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Thomas rowling
Thomas rowling
James roy baker
James roy baker
Joseph roycroft digger
[[Joseph Roycroft]], digger
Charles roylands digger
Charles roylands digger
W. Royser
W. Royser
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[[David Russle]]
[[David Russle]]
Thos. W. Rutherford digger
Thos. W. Rutherford, digger - See [[Thomas W. Rutherford]]
Thos. W. Rutherford
Joseph rutter
Joseph rutter
Joseph rutter
Joseph rutter

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William rabbich William rabbich John rablin Wm. Rablin James radcliffe James radcliffe George radford gold digger James rae H. Rahillar or rahiltar David railly George railton John rainbone or rainbow John rainbow

Robt. Rainbow See Robert Rainbow

H. Rahiltar

Patrick raleigh digger J. H. Ralletty Andrew ralph

Josp Ramsay - see Joseph Ramsey

Ralph Ramsay

Ralph ramsay storekeeper William ramsay Charles randle P. Randlett

Thomas Rankin

William Rankin

William Rankin, digger

William samuel raten

James Ray

James ray

William Ray, licensed digger

John rayall or royall Charles raymond or raymend

J. Raynbird

R. Raynbird

H. Vaud Re

William rea James ken read John reading John ready James reardon

Charles Reasan

Joseph Rechid

Baird reddan gold digger George redfern William redfern

James Reed M.D.

John Reed

Joseph reed Joseph reed Richard reed Thomas reed digger William reed Carl reeder

Patt Reedy

Patt this is different handwriting from same name above reedy John rees Thomas rees John rees or kees Charles reese P. Reeve

Thomas Reeves

Thomas reeves William reeves William reeves David regan David regan John rehof H. Reichmidliber Alexander reid George reid digger James reid James reid James reid

John Reid

Richd. Reid

Dan Reid digger

Patt Reidy

[[John Reiley]]

Bn Reilly digger

James reilly licensed digger

B. Reilly

John Renfrew

George rendall Michael rennay Joseph rennecf Thomas rennick peg leg digger Thomas rennick Fred. Renoir Fred. Renou Robert renton Robert renton Samuel reve W. Revell gold miner William reves Joseph reye--- Charles j. Reynell

John Reynolds

George Rhind, digger

Edwd. Rhodes

A. Rich

A.K. Rich

L. Rich

Thomas Rich

F. Richard

Benjamin Richards

Charles P. Richards, gold digger

Charles Richards

Edwin richards Geo. Richards James richards James richards

John Richards

John richards John richards digger

Joseph Richards

Joseph richards digger Joseph richards digger

M.M. Richards, digger

Richard richards Robt. Richards licensed digger W. E. Richards Will. Richards William richards William richards G. Richards digger Charles richardson Charles richardson digger

J. Richardson

M. Richardson M. Richardson Samuel richardson Thos. Richardson Thos. Richardson William richardson G. F. Richardsson Abel rickaby Hugh riddel J. Ridgway butcher

B. Reily

James rieley

W.B. Rielly

Benjm. I. Or j. Rieshton James rieth Jno. Or jas. Or flo. Riley

Fred a. Riley- See Frederick A. Riley

Geo. Riley, storekeeper

George riley digger

Hiram Riley

[[J.G. Riley]], digger

John riley digger Thomas riley George w. Ring Isaac g. Ring John ring Joseph ring William ring John ring or king James riordan

James Riordan

John Riordon

John Riordon

Live ritch

Donald M. Ritchie

Robert Ritchie

Tho Ritchie - See Thomas Ritchie

William Ritchie

J. D. Riter ritter & lobeck Henry riu Andrew riures

William John Rivers, digger

Paul roach Rob ross & co - robard Chas. Robarts William a. Robarts C. H. D. Robbs James robe--- John robe--- William robenson William roberson D. Robert John robert John robertbell E. Roberts J. Or t. Roberts M. Roberts Charles roberts Edward roberts Henry roberts J. C. Roberts

James Roberts, storekeeper

Jno. Roberts -

John Robert (1)

John Roberts

John h. Roberts

Robert Roberts

Samuel Roberts

Thomas roberts Thomas roberts William roberts William roberts William roberts William roberts Wm. Roberts Wm. Roberts D. Robertson D. Robertson

David Robertson digger

George robertson J. Robertson James robertson James robertson James w. Robertson

John Robertson

John robertson John robertson John robertson John robertson mates digger Robert robey Robert robey

A. Robinson

William robinsion D. W. Robinson

J. Robinson

S. Robinson A. Robinson gold digger peg leg gully Frank robinson Geo. Robinson J. C. Robinson J. C. Robinson James robinson James c. Robinson John robinson digger M. S. Or l. Robinson W. Robinson

George Robson

John robson Thomas robson August rocen John roche Samuel roche John rochester John rodda gold digger

John Rodgers

Wm. B. Roebuck - William B. Roebuck

Ralf roers digger

Henry Roff

John Roff

A. Rogers Alexander rogers J. Rogers James rogers Jas. Rogers R. Rogers

Robert John Rogers

W. Rogers

Wm. C. Rogers A. Rogers Thomas roid James role R. Roley

[[James Rolfe]]

John rolfe John rolfe

V. Romeo

Andrew ron or kon gold digger Le raymond ronbequex John g. Rooke Frederick rool (by his marksman) Frederick rool by his marksman

Michael Rooney

Tos roscow Peter roscrow digger

Wm Rose - See [[William Rose]]

Robert ross boot & shoe melbourne Wm. Ross miner

David Ross

M. Or w. Ross Richard ross Robert ross

[[Simon Ross]]

Simon ross Thomas ross

William Ross, digger

William senior ross Wm. Junior ross C. S. Ross digger A. Ross or rogers George rossiter

W. Roster, digger

Henry rosuorr Robt. Rothergill

Alfred S. Rothsay

Robert rothwell robson Richard a. Rothwill

Raymond Roubequex

David roughin David roughin Het s. Rouse

Edward Routledge digger

Sanford B. Routledge

Thomas Rowbottom

Robert rowbuck

Frances Rowe

G. Rowe

George Rowe

Henry Rowe

Thos. Rowe - See Thomas Rowe

William Rowe

Frances rowe or reece

William Rowell

Jos. Jas rower George rowland James rowland digger William rowland William rowland Robert rowlands Henry rowlin Thomas rowling James roy baker

Joseph Roycroft, digger

Charles roylands digger W. Royser Fred rudd digger Peter ruffley J. Rugby

William Rumble

William rundle

James Runnegar

Jonas Rupele

Jno c. Rusel digger

[[John Rusell]]

David rush G. H. Russel Wm. Russel Charles j. W. Russell

George Russell

George basil russell James russell James russell James russell Davey russell John russell

[[David Russle]]

Thos. W. Rutherford, digger - See Thomas W. Rutherford

Joseph rutter Joseph rutter Bernard ryan Henry ryan James ryan John ryan John ryan M. H. Ryan licensed digger Patk. Ryan Patrick ryan

Robt Ryan - Robert Ryan

William ryan licensed digger Chas. Ryan storekeeper Henry ryan Henry ryan or ryans

Edward Ryder

Charles Rylands