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Bendigo Goldfields Petition Cover, August 1853. State Library of Victoria (MS 12440)

Joseph Macalister

James C. Macarthur

John Macauley

Robert MacCarthy

John MacClarence


Dr MacDonald

John MacDonald, digger

William MacDonald, digger mates

John MacDougall

T. G. Macenery See also McHenry

James Macenery

G. MacIntosh

George MacIntosh

C. Mack, digger

Richard John Mack, surgeon

Michael Mack

Stephen Mack

Alexander Mackay

Alexander Mackdonald, digger See Alexander MacDonald

Alfred Mackeith or Markaith

James Mackenth

David MacKenzie

David Mackay

Michael Macknamara

Michael Macknamara

E. Macpaveten

Walter Macqueen

Walter Macqueen, digger

N. W. B. Macrossan

Mich H. Madden See Michael H. Madden

Robert Madden

George Madder

John Maddern

Will maddoms

Thomas Maden

Robert Maetab

I or j. D. Maetens

W. Maggs

James Magin

Thomas Maguire

William Mahaley

Michal Maher gold digger

Thomas Maherr See Thomas Maher

Michl. Mahon, digger See Michael Mahon

Matthew Mail

Andrew Mailer

John Mailer

Alexander Main

George Thomas Main

Joseph Main

Edward Maine

James B. Mainwaring

David Mair

Jas. Maitland See James Maitland

John Maitland

Charles Malby

John M. Malcorn

Henry Mallatt

Dennis Malloney digger

James Mally

Martin Maloney

Wm. Malony or falony - See William Malony

W. J. Malpas

James Malthouse digger

Thomas Mandy, digger

John Manery

I. Manley

Edward Mann

William Mann

Hy. Manning - Henry Manning

John Mannix

James Mantell

H. W. Manuell

Thom Map See Thomas Map

Peter Mar or Mars or Marr See Peter Maher

James Marcel

Hearde March

Mathew March

Thomas March

A. E. Marius

Dane. Marley See Daniel Marley

John M. Marlin

P. Marlone

Torrens Marney or Harris


H or W Harriot or Marriot

Thomas Marsh

Henry Marsh

W. E. Marsh

Charles Marshal

Jno Marshall - John Marshall

Tho. Marshall - Thomas Marshall

David Marshall, storekeeper

George Marshall

John Marshall

John Park Marshall

Richard Marshall

Tho. Marshall See Thomas Marshall

William Marshall, gold digger

W. Marslin

- Marsland, digger

W. Marslin

Francis Martell

Richard Martell

B. Marten

Frederick Marten

B. Martin

B. Martin(2)

Edwd. Martin - See Edward Martin

George Martin

George Martin(2)

John Martin

H. Martin

Henry Martin

Henry G. or S. Martin

J. A. Martin

James Martin

John Martin, Digger, Peg Leg

Louis Martin

Paul Martin

Richard Martin

Thompson Martin

Thos A.R.U. Martin See Thomas A.R.U. Martin

William Martin

H. Martin or Martins

S. Martugs

Hald. C. Mason See Harold C. Mason

Edward Mason

George Mason digger

Robert Mason

William Mason

William Mason(2)

Richard Masson see Richard Musson

H. W. Masters

Henry B. Masters charcoal coal contractor

Hugh Masters digger

Thos. Masters - Thomas Masters

Charles Masterson

James Masterton

George Mateer, digger

T. Mater

John Mates

Collin Mather digger

George Mather

Alexn. Mathers See Alexander Mathers

Donald Matheson

A. Matheson

Charles Mathews

James Mathews

James Mathie

John Mathieson


Stephen Mattews See Stephen Matthews

John Matthew

G. W. Matthews

John Matthews

William Matthews

Henry Matz blacksmith

Thomas Maudy or mandy digger

J. Maunder

Benjamin Mawson

Thos. Maxene, digger - See Thomas Maxene

Thomas Maxwell licensed digger

John May

Samuel May

T. A. I. Or j. May

Henry Mayer, gold digger

William Mayer or magee

Henry F. Mayers digger

Alfred Maynard

Henry Mayor

Samuel Mays

Robt. McAlister - See Robert McAlister

Patk. Mcardle - See Patrick McArdle

James McArthur

Patrick McAuber

Donald McAuley

John McAwith

Peter McBarcoe

John McBride

Peter McBride

James McCallam

Robert D. McCallum

James McCarron

John McCannon

P. McCarthy

P. S. McCarty

Patrick McCarty

G. McCaw, Digger

John McCelleand see John McCullum

William McCharles

John McClure

John McCliver

A. McCluny

Thomas McConnell

Thomas McConnell

Thomas McCormack

F. McCormick

Carlebach J. McCormick

James McCormick

Robert McCormick

Robert McCormick

William McCormick

Dennis McCourt

John McCraw, Gold Digger

George McCoy

Ths McCrett - See Thomas McCrett

Andw. Mccrindle - See Andrew McCrindle

Barn Mccu - See Barnaby McCue

M. G. McCullough

Michael McDermett

Alexander McDonald

Angus McDonald

Edward McDonneld - See Edward McDonald

Geo McDonald - See George McDonald

J. McDonald

James McDonald

James McDonald (2) digger

John McDonald

I.W. McDonald

Kenneth McDonald

Thomas McDonnell

Rich McDonnell, digger - See Richard McDonnell

Wm. Mcdonnell digger - See William McDonnell

Arch McDougal - See Archibald McDougal

Colin McDougall

Hugh McDowell

Hugh McDowell(2)

