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P. Costello
P. Costello
John cottrell
John cottrell
J. Coulthard
J. Coulthard
Joseph couper
[[Joseph Couper]]
Willm Courrier- See [[William COurrier]]
Willm Courrier- See [[William COurrier]]

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Benj Cabe digger

James Cable

George Cade digger

George Cadle

Charles Cage

John cage

Anthony Cahill

Denis cahill Hugh john cahill John cain M. caine digger James cairnveiw Chas. Cakley

James Calder

William Caldwell

William caldwell William caldwell Denis callaghn Denis callaghn

John Callen, digger

William a. Calrow Robert calso Robert calso

William Calvert

Jas. Calvert Jnr, digger - James Calvert Jnr

J. Camell A. Cameron no occ. Given Peter cameron storekeeper Augus cameron David cameron David cameron Duncan Cameron

Hugh Cameron

Ja. Cameron

John Cameron gold miner

John C. Cameron

Keneth (sic) cameron

James Camnel

Duncan campbell Mc. Campbell Allan c. Campbell Angus Campbell, digger Chas campbell digger D. S. Campbell D. S. Campbell Duncan campbell Finlay campbell

George Campbell

Henry Campbell, Digger

Harry Campbell, digger

Jas. Campbell

John Campbell

John campbell digger M. C. Campbell

Stewart Campbell

Thos. Campbell - See Thomas Campbell

W. Campbell

William Campbell

Wm campbell Wm. Campbell Edward douglas camron or caneron

William Cand

A. Canderikin James cann

John Cann

William cann Henry canning

William Canning

Thomas douglas cannon Andrew cant

George Cant

Griffin Cant

Wm. Capers Jas. Capey Henry carbis Henry carbis Josiah carby William card Thomas carew William cargill A. E. Carier John carlgan J. P. carlin boot maker

Hes H. Carlton digger

Henry carlyon John carmac or larmae John carmac Archibald carmaghin

D. Carmichael

David Carmichael

Daniel Carmody

David Carmody

John carmody John carmody James carne or carice or carrie digger Thomas carney gold digger G. Carnsworth

Josh Carrathurs - or Joseph Carrarthurs

John carr Francis carr James carr James carr John carr

Richard Carr

John carrison Thomas carro--- Peter carrol G. H. Ludlow carroll John d. Or l. Norton carroll John l. Norton carroll

Michael Carroll

William N. Carroll, digger

Jos. H. Carruthers Jas. Carruthers

Thomas Carruthers

James carson digger William w. Carson gold digger William cart Benjamin carter Chas carter John Benjamin Carter Benjamin carter smith Clement carter digger

George Carter

John carter William carter William carter William carter digger

Jacarah Carthris digger

John cartleWilhss John cartlis Thomas cartwright

William Cartwright, waiter coffee house

John carty John carty Martin carwin gold digger

William Cary, digger

Casaubon H. W. Case James casey James casey John casey Thos. Casey Jame cash J. Mc. Cash William casidey Chas. Cater digger John cathie A. catins digger David catoms digger Thos. H. Caughlin James cauie James cavanagh Owen cavanagh Cave & amos Cave william Joseph cawen Edward cayton John ceal or oal George cefburn gold digger Isaac cenwan Joseph ceroth or peroth Ben chada Ben chadd Joseph Chadwick, storekeeper Geo. Chaffey Thomas chaffey licensed digger N. Chaillett W. J. Chalkley James challis James challis George chalmers gold digger Robt. H. Chamber or chambre Jon chamberlain Robt. Chamberlain Robt. H. Chambre R. Chamten or chambers George chandler Edward chantry Newton chaplin Thomas chaplin

Benjamin Chapman

Edward chapman George chapman George chapman Jacob chapman digger James chapman digger John chapman John chapman

Peter Chapman

Philip chapman Richd. Chapman Robert chapman Robert chapman A. B. Charles Tarry charles Francis charles James charles Thomas charlton Thomas charlton T. Charmichael

Chas C. Chase digger

[[Dun. W. Chasloch

Samuel Chaler, digger

Charles chefrells

John Chellew, miner

John chellew miner Bengam chester Thos. Chester Thos. Chester

Joseph Chesterman

George chewett or prescott

[[George chisholm]], digger

Malc- chishome Malcolm chishome John chissell Js. Chiswell Jas. Chiswell -. Chohwill

C. Choquette

Cyril Christian

Rufus christmas

George Chubb

M. K. Church Giles chusork Podger claire Allen clapp

Alexander Clapperton digger

Henry clara or clare George a. Clare Henry clare W. Clare Wm. Clarham

Abraham Claridge

Thos. Clark Jno clark digger N. Clark digger

Alexr. Clark - Alexander Clark

Charles clark

George Clark

George clark

Henry Clark

James clark James clark John clark John clark Joseph clark Walter clark William a. Clark George wilkins clarke George wilkins clarke Henry clarke James clarke Peter clarke Samuel clarke

