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Ambrose harris digger
Ambrose harris digger
Benj. Harris
Benj. Harris
Charles harris
Charles harris
Chas H. Harris - See [[Charles Harris]]
George harris
George harris
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H. Harris
H. Harris
Henery harris
Henery harris
Henry harris digger
[[Henry Harris]], digger
[[J. Harris]]
[[J. Harris]]

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James Haberlin

John hacas John hack Wilhelm hacker Henry stewart hadfield Philip H. Haering digger William hagarty Francis hagemann David haggarty Thomas haigh J. K. Haight J. R. Haight or caight Thomas hain Nicholas haines baker Hakaria one word only John halcrawe Geo. Hale John hale digger S. Hale

Thomas Halfpenny

William halirson Thomas m. Halkin Thom or john hall James hall Christopher hall H. O. Hall Henry hall James hall

James Henry Hall

Joseph hall Sammuel hall Thomas hall William hall William hall

Henry S. Haller digger

John c. Hallett John halley John hallier John b. Halls William haltora or halfora

David Hamilton

J. Hamilton digger William hamilton Wm. Hamilton Saml. Hamilton T. Hamilton Thomas hamilton digger Daniel hamilton David hamilton

Fredrick Hamilton

H. W. Hamilton John hamilton T. - hamilton Saml hammarsmed Carl hampsole Robert hampton E. Hams C. Hams F. C. Hamson John hamson John a. Hamson Jorge hanan digger Gorge hanan John hanan Thomas hanbrook C. L. G. Hancke George hancock

John Hancock

Robert hancock William hancock William hancock John hancox Henry hands gold digger

John S. Hanley digger

Henry b. Hannan James hannan William hanrahan Robert hanvista Andrew happ Charly happ James har--- Iraison harbeck Johannes harbeck P. Harbety

Samuel Harbour

Geo. Hard or hand John hardeman John hardeman - James harden John hardiman Thomas hardiman Thomas harding

[[William Hardinge]]

Joseph hardy John hargan I. Hariss

G. Harlay

James Harley

P. Harms

John Harney

Richard harney Wm. Harney John harny or harvy Thomas harold Charles harper Charles harpur James harren or hasren Alan finlay harris digger I. Or j. Harris Ambrose harris digger Benj. Harris Charles harris

Chas H. Harris - See Charles Harris

George harris

Godfrey Harris

H. Harris Henery harris

Henry Harris, digger

J. Harris

John harris John harris Jonathon harris Jonathon harris Joseph harris Samuel harris Samuel harris Samuel harris Thomas harris W. E. Harris

Walker Harris

William Harris

William harris L. Harrison digger Robt. Harrison Thos. Harrison - Wm. H. Harrison digger William harriss William harriss John harry digger William harry

Benjamin Hart

Charles Hart

James Hart

John t. Or c. Hart

Joseph Hart

Amos Hart

Benjamin Hart

Robt. Hart See Robert Hart

Dennis harte Fred. Hartley W. R. Harton surgeon James harv-- James harvey digger - harvey A. C. Harvey Charles john harvey storekeeper Edwin harvey digger George harvey digger Harry lester harvey Henry harvey Henry harvey Henry harvey Hugh harvey James harvey John harvey John harvey Nichl. Harvey Robert harvey

W.T. Harvey

William harvey William harvey William harvey Willm. Harvey Thomas haskey James haslings digger

Robt. Hastie See Robert Hastie

Topp hathaway Thomas hatherston James hatton by his marksman James haverlin Henry hawbinson Henry hawdon Nathaniel hawke miner

William Hawke, miner

Frederick Hawkins, his mark

George Hawkins

James hawkins J. H. Hawley C. G. Hawley Charles hawley

A. Hay

James hay James hay W. F. Hay James haycock William hayden Thos. Junior haydon John hayes Mortimer hayes Wm. Hayes J. Haynbird John haynes Thomas haynes digger Edwin b. Hayres or haynes Stephen hayter W. Haytor William hayward R. J. Hazard Robt. Headley Robt. Headley Geo. Healy E. Healy John hean William hear Edwd. John arthur hearait or fearact William hearney digger Chas. H. Hearns digger James heason Charles heath Henry heath James heath digger William heath

John Heaton

Wm. Heatson James hebron or helson John hedy Dennis heenan licensed digger - heese James heffy no occ. Now Charles heine Charles heine - heleler or keleher - helera George helfas

I. Hembourn

Edmund hemstey Jamie henard digger M. S. Henderson digger Neal henderson Richard henderson Alex. Henderson

Arthur Henderson, gold miner

Duncan henderson Duncan henderson Fredk. Cook Henderson, digger - See Frederick Cook Henderson

John Henderson

John Henderson

John henderson digger Peter henderson

Robert Henderson digger

John hendry Robert hendy digger William henery digger - henlessy James henley James henning B. Henning Carl henning William henrey I. Henrick