Edward McElroy

W. J. McEwan

James McEwen

W. McEwen

William McEwen (2)

William McEwen, surgeon

John McFadyean

Angus McFadyen

John McFadyen

John McFarlan

Robert McFarland

Thomas McFarland

A. M. Mcfarlin - See A.M. McFarland

Daniel mcfdlgplin

John McGanett

Pat McGarry

Andrew McGavin

Archibald McGee

Hugh McGinniss, digger

James McGinnes

Thomas McGinnis storekeeper

Robert McGonagal

David McGrady digger

Hugh McGrath, digger

Thos Mcgrath - See Thomas McGrath

Andrew McGregor

Peter McGregor

Peter McGregor

J. McGuines storekeeper

Felix McGuire

William McHane

P. McInnering

Alex McIntosh

James McInnes

John McIntosh

Neil McIntyre

Neil McIntyre (2)

Edward McIvett

James McJames

Alex. Mckahel

Donald McKay

L. McKay

Alexander McKay

John Mckeen or mcreen

Duncan McKelvie

Donald McKenzie

James McKenzie

[[John McKenzie]]

Neil McKenzie

John McKenzie

Chas. Mckevar - See Charles McIvor

Angus McKinnon

Hugh McKinstery

Allan McLachlan

Allan McLachlan (2)

Hugh McLachlan

Hugh McLachlan (2)

Roderick McLan

James B. McLane

N. McLean

John McLean

M. W. McLean

M. W. Mclean (2)

Roderick McLean

William McLean

G. Mclean or mcleaw digger

James McLeish

John McLeish digger

Andw. Mclellan - See Andrew McClellan

Archd. Mclellan - See Archibald McClellan

Hugh McLelland butcher

David McLennan

Donald A. McLennan digger

Donald McLennan

Norman McLeod

William F. McLosky

John Mclure - See John McClure

Daniel McMahon

John McMahon surgeon

Michl. Mcmahon - See Michael McMahon

Duncan McMillan

John McMillan

James McMullin

W. McNairn

Denis McNamara

Michael McNamara

Thos Mcnamara - See Thomas McNamara

Alex McNaughton

James McNaughton gold digger

Angus McNiece, digger

A. McNeish

Alexander McKilbar, digger

Alexander McNiel

Robt McNill - Robert McNill

Donald McPherson

George McPherson

John McPherson, digger

Angus McPiel

Angus Mcpiell or Mcpieel, digger

Samuel McQueenil

Norman McRae

Thomas McSorley

Thomas McTaggart

Henry McVane

Daniel McVary

Rob McWilliam

Thos. Meacham - See Thomas Meacham

William Meader digger

Martin Meaney

Philip Measam gold digger

James Meath

William Meath

William Meaton, Storekeeper

John Mebbatt

Peter J. Medley or smedley

Henry Medway

Ths. Meeret - See Thomas Meeret

Angel Megus

John Melliey or Nulliey, digger

George Mellor

Thos. Mellor - See Thomas Mellor

Alexr Melville - Alexander Melville

Geo. S. Melville - See George S. Melville

Ricardo Memrabato

Hugh Menus

Archd Menzies - Archibald Menzies

James Mercer

John Mercer

Robt. Mercer - See Robert Mercer

John Mercer

John Merchant

John Meredith

John H. Meredith

George Meret

D.J.A. Merington - Daniel Merington

Edward Merredith

Brittain Merrell, gold digger

Richard Merrett

Robt. Merrett - See Robert Merrett

Guilam Merson

Patrick Merten

William Merton store keeper

William Merton (2)

Taboort Merynord

Henry Messin

John Meughian

Georg Meunhan

Angel Meyers

Francis Meyer

William Meyer

John Meze

John Meze (2)

Patrick miaa

Alexr. Miawatt

Jeremiah Micecef

David Michael

George E. Michell

Arthur H. Middleton Store keeper

George Middleton

James Middleton, digger

John Middleton

Johnson Middleton

Joseph Middleton

Thomas Middleton

William Middleton, licensed digger

William Middleton 2 gold digger

Charles Midwood

Francis Mien or Uren or Nun, digger

Mark Miggel, digger

James Michelson

George Miles

Henry G. Miles

G. Mill

Henry Mill sldy digger

G. Millar or Millan, digger

James Millane

Gavin Millar

Thos. Millard - See Thomas Millard

William Mille

John Miller

A.B. Miller, storekeeper

Alex Miller

Alexander Miller

Christian Miller, gold miner

Dan Miller

G. Miller

George Miller

George Miller, digger

Hugh Miller, digger

J. Miller

James Miller

John Miller

Peter Miller

Robert Clarke Miller

Thomas Miller, digger

William Miller

Charles Millieny

John Wm. Mills - SeeJohn William Mills

David Mills digger

John Mills

Thomas Mills

William Mills, digger

George Millson digger

A. Jnr Milne

William Milne

George Milten

Daniel Minahan

Michl. Minahan See Michael Minahan

Gerdi Minanlooioulf

Thomas Miners

James Minnie


John Miper gold digger

R. Mirow

C. Mitchel

James Mitchel

William Mitchel

Alexander Mitchell s.o.

