph rennecf Thomas rennick peg leg digger Thomas rennick Fred. Renoir Fred. Renou Robert renton Robert renton Samuel reve W. Revell gold miner William reves Joseph reye--- Charles j. Reynell John reynolds George rhind digger Edwd. Rhodes A. K. Rich L. Rich Thomas rich A. Rich F. Richard Benjamin richards Benjamin richards Charles p. Richards gold digger Chas. Richards Edwin richards Geo. Richards James richards James richards John richards John richards John richards digger Joseph richards Joseph richards Joseph richards Joseph richards digger Joseph richards digger M. M. Richards digger Richard richards Robt. Richards licensed digger W. E. Richards Will. Richards William richards William richards G. Richards digger Charles richardson Charles richardson digger M. Richardson M. Richardson Samuel richardson Thos. Richardson Thos. Richardson William richardson G. F. Richardsson Abel rickaby Hugh riddel J. Ridgway butcher James rieley Benjm. I. Or j. Rieshton James rieth Jno. Or jas. Or flo. Riley - Fred a. Riley Geo. Riley storekeeper George riley digger Hiram riley J. G. Riley digger John riley digger Thomas riley George w. Ring Isaac g. Ring John ring Joseph ring William ring John ring or king James riordan James riordan John riordon John riordon Live ritch Donald m. Ritchie Robert ritchie Tho ritchie William ritchie J. D. Riter ritter & lobeck Henry riu Andrew riures William john rivers digger Paul roach Rob ross & co - robard Chas. Robarts William a. Robarts C. H. D. Robbs James robe--- John robe--- William robenson William roberson D. Robert John robert John robertbell E. Roberts J. Or t. Roberts M. Roberts Charles roberts Edward roberts Henry roberts J. C. Roberts James roberts storekeeper Jno. Roberts - John roberts John roberts John roberts John roberts John h. Roberts Robert roberts Samuel roberts Thomas roberts Thomas roberts William roberts William roberts William roberts William roberts Wm. Roberts Wm. Roberts D. Robertson D. Robertson David robertson digger George robertson J. Robertson James robertson James robertson James w. Robertson John robertson John robertson John robertson John robertson John robertson mates digger Robert robey Robert robey William robinsion D. W. Robinson J. Robinson S. Robinson A. Robinson gold digger peg leg gully Frank robinson Geo. Robinson J. C. Robinson J. C. Robinson James robinson James c. Robinson John robinson digger M. S. Or l. Robinson W. Robinson Georee Robson John robson Thomas robson August rocen John roche Samuel roche John rochester John rodda gold digger John rodgers John rodgers John rodgers or rodger Wm. B. Roebuck Ralf roers digger Henry Roff John Roff Henry roff or ross A. Rogers Alexander rogers J. Rogers James rogers Jas. Rogers R. Rogers Robert john rogers W. Rogers Wm. C. Rogers A. Rogers Thomas roid James role R. Roley James rolfe John rolfe John rolfe V. Romeo Andrew ron or kon gold digger Le raymond ronbequex John g. Rooke Frederick rool (by his marksman) Frederick rool by his marksman Michael rooney Michael rooney Tos roscow Peter roscrow digger William rose Wm. Rose James rose or vose or grose a. Robert ross boot & shoe melbourne Wm. Ross miner David ross M. Or w. Ross Richard ross Robert ross Simon ross Simon ross Thomas ross William ross digger William senior ross Wm. Junior ross C. S. Ross digger A. Ross or rogers George rossiter W. Roster or riooter or rioster digger Henry rosuorr Robt. Rothergill Robert rothwell robson Richard a. Rothwill Raymond roubequex David roughin David roughin Het s. Rouse Edward routledge digger Sanford b. Routledge Thomas rowbottom Thomas rowbottom Robert rowbuck Robert rowbuck Frances rowe G. Rowe George rowe Thos. Rowe William rowe Henry rowe Frances rowe or reece William rowell Jos. Jas rower George rowland James rowland digger William rowland William rowland Robert rowlands Henry rowlin Thomas rowling James roy baker Joseph roycroft digger Charles roylands digger W. Royser Fred rudd digger Peter ruffley J. Rugby William rumble William rundle James runnegar James runnegar Jno c. Rusel digger John rusell David rush G. H. Russel Wm. Russel Charles j. W. Russell George russell George basil russell James russell James russell James russell Davey russell John russell--- David russle David russle or russell Thos. W. Rutherford digger Thos. W. Rutherford Joseph rutter Joseph rutter Bernard ryan Henry ryan James ryan John ryan John ryan M. H. Ryan licensed digger Patk. Ryan Patrick ryan Robt. Ryan William ryan licensed digger Chas. Ryan storekeeper Henry ryan Henry ryan or ryans Edward ryder Edward ryder