Carlos Henriequer digger

F. Henry F. Henry no occ. Given William henry Graham henry Haine henry

Philip Hensam

Robt. Henshaw - See Robert Henshaw

Edmund hensley Thos henson William henson John hentio

James Herbert

Samuel Herbert

Runard herd nil James herd Thos. Herd

T.A. Herdogen or I. Andr Herdegen

William heries Edward j. Hermenshorn digger William heron Bath. Herring Johny herring Johny herring William herriot Fred. Herthey Patk hervy Froadrirn hetjohanlith John heusel Ch. Heussler Hugh hevey Charles hewlet digger R. Hewlett

William Heyes

[[Emanuel Hibberd]] digger

Henry hibbons Jas hickery Jas. Hickery Mathew hickey W. Hickey Patrick hickey

F. Hickey

James george hickey digger Michael hickey gold digger Wm. Hicks William higans Edw. Higeinas Daniel higgins James higgins James higgins James higgins M. Higgins Thomas higgins V. Highland no. Occ. Given T. Highland F. W. Hilder butcher F. Wiilliam hilder butcher John james hilder butcher George hiley August hill Charles hill Charles hill Fred hill Fred. Hill George hill George hill Godfrey hill Godfrey hill Goge hill Hiram hill James hill Richard hill Robt. Hill Thos. Hill Thos. Hill W. E. Hill eaglehawk gully Wm. Hill James hilleycombe digger John hillier G. Hillson W. Hind H. J. Hinks

Alexander Himter

Isaac or james hipwell

W. Hirk

Wietor hirsnift Douglas hislop William hitchcock Frank hitherleye Edward hobbhouse Herbert hobbs

Thomas Hobin

Alexr. Hobson Alexr. Hobson

Robert Hocks

John hodge gold digger Samuel hodgkins

George Hodgson digger

James hodgson

Josh. Hodgson James h. Hoey Martin b. Hoff gold digger Henry hoffman James hogan Patrick hogan

Henry Hogarth

William Holan or hoban, miner

George holbrick Henry holden J. Holden James holder

Stephen Holgate

T. Hollandy Dewey hollis Thomas hollis Hy. Holman John holman John holmer W. Or gg holmes storekeeper Chas. Holmes Chas. Holmes no more occs. Edward holmes George holmes John holmes by his marksman Joseph holmes Richard holmes Samuel holmes Samuel tuxon holmes Alexander holson

Wm. Hy. Holt See William Holt

Edward holton Carl holy Carl holy Jas. Holyman

Henry Holyoake, Reporter

H.T. Holyoake

Samuel c. Holywell digger William homan no occ. Given Wm. Homden W. Honan or hanan

G. Honeybone

Jacob honeychurch Jacob honezeh George hood Jo. Hood Fredick hook Robert hooks William hoop--- Edward g. Hooper James hooper

Francis Hope

G. Hopkind Charles f. Hopkins Charles f. Hopkins Chas. B. Hopkins Thomas hopkins Thomas hopkins Wm. Hopkins Wm. Hopkins

James Hopper

Thomas Hopwood

James horan gold digger sailor's gully John horgan Jakmet horgan storekeeper Thomas horiaan James horley Edmund horn D. T. Horne Dy. Horne John horrie Samuel horton Wm. Hory John hosking digger Mark t. Hosking Daniel hougton digger Emanuel hounslow Ezekiel hounslow George hounslow

Benj. Houston digger - Benjamin Houston

Campbell houston J. Hovert Robert howard Robert howard James howcutt John howe John howe J. Howell Daniel howell Daniel howell David howell John howell baker Thomas howells Thomas howells

George Howie

Herbert hrench

Frederick hudson George hudson Saml. Hudson digger

Samuel Hudson

S. L. Hugdon Michell huggett Samuel huggisan G. B. Huggons David hughes J. H. Hughes John hughes

S. Hughes

Thomas hughes digger Thomas hughes digger William hughes digger John hughs William hull

Peter Hume

M. Humffreys Esq

Wm. Hummel Geo. J. Humphrey although not a subject of her gracious majesty but a gold digger from america would add his prayer to this petition Richard humphrey digger

John Humphreys

John c. Senr. Humphreys digger John junr. Humphreys digger George humphris George humphrs James hunt Charles hunt Charles hunt Samuel hunt Alexr. Hunter David hunter digger

William Hunter

James huntley James huntley John huntley George hurditch Joseph hurley Charles hurst George hurst digger G. Husditch Samuel husson Samuel husson or kusson John hutchens N. R. Hutchins

Wm. Hutchins - William Hutchins

James hutchinson digger John hutchinson Alexander hutton And. Hutton digger John hux butcher John f. Hux butcher Isac hyams digger Henenry (sic) hyde Thomas hyde Wm. Hyde

Mauritz Hyden, gold miner

Thomas hyder Thomas hyder James hyham

Isaac Hynes

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