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William tabb
H. G. Taft
H. G. Taft
Henry tagget
William taggures
Wm. Tagzarts
James tainsh
Fredk. Talbot
John talbot
Seth talbott digger
Soaes tange
James tank
Henry tanner
Henry tanner
Richard tanner
W. Tarant
Frances tatteria
James tatteria
Francis tattersall
James tattersall
Thomas taubman
George tay
J tayler
- taylor
Charles taylor
H. Taylor
James taylor
James taylor
John taylor
John taylor digger
Rich. Taylor
Robert taylor
Robert taylor
Robert taylor digger
Samuel taylor
Thos. Taylor digger
W. Taylor
W. Alfred taylor
W. T. Taylor
James taylor
James taylor
Don or dom. M. Taylor or tayln
S. Teagle
B. G. Teasdale
B. G. Teasdale
George teasdale
George teasdale
G. Tedeeland digger
Thomas teeder
A. Teer or feez
N. Tempevley
William temple
William temple gold digger
Henry templemann
N. Tenepevley
William ternuset
Charles terny
John terrell
John terrell
Thomas terrell
Thomas terrell
Thomas terrill
Thomas terrill
Charles tevny
Charles thacker
G. Tharley
G. Tharley
T. Thembourn or kembourn
William thenson or thurson
William theyton
William theyton or thexton
Richard thimbleby
A. Thom
George thom---
Thos. H. Thomas
- thomas
G. Thomas
N. T. Thomas
S. Thomas
Barry thomas
Charles thomas
Chas thomas
David thomas -
Edwin thomas
Henry thomas
John thomas
John thomas
John thomas
John thomas
John thomas
John thomas
John thomas digger
Malcolm thomas
Rd harvey thomas
Robert thomas
Thomas thomas
William thomas
William thomas digger
William c. Thomas
Wm. Thomas
Wm. H. Thomas
Wm. H. Thomas
John thomas
Thomas & kay
J. Thommis
William thomps
Delegate mr. Thompson
A. Thompson
E. Thompson
E. Thompson
Edwd thompson
George thompson digger
Henry thompson digger
Henry s. Thompson digger
James thompson
James thompson
John thompson
John thompson
John thompson
John thompson
John thompson
Joseph thompson
Richard thompson
Thomas thompson digger
W. Thompson
William thompson
William thompson
William thompson
William thompson
William thompson
William thompson
William thompson
William thompson
William thompson digger
William different signature from the previous one thompson
Wm. Thompson
Wm. Thompson gold digger
William thompson
George thompson
James thompson
Patk. B. Thoms
Patk. B. Thoms
John thoms blacksmith
Michl. Thomsen
Alexr. Thomson
David thomson
Geo. Edwd. Thomson
Geo. Edwd. Thomson
Geo. Edwd. Thomson
James thomson digger
Josep thomson
M. Thomson
William thomson
John thomson
James thopson
Thomas thoriaan
Edward thorman
Nanken thornhill newspaper agent
Geor. Thornton
George thorpe
Richard thorpe digger
W. A. Thorpe
Thos thosbody
William thoy---
Thomas thyrm
Thomas thyts
Wm. Tibbald
Charles tibbs
John tibes or isbes
J. & son tien
Thomas tiffany
W. B. Tilling
Richard timing
Fredk. Tingle or pingle
- h. Tinkler
Wm. Tippy
Alfred tivey
Joseph tivey
Joseph tivey
William tlalirson
Larance toben
C. Tobin
Michael tobin
Michael tobin
Henry todd
Matthew todd digger
Thomas todd
Emil tohl
Benjm toiyne gold digger
Wm. Toll
Henrny (sic) tomlinson
- tomlinson
Joseph tomlinson
Jesse tompkins
James tompson
Wm. J. Tonan
Joseph tonilinon
Francis tonseng digger
- toogood digger
Revd. D. T. Toohey
Peter toomey
Peter toomey
Edward topliss
Samuel torbey
Andrew tormahill
Jas torpey
William torryman
Robert torventy
Robert torventy
William tounson
William tovey
James towell
James towers
Robert town
John townsen or townsend
John townsend
John toy
Wm. Trace
Wm. Trace
Stephen tracey
Stephen tracey
Chas tracy
George w. Tracy
James tracy
John tracy
Thomas tracy
Thomas tracy
A. Tragerays
George train
George train
Wren or wreie transtovik
Richard tranturn
Carl. Wm trapmann
E. Trapmann
Henry traunce or trounce
Thomas treble
Joseph tree
George treesm---
William treganic digger
John tregeagu
Joseph trelbie
Edwin tremethick
Samuel trengove
John trenowth
John trenowth
Joseph jns trescut
John trevail
Thomas trevan
Henry trevaskis
Henry trevaskis
Richard trevenn
Henry trevillion
Henry trevillion
Frederick trewis
Thomas tripet
Thomas triplet
Thoms. Triplet
William triplet
William triplet
Gottfried trobitsch
John troffer
John troffer or trosser
Jack trofta
E. Tronchet
Acheson trotter
James trotter
John trough
Thomas troughton
Henry trounce
George truscott
Thomas try
Alfred tucker
Benjn. Tucker
George tucker
Richard n. Tucker
Richard n. Tucker
Richard n. Tucker
William tuckfield
Edward tuey
Martin tully
Michael tully digger
Patt. Tully
Michl. Tuohy digger
Wm. Tupper
Wm. H. Tupper
Thomas turfford
Andrew turnbull
Henry turnbull gold digger
Charles turner
Elijah turner
H. R. Turner
It. R. Turner
James turner
John turner
John turner
John turner
Robert turner digger
Saml. Turner
Thomas turner
Thos. Turner
William turner digger
George turner
Horace walpole turner
Jas. Turner
John turner no occ. Given
Eliel turton
Edward tury
M. Tuslover
John tweed digger
Peter tweed
Peter tweed
Samuel tweedale
John twentyman
John tyler no occ. Given
Thos. Tyley or taylor
James tyreit
Thos tyrie

