1853 Petition Signatures - Q

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Bendigo Goldfields Petition Cover, August 1853. State Library of Victoria (MS 12440)

John W. Quain

John Quale

Benedict Quick

Edwd Quigley - Edward Quigley

Edwd. Quigley Jnr - Edward Quigley Jnr

James Quigley

Jas. Quigley Jnr - See James Quigley Jnr

John Quigley

Wm. Quigley - See William Quigley

John Quin, gold miner

Mark Quin

Patrick J. Quin


Henry Quine

Mortimer Quinn

Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn

William Quinn

William Quinn

James Quinton

James Quinton(2)

D. Quirk

John Quirk