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Wm. C. Scierker
Wm. C. Scierker
James scorder
James scorder
Charles scorer
Charles scorer  
Donald scott
Donald scott
Donald scott
Donald scott

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John sab

J. Or t. Sabley or sibley

W.E. Sasse, Peg Leg, digger

John Sage

J. Or i. D. Sagemuller Charles james sainington John sais John sais Andrew salberg or salbery

Edward Salmon

Edward salmon - sampson W. Sampson

M. Samuel, storekeeper

Jonas samuels digger Sam samut or samuel James sander Edwin sanderson Edwin sanderson W. Sandorff Richard sandors John l. Sannford

John Sansom

W. Sargeant B. Sargent - sarkes John sauegison gold miner

Fred Saunders

George saunders Samuel saunders Samuel saunders digger George saunders Richard saunders gold digger

William Sauser gold digger

James savage John savage Francis savage or lavsder

Frank E. Sawyer

Frank e. Sawyer

Thomas Sayle

Thomas sayner or fayner

Samuel Scales

Henry martyn scammell W. H. Scears

C. H. Schlatter

C. B. E. Schmidt Gold digger schmidt c. B. E. Jn. Gold digger schmitz Christian schneed John schultz

Christian Schulze

Friedrich Schulze

Chas Schulzen M.D. - See Charles Schulzen

Wm. C. Scierker James scorder Charles scorer Donald scott Donald scott James scott John scott John scott John scott Walter scott William scott John scullein John seagrove Samuel seales or scales nil Chas. Searle digger C. H. Seblatler Frederick sedgwick digger H. Sedley

H. T. Seers

Oscar Segerberg gold miner

Peter sekbatter Wm. Selff J. Selway Da. Semmens

John Semmens

John H. Semmens, Digger

Richard Semmens

Stephen Semmens, digger

Thomas Semmens

James S. Sequeira John serpell George serullon

Frederick Sewell

T.F.E. Seydel, M.D.

George Seymore

Robert seymour

James Shadbolt

Joseph Shadbolt

John shahan

Michael Shanahan

Thomas Shanahan

John Shane

William shannad John shannan John shannock Edmund A. Sharp, Gold Digger

D. Sharp Gold miner sharp. Edwd. O. Greivece shaw Alexander shaw Charles shaw

Francies Shaw

Cornelius Shea

Cornelius shea digger

John Shea

John shea digger Thomas shea Thomas shea George sheaner M. & a. Shears John sheath Wm. Shedd

John Sheedy

John this is a different signature from above sheedy John sheehan gold digger George sheepway George sheepway

Richard Shelton

Robert Shenatch

G. Shephard no occ. Given James shepherd James shepherd John shepherd John shepherd Thomas shepherd Hendon shepiard Richd. Wm. Sheppard

Sheridan Sheridan

Charles Shevies

John Sherwood

Edward shieds digger W. H. Shiles

George Sims, Gold Digger

Robert H. Sims Gold Digger

Will Sims, Gold Digger

John Shinnock, gold digger, Myers Flat

John shimpin digger George shipton

Wm C. Shirth - William C. Shirth

Charles shleiger Wright shonelto John shopshire John shopshire Thomas short

John Shorter

George shotten Wright shovelton John shrees John shrees Storekeeper shum & co. Daniel shurmur

William Shy

John Sibolding

John sibolding

J. Sibley

George Sibson

Charles siddall W. H. Siears G. Siestes G. H. Sightman

Paul Silver

William silvesta J. Sim & son James(esquire) sim

James Simm esq.

Joseph simmons digger Robt. Simmons digger

Simon S. Simmons

Thomas simmons William simms L. Simon L. Simon Or allison simon Thomas simon - John simondile Andrew simpise James simpn B. Simpson

George Simpson

[[James Simpson]]

James simpson Jno. Alfd. Simpson storekeeper N. - p. Simpson N. P. Simpson P. Simpson Samuel simpson

Thos. Simpson - See Thomas Simpson

W. Simpson

[[Lein Simpson ]]

G.W. Sims

George sims gold digger Thomas sims Thomas sims

A. Sinclair

Angus sinclair D. Sinclair George sinclair Lawrence sinclair George sinclar William sitches or titches F. Sitsare

[[George Skeaner ]]

William Skelhavan

George skelton Richard skelton Henry skewis James skewis James skewis William skilton J. Skimer William sky Mich slack T. Slater T. Slater

Thomas Sleep

Thomas sleep Robert slienahl John j. Sloan digger

[[W. W. Slocombe]]

J.Slocombe - William slone Wm. Slonie W. Slough digger Fred. L. Small George small John smart John smart John smart Joseph smart Rd. Smart Thomas smart William smart William smart Wm. Smart Peter smedley Jeo. Smeeton - smig or smith Laurence smit gold digger