Alexr Mitchell

David Mitchell

George Mitchell digger

Henry Mitchell carrier

Hugh Mitchell

James Temple Mitchell

John Mitchell

John L. Mitchell

Joseph Mitchell

Lauchland Mitchell digger

R. Mitchell

Thomas Mitchell

W. Mitchell

James Mitchelson

James Mitchelson

Edmund Mitson

Henry Mitton

George Moddleton

William Moett

Saml. Moffatt - See Samuel Moffatt

Mosleyn Moilen, gold digger

James Moilin or morlin

William Molin

A.W. Möller

J. Mollineaux

Charles Mollis

Hugh Molloy

Hugh Molloy(2)

Patk. Mona - See Patrick Mona

Henry Monday

George Monk

James Monk

W. Monk

Alfred Monkhouse gold digger

James Monks storekeeper

John Monks

James Monro or manre

Peter Crawford Monsell

[[John Montgomery

A. Montieth

Wm. Montrose, digger - See William Montrose

D. Moodie

Benjamin Moody

Matthew Mooggen

S. G. Moore, storekeeper

John H. Moon

Patrick Mooney

- Moore

Benjamin(junior) Moore

G. Moore

John Moore

Robert Moore

S. K. Moore

Saml. W. Moore - See Samuel W. Moore

W Moore

William Moore

Wm. Hy. Moore - See William Henry Moore

Edward Moore

James Moran, Gold Digger, Sailor's Gully

John Moran, digger

Henry Moran

John Moreson

M. I. J. Morgan

W. B. Morgan

Frederick Morgan gold digger

M.J. Morgan

Robert Morgan

Robt Morgan - See Robert Morgan (2)

Thomas Morgan

William Morgan(2)

William Morgan, gold digger

William H. Morgan

James Morlin

John Morissay

Michael Morrisey, Digger

Charles Morleorre

George morntery

James Morony

Bernard Morris

Charles S. Morris

Henry Morris

John D. Morris

John B. Morris digger

Joseph Bernard Morris

Lewis Morris

Robt. S. Morris digger - See Robert S. Morris

Wm. Morris - See William Morris

Wm. B. Morris - See William B. Morris

John Morrisen

Michael Morrisen digger

Charles Morrison

Francis morrison

James Morrison

Joseph Morrison

Michael Morrison digger

Hugh Morrow

Edward Morton

J. C. Morton

Howard Morton

Morton Co., Storekeepers, Bendigo

Mos Marks & Co. - See Moses Marks

Henry Moscrop digger

Eben Moses, digger

G. Moss digger

Gilbert Moulder

John Mount

W.B. Mountfield

John Mowat

William Mowat

William Moxey

James Moyes

James Moylan

Stephen Moyle

William Moyle or Mayle or Nagle

H. Muchall

Geo. Augustus Muehler, storekeeper - See George Augustus Muehler

Andrew Muir, digger

B. Muir

George Muir,shoemaker

James Muir

O.J.B. Muir

John Muirhead

Cornelius Mulcahy

Th. Muller

Wilhelm Muller

- Muller

H. O. Müller

Joha Müller digger

Nikolas Müller

James Mulleton

Edwd. Mullett digger - See Edward Mullett

Thomas Mullicott

George Mulrene or mulane

T. Munay

Thomas Munay digger

Joseph Munden

David Mundy

John Mundy

J. Muntin

William Munyard

Edwd. Muracase

Hy. Murachybt

Kernard Murate

- Muray digger

Fredke Murch - See Frederick Murch

Alexr. Murchie - See Alexander Murchie


G. Murdoch auctioneer

John Murdoch

P. Murdoch

James murnan or murnare

Edwd Murnane - See Edward Murnane

Charles Murphy

Edward Murphy

Jas. Murphy - See James Murphy digger

Jeremiah Murphy

John Murphy

John Murphy (2)

Joseph Murphy

Martin Murphy

Patrick Murphy (2)

Patt Murphy - See Patrick Murphy

Richard Murphy

Timothy Murphy

Wm. Murphy - See William Murphy

Wm. Murphy (2)

Alexr Murray - See Alexander Murray

Henry Murray miner

Daniel Murray

David Murray

Patrick Murray

Thomas Murray

W. Murray

William Murray

John Murray

Samid Murt storekeeper

J.C. Musgrave

J. Musker

Thomas Mussell

Edward Musselwhite

Richard Musson

Henry Myers

R. Myers

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