John sab J. Or t. Sabley or sibley W. E. Safse or sasse peg leg digger John sage John sage or page J. Or i. D. Sagemuller Charles james sainington John sais John sais Andrew salberg or salbery Edward salmon Edward salmon - sampson W. Sampson M. Samuel storekeeper Jonas samuels digger Sam samut or samuel James sander Edwin sanderson Edwin sanderson W. Sandorff Richard sandors John l. Sannford John sansom W. Sargeant B. Sargent - sarkes John sauegison gold miner Fred. Saunders George saunders Samuel saunders Samuel saunders digger George saunders Richard saunders gold digger William sauser gold digger James savage John savage Francis savage or lavsder Frank e. Sawyer Frank e. Sawyer Thomas sayle Thomas sayner or fayner Henry martyn scammell W. H. Scears C. H. Schlatter C. B. E. Schmidt Gold digger schmidt c. B. E. Jn. Gold digger schmitz Christian schneed John schultz Christian schulze Friedrich schulze C. W. Md. Schulzen C. W. M.d. schulzen Char. Schulzen Wm. C. Scierker James scorder Charles scorer Donald scott Donald scott James scott John scott John scott John scott Walter scott William scott John scullein John seagrove Samuel seales or scales nil Chas. Searle digger C. H. Seblatler Frederick sedgwick digger H. Sedley H. T. Seers Oscar segerberg gold miner Peter sekbatter Wm. Selff J. Selway Da. Semmens John semmens John H. Semmens, Digger Richard Semmens Stephen Semmens. digger Thomas Semmens James S. Sequeira John serpell George serullon Frederick Sewell T. J. E. M.d. seydel George seymore Robert seymour James shadbolt Joseph shadbolt John shahan [[Michael Shanahan]] John shane William shannad John shannan John shannock D. Sharp Gold miner sharp. Edwd. O. Greivece shaw Alexander shaw Charles shaw Francies shaw Cornelius shea Cornelius shea digger John shea John shea digger Thomas shea Thomas shea George sheaner M. & a. Shears John sheath Wm. Shedd John sheedy John this is a different signature from above sheedy John sheehan gold digger George sheepway George sheepway Richard shelton Robert shenatch G. Shephard no occ. Given James shepherd James shepherd John shepherd John shepherd Thomas shepherd Hendon shepiard Richd. Wm. Sheppard Sheridan sheridan Sheridan sheridan Charles sherres John sherwood John sherwood John sherwood Edward shieds digger W. H. Shiles John shimink or shinnock gold digger myers flat John shimpin digger George shipton Charles shleiger Wright shonelto John shopshire John shopshire Thomas short John shorter John shorter George shotten Wright shovelton John shrees John shrees Storekeeper shum & co. Daniel shurmur William shy John sibolding John sibolding Charles siddall W. H. Siears G. Siestes G. H. Sightman Paul silier William silvesta J. Sim & son James(esquire) sim James esq. Sim Joseph simmons digger Robt. Simmons digger Simon s. Simmons nil Thomas simmons William simms L. Simon L. Simon Or allison simon Thomas simon - John simondile Andrew simpise James simpn B. Simpson George simpson James simpson James simpson Jno. Alfd. Simpson storekeeper N. - p. Simpson N. P. Simpson P. Simpson Samuel simpson Thos. Simpson W. Simpson Lein simpson G. W. Sims George sims gold digger Thomas sims Thomas sims A. Sinclair A. Sinclair Angus sinclair D. Sinclair George sinclair Lawrence sinclair George sinclar William sitches or titches F. Sitsare George skeaner William skelhavan George skelton Richard skelton Henry skewis James skewis James skewis William skilton J. Skimer William sky Mich slack T. Slater T. Slater Thomas sleep Thomas sleep Robert slienahl John j. Sloan digger W. W. Slocombe J. Slocombe - William slone Wm. Slonie W. Slough digger Fred. L. Small George small John smart John smart John smart Joseph smart Rd. Smart Thomas smart William smart William smart Wm. Smart Peter smedley Jeo. Smeeton - smig or smith Laurence smit gold digger F. F. Smith O. J. Smith T. Or j. H. Smith Walkin smith thomas Alexd. Smith gold digger Andrew smith B. Smith Charles smith Charles smith Charles smith Chas j. Smith D. Smith butcher Daniel smith David smith E. Smith E. Smith digger F. Smith G. Smith G. Smith G. Smith Geo. Smith George smith George