Benjamin Carl Smith

F. F. Smith O. J. Smith T. Or j. H. Smith Walkin smith thomas Alexd. Smith gold digger Andrew smith

B. Smith

Charles Smith

Charles smith Charles smith Chas j. Smith D. Smith butcher Daniel smith David smith

E. Smith

E. Smith digger

F.F. Smith

G. Smith G. Smith G. Smith

Geo. Smith - George Smith (1)

George Smith

George smith

Henry Smith

Henry smith Henry smith Henry joseph smith

Hugh Smith

Hugh m.d. smith J. E. Smith J. R smith J. R. Smith

James Reid Smith

James smith James smith James smith James smith James smith James smith James smith gold digger James C.C. Smith Jas. Smith Jas. Smith John smith John smith John smith John smith John smith John smith John smith John smith John smith John smith digger John james smith Joseph smith Joseph smith Joseph smith d.d or g. Digger Major. Wm smith

Patk. Smith - See Patrick Smith

Peter Smith

R. Smith

Richard Smith (by his marksman)

Richard smith digger Robert smith Samuel smith Samuel smith

Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith, digger

Thos. S. Smith digger W. R. Smith W. S. Smith Walter smith Will smith William smith William smith William smith William smith William smith William smith digger William j. Smith William r. Smith Wm. C. Smith Wm. C. Smith Wm. T. Smith storekeeper S. Smith Jas. Smith Charles smithson Charles smolt P. Smyth P. Smyth Richard smyth

Seth Smyth, digger

Henry Smythe digger

James snatt do

Wm. Snell (See William Snell),gold digger, Peg Leg Gully

Gohlajo sniyder

F. G. Snooks Levi snow W. S. Snowdons gold digger Thomas somers - Marshall somes Arthur sonnerville Thomas south or southor Edwin southcombe Richard m.d. southern John (senior) southiard John jr.(junior) southiard Adolphus souzean

William Spargo

L.T. Sparrow

James speal Richd. Spear digger John speer John spellings

James Spence

Magnus Spence

William Reid Spence

H. Spencer

James spencer James spencer James spencer Wm. Spencer digger

Robert Sperole

Wm. Spicer

George Spink

James spinks John spirvey J. W. Spivey G. Splatt John spragg - spring Robert sprole Robert sprole Mathew spur Mathew spur

[[Henry Spurrier]], gold digger

James sruiry no occ. Given S. A. St. John Edward l. Stack or stark digger Huy stacker Th stacker John stafford

Henry Stagg

Robert stains

Herbert stanley

Willia Stanley

Henry stannard James stanton John starbridge (MAybe Stanbridge????)

Edward Stark, Digger

Jhon (sic) stead Edw. L. Sted Edward stedman

Fredk J.B. Steele - See Frederick J.B. Steele

Richd. Steele - Wm. Steele Wm. Steele

Henry Steinkoff

B. Stephen Albert stephens Anthony stephens John s. Stephens Richard stephens Richard stephens Sampson dy stephens Stephen stephens

William Stephens

William stephens digger S. - stephens Robert stergeon digger James sterle no occ. Given James sterling no occ. Given

Benj. S. Stevens - See Benjamin S. Stevens

David stevens Edward stevens James stevens James stevens gold digger John stevens John stevens Joseph stevens

Robert Stevens

Thomas stevens Tomas stevens gold digger Wm. Stevens James stevenson John stevenson

John Stevenson, gold digger

Peter Stevenson

Peter stevenson Thomas stevenson digger Wm. Stevenson I. B. Steward Alexander stewart Charles stewart

Francis Stewart

George stewart George stewart

James Stewart

John stewart

John F. Stewart

Malcolm stewart Phillip stewart W. C. Stewart J. H. Stewart James stewart

William Stewart

Robert stingter

J. Stokes

Stanley Stokes

B. Stone Jacob stone James stone gold digger

Robert Stone

Robt. Stone Escort strange William straton James strong James strong Alexander stuart C. B. Stuart

Henry Burton Stubbs, digger

John S. Stubbs digger

Jas. I. Stubbs - See James I. Stubbs

Moss or ross sturguen Ross sturguen James styles

H. Subritzky

T.L. Subritzky

M. Sullivan John sullivan

John Sullivan, storekeeper

Matthew sullivan Robert summers

C.A. Sutcliffe, digger

Wm. Sutcliffe

Samuel Sutere, digger

B.F. Sutherland

Charles t. Sutherland George sutherland James sutherland Wm. Sutherland

Henry Sutton

John Sutton

John Sutton

William Sutton

Alfred swan George swan Joseph swansear gold digger Benjamin swanson John sweeney James sweeny James sweeny

James Swenson

Phineas a. Swift

William Swinden

Thomas swords Thomas swords Allan swy---- Allan swym no occ. Given Edward sydem---

H. Symmons

Nicholas symonds Francis symons

John Symons

Joseph symons Richard symons Alfred symons or symonds Patrick symth John symth E. Szumrak