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Diggers Flag of 1853, 2013, From Bendigo Monument in Rosalind Park.


Once thought to be lost, the Bendigo Goldfields Petition was discovered by chance lying in a pile of papers on a rubbish tip. Some 13 metres in length and bound in green silk, it’s a milestone document in the state’s history.[1]

The petition was signed by over 5000 diggers on the Victorian goldfields in mid-1853. At the time, the signatures represented about one in 12 diggers.[2]

In June 1853 an anti-gold licence association was formed at Bendigo to give voice to the diggers' many grievances about their conditions. The diggers were angry about the mining licence fees imposed by the government and the system by which they were collected.[3]

The petition was signed by miners across the state’s major goldfields and was brought to Melbourne and presented to Lieutenant-Governor Charles La Trobe on 01 August 1853. Most of its demands, including the reduction in the licence fee, were rejected. Eventually the diggers' dissatisfaction erupted, culminating in the Eureka Stockade uprising at Ballarat on 3 December 1854.[4]

Dr John Chapman, a Melbourne collector, purchased the petition from its discoverer and presented it to the State Library of Victoria in 1988. Its discovery is particularly valuable for historians and genealogists investigating the history of social and political events during the gold rushes in Victoria.[5]

Alphabetical Listings

1853 Petition Signatures - A

1853 Petition Signatures - B

1853 Petition Signatures - C

1853 Petition Signatures - D

1853 Petition Signatures - E

1853 Petition Signatures - F

1853 Petition Signatures - G

1853 Petition Signatures - H

1853 Petition Signatures - I

1853 Petition Signatures - J

1853 Petition Signatures - K

1853 Petition Signatures - L

1853 Petition Signatures - M

1853 Petition Signatures - N

1853 Petition Signatures - O

1853 Petition Signatures - P

1853 Petition Signatures - Q

1853 Petition Signatures - R

1853 Petition Signatures - S

1853 Petition Signatures - T

1853 Petition Signatures - U

1853 Petition Signatures - V

1853 Petition Signatures - W

1853 Petition Signatures - X

1853 Petition Signatures - Y

1853 Petition Signatures - Z


Thomas underwood Unknown markett Unknown digger Unknown digger Unknown digger Alexander. Unknown storekeeper John unknown gold buyer R. W. Updke William uphill Harris uphun digger John upton John upton Robert urwin digger John usher John jnr usher