smith George smith George smith George smith Henry smith Henry smith Henry smith Henry joseph smith Hugh smith Hugh m.d. smith J. E. Smith J. R smith J. R. Smith James smith James smith James smith James smith James smith James smith James smith James smith gold digger James C.C. Smith Jas. Smith Jas. Smith John smith John smith John smith John smith John smith John smith John smith John smith John smith John smith digger John james smith Joseph smith Joseph smith Joseph smith d.d or g. Digger Major. Wm smith Patk. Smith Peter smith R. Smith Richard smith (by his marksman) Richard smith digger Robert smith Samuel smith Samuel smith Thomas smith Thomas smith Thomas smith Thomas smith Thomas smith Thomas smith Thomas smith digger Thos. S. Smith digger W. R. Smith W. S. Smith Walter smith Will smith William smith William smith William smith William smith William smith William smith digger William j. Smith William r. Smith Wm. C. Smith Wm. C. Smith Wm. T. Smith storekeeper S. Smith Jas. Smith Charles smithson Charles smolt P. Smyth P. Smyth Richard smyth Seth smyth digger Henry smythe digger James snatt do Wm. Snell gold digger peg leg gully Gohlajo sniyder F. G. Snooks Levi snow W. S. Snowdons gold digger Thomas somers - Marshall somes Arthur sonnerville Thomas south or southor Edwin southcombe Richard m.d. southern John (senior) southiard John jr.(junior) southiard Adolphus souzean William spargo L. T. Sparrow James speal Richd. Spear digger John speer John spellings Magnus spence James spence Magnus spence William reid spence H. Spencer James spencer James spencer James spencer Wm. Spencer digger Wm. Spicer George spink George spink James spinks John spirvey J. W. Spivey G. Splatt John spragg - spring Robert sprole Robert sprole Mathew spur Mathew spur Henry spurner gold digger James sruiry no occ. Given S. A. St. John Edward l. Stack or stark digger Huy stacker Th stacker John stafford Henry stagg Robert stains Herbert stanley William stanley Henry stannard James stanton John starbridge Jhon (sic) stead Edw. L. Sted Edward stedman Fredk. J. B. Steele Fredk d. B. Steele Richd. Steele - Wm. Steele Wm. Steele Henry steinkoff B. Stephen Albert stephens Anthony stephens John s. Stephens Richard stephens Richard stephens Sampson dy stephens Stephen stephens William stephens William stephens William stephens William stephens William stephens digger S. - stephens Robert stergeon digger James sterle no occ. Given James sterling no occ. Given Benj. S. Stevens David stevens Edward stevens James stevens James stevens gold digger John stevens John stevens Joseph stevens Thomas stevens Tomas stevens gold digger Wm. Stevens James stevenson John stevenson John stevenson gold digger Peter stevenson Peter stevenson Thomas stevenson digger Wm. Stevenson I. B. Steward Alexander stewart Charles stewart Francis stewart George stewart George stewart James stewart John stewart John f. Or h. Stewart Malcolm stewart Phillip stewart W. C. Stewart J. H. Stewart James stewart William stewart Robert stingter J. Stokes Stanley stokes Stanley stokes Stanley stokes B. Stone Jacob stone James stone gold digger Robt. Stone Robt. Stone Escort strange William straton James strong James strong Alexander stuart C. B. Stuart Henry burton stubbs digger John s. Stubbs digger Jas. I. Stubbs Moss or ross sturguen Ross sturguen James styles H. Subritzky H. Subritzky T. L. Subritzky T. L. Subritzky M. Sullivan John sullivan John sullivan storekeeper Matthew sullivan Robert summers C. M. Sutcliffe digger Wm. Sutcliffe B. F. Sutherland B. F sutherland Charles t. Sutherland George sutherland James sutherland Wm. Sutherland Henry sutton John sutton John sutton William sutton Alfred swan George swan Joseph swansear gold digger Benjamin swanson John sweeney James sweeny James sweeny James Swenson Phineas a. Swift Wilham swinden William swinden Thomas swords Thomas swords Allan swy---- Allan swym no occ. Given Edward sydem--- H. Symmons Nicholas symonds Francis symons John symons John symons John symons John symons Joseph symons Richard symons Alfred symons or symonds Patrick symth John symth E. Szumrak