Unknown Thos. --ashall digger Henry -ainhard Charles -einz Damas -orlier

Unknown 7 or 8 chinese names


John valkevean or walkerman Henry vallis Valentine vallis Arthur vally Bn. Vally C. Vally David van pelt John vance Or mandeville vandeville Ed vanhorn Albert varley H. S. Varney digger John vaughan James vaux Thomas vaux William vaux William vazey simons gold miner John smith verrall James veyney Wm. Vince digger James p. Vincent John vine or pine Thomas vine or pine John vinecoumbe V. S. Vivian Hry. Vivian Charles voight Fred voight C. Vorburn Dalgette de voste digger


John w-lins or whinis Thomas c. Waddell Henery wade Henery wade W. M. Wade John waey Stephen waghorn Charles wainright John waite by his marksman Robert waite Wm. Wake Robert wakefield Wm. B. Wakley or wickley digger - walker H. Walker D. Walker Danl. Walker David walker John walker John walker John walker John walker Robert walker John walker H. Walkinghorn Patrick wall James egan wall or mall or nall James wallace Thomas wallace William wallace Willias wallace Willios wallaer John a. Wallage K. Walle George walleth Richard wallis Francis walls W. T. Walls H. D. Walpole Ja. Walsh Jm walsh Marm walsh Edmond walsh George walsh (by his marksman) George walsh by his marksman John walsh Michael walsh Patrick walsh Peter walsh Peter walsh Thomas walsh digger George walsh - walter - J. F. Walter digger Jno. Walter John walter digger Saml. Walter Saml. Walter Wm. W. Walter C. T. Walters digger A. S. Walton R. S. Walton Will stanley wanen C. G. Wannill C. H. Ward C. H. Ward Charles ward digger Geo. Ward John ward John ward John ward John ward Robt. Ward Robt. Ward F. Ward or white Thomas warden John ware John ware John warhurst shoemaker John warhurst shoe maker T. Or j. Warn J. W. Warren John l. Warren Richard warren Thos. Matthews warren J. Water Joseph waterman William waters H. B. Waterson Charles watkins David watkins Wm. H. Watkins Saml watson David watson James watson John watson Joseph watson Robert watson William watson Wm. Watson Robert watson Robert watson digger John watson or hatson digger C. Watt & co. Wm. S. Watt C. Wattele John wattie W. Wattle or nattle Fredk. Watts Henry s. Watts Jas. Watts W. T. Watts no occ. Wm. Watts Wm. Watts William waurby Edward way James way James way James webb digger Jn. R. Webb John webb John webb L. Webb digger George webb digger Wm. Webb digger George webber Jas. Webber William webber George webber or webster William webden John webester David webster Francis b. Webster digger George webster George webster digger James webster miner M. B. Webster Thomas webster William webster William webster F. H. Wedgwood digger C. C. Wedrac or wedrae J. G. Weekes Thomas weekes Thomas weekes E. Welchman E. Welchman William welford Henry wellis Aseal wells gold digger Henry wells James wells Nicholas wells Francis wells or walls James welsh Charles west Edmond west Edwin west James west John weston John westrop brick maker Robert westrop brick maker John wetherell Thos. Weynall or wignall Patrick whalen John whatly digger David whea--- James wheatby James wheatby William wheatby William wheatby Aaron wheeler peg leg John wheeler T. Whelan Thomas whensmouth Juner whiry Sen. Whiry G. V. Whitbread The. White Abraham white Benjamin white Charles white Henry white Henry white Henry white James white James white James white James white James white James white gold miner John white John white Martin white Robart white Robt. White Robt. White Thomas white William white William white digger James whitee Robert whitehead Robert whitehead Edward whitehood Wm. Whitehorn licensed digger W. T. Whitehouse digger John whiteman Jas whitfield digger W. Whitford - - whithead digger John whiting digger Joseph junior whiting blacksmith Joseph senior whiting digger Ri. Whiting Ri. Whiting Thomas whitsaides Daniel faber whittaker Philip whittaker F. Whittenberg William whittington James whyllia Thos wignall Henry wilde Henry wilde J. H. Wiles