William tabb H. G. Taft H. G. Taft Henry tagget William taggures Wm. Tagzarts James tainsh Fredk. Talbot John talbot Seth talbott digger Soaes tange James tank Henry tanner Henry tanner Richard tanner W. Tarant Frances tatteria James tatteria Francis tattersall James tattersall Thomas taubman George tay J tayler

- 	taylor	

Charles taylor H. Taylor James taylor James taylor John taylor John taylor digger Rich. Taylor Robert taylor Robert taylor Robert taylor digger Samuel taylor Thos. Taylor digger W. Taylor W. Alfred taylor W. T. Taylor James taylor James taylor Don or dom. M. Taylor or tayln S. Teagle B. G. Teasdale B. G. Teasdale George teasdale George teasdale G. Tedeeland digger Thomas teeder A. Teer or feez Tegain N. Tempevley William temple William temple gold digger Henry templemann N. Tenepevley William ternuset Charles terny John terrell John terrell Thomas terrell Thomas terrell Thomas terrill Thomas terrill Charles tevny Charles thacker G. Tharley G. Tharley T. Thembourn or kembourn William thenson or thurson William theyton William theyton or thexton Richard thimbleby A. Thom George thom--- Thos. H. Thomas - thomas G. Thomas N. T. Thomas S. Thomas Barry thomas Charles thomas Chas thomas David thomas - Edwin thomas Henry thomas John thomas John thomas John thomas John thomas John thomas John thomas John thomas digger Malcolm thomas Rd harvey thomas Robert thomas Thomas thomas William thomas William thomas digger William c. Thomas Wm. Thomas Wm. H. Thomas Wm. H. Thomas John thomas Thomas & kay J. Thommis William thomps Delegate mr. Thompson A. Thompson E. Thompson E. Thompson Edwd thompson George thompson digger Henry thompson digger Henry s. Thompson digger James thompson James thompson John thompson John thompson John thompson John thompson John thompson Joseph thompson Richard thompson Thomas thompson digger W. Thompson William thompson William thompson William thompson William thompson William thompson William thompson William thompson William thompson William thompson digger William different signature from the previous one thompson Wm. Thompson Wm. Thompson gold digger William thompson George thompson James thompson Patk. B. Thoms Patk. B. Thoms John thoms blacksmith Michl. Thomsen Alexr. Thomson David thomson Geo. Edwd. Thomson Geo. Edwd. Thomson Geo. Edwd. Thomson James thomson digger Josep thomson M. Thomson William thomson John thomson James thopson Thomas thoriaan Edward thorman Nanken thornhill newspaper agent Geor. Thornton George thorpe Richard thorpe digger W. A. Thorpe Thos thosbody William thoy--- Thomas thyrm Thomas thyts Wm. Tibbald Charles tibbs John tibes or isbes J. & son tien Thomas tiffany W. B. Tilling Richard timing Fredk. Tingle or pingle - h. Tinkler Wm. Tippy Alfred tivey Joseph tivey Joseph tivey William tlalirson Larance toben C. Tobin Michael tobin Michael tobin Henry todd Matthew todd digger Thomas todd Emil tohl Benjm toiyne gold digger Wm. Toll Henrny (sic) tomlinson - tomlinson Joseph tomlinson Jesse tompkins James tompson Wm. J. Tonan Joseph tonilinon Francis tonseng digger - toogood digger Revd. D. T. Toohey Peter toomey Peter toomey Edward topliss Samuel torbey Andrew tormahill Jas torpey William torryman Robert torventy Robert torventy William tounson William tovey James towell James towers Robert town John townsen or townsend John townsend John toy Wm. Trace Wm. Trace Stephen tracey Stephen tracey Chas tracy George w. Tracy James tracy John tracy Thomas tracy Thomas tracy A. Tragerays George train George train Wren or wreie transtovik Richard tranturn Carl. Wm trapmann E. Trapmann Henry traunce or trounce Thomas treble Joseph tree George treesm--- William treganic digger John tregeagu Joseph trelbie Edwin tremethick Samuel trengove John trenowth John trenowth Joseph jns trescut John trevail Thomas trevan Henry trevaskis Henry trevaskis Richard trevenn Henry trevillion Henry trevillion Frederick trewis Thomas tripet Thomas triplet Thoms. Triplet William triplet William triplet Gottfried trobitsch John troffer John troffer or trosser Jack trofta E. Tronchet Acheson trotter James trotter John trough Thomas troughton Henry trounce George truscott Thomas try Alfred tucker Benjn. Tucker George tucker Richard n. Tucker Richard n. Tucker Richard n. Tucker William tuckfield Edward tuey Martin tully Michael tully digger Patt. Tully Michl. Tuohy digger Wm. Tupper Wm. H. Tupper Thomas turfford Andrew turnbull Henry turnbull gold digger Charles turner Elijah turner H. R. Turner It. R. Turner James turner John turner John turner John turner Robert turner digger Saml. Turner Thomas turner Thos. Turner William turner digger George turner Horace walpole turner Jas. Turner John turner no occ. Given Eliel turton Edward tury M. Tuslover John tweed digger Peter tweed Peter tweed Samuel tweedale John twentyman John tyler no occ. Given Thos. Tyley or taylor James tyreit Thos tyrie