J. H. Wiles Henry wiley Henry wiley Jn. H. Wilgus Edmund wilken Richard wilkinson David wilkinson Henry wilkinson Henry wilkinson Henry wilkinson Henry wilkinson Henry wilkinson Henry wilkinson - Rob. Wilkinson Thomas wilkinson Thos. Wilkinson W. B. Wilkinson W. B. Wilkinson George wilks digger William willcock Henry willcocks digger Richd. Willcocks Edward willett Edward willett Williams (sic) william I. Or j. Williams Alexr. Williams J. Williams baker Jos. Williams T. Williams Thomm williams Alfred williams Edw. Williams Edward williams F. Williams Foster williams Francis williams - George williams George williams George williams gold digger George b.peg leg williams digger Gorge williams Gorge williams gold miner H. J. Williams H. J. Williams Henry williams Henry williams Henry williams Henry williams digger Isaac s. Williams James williams James williams James williams James williams James williams James williams licensed digger James b. Williams Jas williams John williams John williams John williams John williams John williams John williams John williams John williams John williams Ramsey williams d. D. Richard williams Richd. Williams Saml. Williams gold digger Thomas williams Thomas williams Thomas williams Thos. Williams W. Williams W. Williams licensed digger W. S. Williams W. C. Williams W. D. Williams William Williams William s. Or t. Williams William a. Williams digger Wm. Williams James williams Richard williams Seth williams - williamson digger Henry williamson A. Williamson A. Williamson Arch williamson George williamson Sarah williamson S.f. williamson Williamson & co. N. H. Willigas storekeeper James willimas or williams Walter willis digger Willmam - Mw. Willock Mw willock Geo. Willoughby Henry willoughby digger Henery willson Robt. Willson Thomas bardley wilmot George wilsdon H. B. Wilson Andre wilson Andrew wilson Charles wilson Enock wilson digger Geo. Wilson George wilson storekeeper George wilson digger George wilson storekeeper George fredk. Wilson digger Isaac wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson James wilson storekeeper Jno. Wilson John wilson John wilson John wilson digger Robert wilson digger Robt. Wilson Saml. J. Wilson digger Samuel wilson Tho wilson Tho. Wilson Thomas wilson Thomas wilson Thos. Wilson William wilson Wilson Wilson James wilson Henry wimmel Thomas windus - wines William winspers William winspers J. H. Winstone John winter James wintle carrier Morris wiseberg John wiseman Robert wiseman Samuel withecombe digger John wither George witheram Charles witherby Danl. Witlewis digger August wobul C. S. Wolff M. B. Wolland smith Wm. Wonson Wm. Wonson Charles wood George wood George r. Wood digger Henery wood J. Wood John wood John wood John wood John wood Joseph wood Richard wood Thos. Loftus wood Wm. Wood Joseph woodcroft Thomas woodfine J. S. Woodhouse J. S. Woodhouse John woodhouse James woodlock William woodr--- Rufus woodruff Henry woods Henry woods James woods no occ. Given John woods John woodward John woofe Loftus wooll W. Or m. B. Woolland W. B. Woolland blacksmith James woolock--- Arthur woolon - wright Alex wright Henery (sic) wright digger Henry wright Henry wright James wright James wright James wright John wright John wright John wright John wright digger William wright Wm. Wright digger Robert or john c. C. Wright Alan wright James wuthers John by his marksman wyatt digger John wybrands Charles wyne or wynd digger Geo. Wythe


Edward yandel or yanden Edward yandell Benjamin yanes storekeeper Thomas yarrall Frederick yates gold miner G. Yates W. Yates W. Yates Wm. Yellen Martin van york storekeeper H. Yorke Wm younes Frank young G. Young James young digger James william young John young John young John saml. Young Robert young Thos. Young Thos. E. Young - young John young Robert young Thomas Yuile William yule


Anbroney Zanone Wm. Zanpheir Wm. Zanpsiur Cepar Zeigler digger H. Zimmerman

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