Thomas underwood Unknown markett Unknown digger Unknown digger Unknown digger Alexander. Unknown storekeeper John unknown gold buyer R. W. Updke William uphill Harris uphun digger John upton John upton Robert urwin digger John usher John jnr usher

Unknown Thos. --ashall digger Henry -ainhard Charles -einz Damas -orlier

Unknown 7 or 8 chinese names


John valkevean or walkerman Henry vallis Valentine vallis Arthur vally Bn. Vally C. Vally David van pelt John vance Or mandeville vandeville Ed vanhorn Albert varley H. S. Varney digger John vaughan James vaux Thomas vaux William vaux William vazey simons gold miner John smith verrall James veyney Wm. Vince digger James p. Vincent John vine or pine Thomas vine or pine John vinecoumbe V. S. Vivian Hry. Vivian Charles voight Fred voight C. Vorburn Dalgette de voste digger


John w-lins or whinis Thomas c. Waddell Henery wade Henery wade W. M. Wade John waey Stephen waghorn Charles wainright John waite by his marksman Robert waite Wm. Wake Robert wakefield Wm. B. Wakley or wickley digger - walker H. Walker D. Walker Danl. Walker David walker John walker John walker John walker John walker Robert walker John walker H. Walkinghorn Patrick wall James egan wall or mall or nall James wallace Thomas wallace William wallace Willias wallace Willios wallaer John a. Wallage K. Walle George walleth Richard wallis Francis walls W. T. Walls H. D. Walpole Ja. Walsh Jm walsh Marm walsh Edmond walsh George walsh (by his marksman) George walsh by his marksman John walsh Michael walsh Patrick walsh Peter walsh Peter walsh Thomas walsh digger George walsh - walter - J. F. Walter digger Jno. Walter John walter digger Saml. Walter Saml. Walter Wm. W. Walter C. T. Walters digger A. S. Walton R. S. Walton Will stanley wanen C. G. Wannill C. H. Ward C. H. Ward Charles ward digger Geo. Ward John ward John ward John ward John ward Robt. Ward Robt. Ward F. Ward or white Thomas warden John ware John ware John warhurst shoemaker John warhurst shoe maker T. Or j. Warn J. W. Warren John l. Warren Richard warren Thos. Matthews warren J. Water Joseph waterman William waters H. B. Waterson Charles watkins David watkins Wm. H. Watkins Saml watson David watson James watson John watson Joseph watson Robert watson William watson Wm. Watson Robert watson Robert watson digger John watson or hatson digger C. Watt & co. Wm. S. Watt C. Wattele John wattie W. Wattle or nattle Fredk. Watts Henry s. Watts Jas. Watts W. T. Watts no occ. Wm. Watts Wm. Watts William waurby Edward way James way James way James webb digger Jn. R. Webb John webb John webb L. Webb digger George webb digger Wm. Webb digger George webber Jas. Webber William webber George webber or webster William webden John webester David webster Francis b. Webster digger George webster George webster digger James webster miner M. B. Webster Thomas webster William webster William webster F. H. Wedgwood digger C. C. Wedrac or wedrae J. G. Weekes Thomas weekes Thomas weekes E. Welchman E. Welchman William welford Henry wellis Aseal wells gold digger Henry wells James wells Nicholas wells Francis wells or walls James welsh Charles west Edmond west Edwin west James west John weston John westrop brick maker Robert westrop brick maker John wetherell Thos. Weynall or wignall Patrick whalen John whatly digger David whea--- James wheatby James wheatby William wheatby William wheatby Aaron wheeler peg leg John wheeler T. Whelan Thomas whensmouth Juner whiry Sen. Whiry G. V. Whitbread The. White Abraham white Benjamin white Charles white Henry white Henry white Henry white James white James white James white James white James white James white gold miner John white John white Martin white Robart white Robt. White Robt. White Thomas white William white William white digger James whitee Robert whitehead Robert whitehead Edward whitehood Wm. Whitehorn licensed digger W. T. Whitehouse digger John whiteman Jas whitfield digger W. Whitford - - whithead digger John whiting digger Joseph junior whiting blacksmith Joseph senior whiting digger Ri. Whiting Ri. Whiting Thomas whitsaides Daniel faber whittaker Philip whittaker F. Whittenberg William whittington James whyllia Thos wignall Henry wilde Henry wilde J. H. Wiles J. H. Wiles Henry wiley Henry wiley Jn. H. Wilgus Edmund wilken Richard wilkinson David wilkinson Henry wilkinson Henry wilkinson Henry wilkinson Henry wilkinson Henry wilkinson Henry wilkinson - Rob. Wilkinson Thomas wilkinson Thos. Wilkinson W. B. Wilkinson W. B. Wilkinson George wilks digger William willcock Henry willcocks digger Richd. Willcocks Edward willett Edward willett Williams (sic) william I. Or j. Williams Alexr. Williams J. Williams baker Jos. Williams T. Williams Thomm williams Alfred williams Edw. Williams Edward williams F. Williams Foster williams Francis williams - George williams George williams George williams gold digger George b.peg leg williams digger Gorge williams Gorge williams gold miner H. J. Williams H. J. Williams Henry williams Henry williams Henry williams Henry williams digger Isaac s. Williams James williams James williams James williams James williams James williams James williams licensed digger James b. Williams Jas williams John williams John williams John williams John williams John williams John williams John williams John williams John williams Ramsey williams d. D. Richard williams Richd. Williams Saml. Williams gold digger Thomas williams Thomas williams Thomas williams Thos. Williams W. Williams W. Williams licensed digger W. S. Williams W. C. Williams W. D. Williams William Williams William s. Or t. Williams William a. Williams digger Wm. Williams James williams Richard williams Seth williams - williamson digger Henry williamson A. Williamson A. Williamson Arch williamson George williamson Sarah williamson S.f. williamson Williamson & co. N. H. Willigas storekeeper James willimas or williams Walter willis digger Willmam - Mw. Willock Mw willock Geo. Willoughby Henry willoughby digger Henery willson Robt. Willson Thomas bardley wilmot George wilsdon H. B. Wilson Andre wilson Andrew wilson Charles wilson Enock wilson digger Geo. Wilson George wilson storekeeper George wilson digger George wilson storekeeper George fredk. Wilson digger Isaac wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson storekeeper Jno. Wilson John wilson John wilson John wilson digger Robert wilson digger Robt. Wilson Saml. J. Wilson digger Samuel wilson Tho wilson Tho. Wilson Thomas wilson Thomas wilson Thos. Wilson William wilson Wilson Wilson James wilson Henry wimmel Thomas windus - wines William winspers William winspers J. H. Winstone John winter James wintle carrier Morris wiseberg John wiseman Robert wiseman Samuel withecombe digger John wither George witheram Charles witherby Danl. Witlewis digger August wobul C. S. Wolff M. B. Wolland smith Wm. Wonson Wm. Wonson Charles wood George wood George r. Wood digger Henery wood J. Wood John wood John wood John wood John wood Joseph wood Richard wood Thos. Loftus wood Wm. Wood Joseph woodcroft Thomas woodfine J. S. Woodhouse J. S. Woodhouse John woodhouse James woodlock William woodr--- Rufus woodruff Henry woods Henry woods James woods no occ. Given John woods John woodward John woofe Loftus wooll W. Or m. B. Woolland W. B. Woolland blacksmith James woolock--- Arthur woolon - wright Alex wright Henery (sic) wright digger Henry wright Henry wright James wright James wright James wright John wright John wright John wright John wright digger William wright Wm. Wright digger Robert or john c. C. Wright Alan wright James wuthers John by his marksman wyatt digger John wybrands Charles wyne or wynd digger Geo. Wythe


Edward yandel or yanden Edward yandell Benjamin yanes storekeeper Thomas yarrall Frederick yates gold miner G. Yates W. Yates W. Yates Wm. Yellen Martin van york storekeeper H. Yorke Wm younes Frank young G. Young James young digger James william young John young John young John saml. Young Robert young Thos. Young Thos. E. Young - young John young Robert young Thomas Yuile William yule


Anbroney Zanone Wm. Zanpheir Wm. Zanpsiur Cepar Zeigler digger H. Zimmerman

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