T. Clarke

Warwick clarke digger William clarke W. H. Clarne John clarren

Henry Clay

John clayton John cleailey or clearley Joseph clear

M. Cleary

John cleaton George cleaver John cleaver

Thomas Clegg

J. Bw clements Augustus cleveland John clifeton gold digger John clift D. Clifton Maxw. Clifton Thos. Jno. Clifton James climer Allan clink Allan clink Augustin clliat William renton cluterson storekeeper - coad digger Charles coad Frances coad John coall Joseph p. Coast John coats Donal cochran Donald cochran John cock R. S. Cock or cook Philip cocking digger John coffs Alfred coglan store keeper H. B. Cohen H. B. Cohen John cohen Jno. Cohen or cahir digger John cohiape Alfred j. Cohn J. P. Colahan

Silas Cole

Ben Cole

Richard cole

John Colebrooke

E. Coleman John coleman

James Colemen

Charles coles gold digger James coles gold digger Wm. Coley Bengamin collade W. Collern Bengeman collin or collase

A. Collins

Evan collins Henry collins Alf. Ger. Collins Daniel collins J. Collins

James Collins

James collins John jas. Collins Joseph collins W. B. Collins or collens Robt. B. Collyns

Patt Colman

Thomas Colpinan, digger

William comary J. M. Comaty Thomas comer Michael comport H. G. Comstock Jame conby Jame conby Michl. Concannon Charles conell Thomas coney J. Congreve gold digger

[[John connelly]], gold digger

Alfred Conner

John conner William conner C. O. Connor D. O. Connor James connor digger Thomas connor

William Connor

Thomas connors

John Conor

Daniel Conroy

David conroy James conry James conry

[[James Considine]], storekeeper

Ezekeil constable Daniel conway David conway Henry g. Conway John conyington John conyngton - cook digger G. Cook

James Cook

Marshal cook Marshal cook Richard cook Thomas Cook, Digger

William Cook

A. Cooke, gold digger

Wm Hy. Cooke, storekeeper - William Henry Cooke

Saml cooley Henry coombs

John Coopens

Geo. Cooper - See George Cooper

Henry cooper John cooper Cooper A. S. Cooper A. S. Cooper Chas. Cooper Chas. Cooper Henry cooper Isaac cooper James cooper Joseph cooper Joseph cooper Joseph s. Cooper Lindsey cooper Thomas cooper Thomas c. Cooper Thos. Wm. Cooper William cooper

Wm. Cooper - William Cooper

Wm. Copplebun digger F. R. Corbett George e. Coreley Mac. Corllock Alexander cormack Thomas cornelius

George Cornman

John cornthwaite digger Francis cornwall John corregan

William Corry

John cory Ins. Cosgrove Thos. H. Cosham Thomas cosovel George cosstick Henry cosstick P. Costello John cottrell J. Coulthard

Joseph Couper

Willm Courrier- See William COurrier

Ar. Courtin F. Cousins F. Cousins

Wm Cousins - See William Cousins

Joseph couttie Joseph couttie

Wilber Covell

Archibald cowan digger John cowan digger Richard cowell Andrew cowen R. K. Cowing George e. Cowley Charles cowley Charles cowley

Daniel Cowley

Patrick cowley

Patrick cowley Joseph cowper digger John cowse no occ. Given

Thomas Cox

Thomas young charles cox Jas. Coxey James coyle J. Coyne John cracker

James Cracknall brick maker

Alexr. Craig Daniel craig

William C. Craigie

Michael crait B. Or m. Craley gold digger Jones cramp

C.S. Crane, gold digger

Joseph Crane

J. B. Cranford James cranston John m. Craven gold digger Charles crawford

Charles Crawford

James crawford digger Tehen crayet Tiben crayet

Wm Creagh - See William Creagh

Joseph creeper Daniel creig Mark cress James cridlan James cridland James cridland - c. Crignett William crisp digger Ge crockett James crockett John crockett C. P. Croft G. H. Croft digger John croft (Clare thinks this is Cross) Thomas cronan James croncher digger Patrick crones

Bartmew Cronin - Bartholomew Cronin B. Cronin Bartmew cronin Wm. Cronin - p. Cronyn John crook

John Louis Croom

S. Cropley Fred. J. Cropp miner James cropper digger C. G. Crose John cross

John Cross

John cross Robert cross Wm. W. Cross

John Cross

Wm. Cross

Mark Cross

Michael crother Thomas crotty John crouch John crowe

Wesley Mc. Crowe

James crowl I. Or j crowley J. Crowley James crullan William crulmony blacksmith John crunny digger William junr cubb John j. Cudy

Thos. Culbert = See Thomas Culbert

Thos Culbert (See Thomas Culbert 1) digger

James cullen John cullis John cullis John culloch J. B. M. Culloch G. W. Culver C. Donald cumming Charles cumming Charles cumming Davidson cumming Davidson cumming

Donald Cumming

Richd. Cumming digger

Robert Cumming

Wm. Cummins - See William Cummins

John cunningham Michael cunningham [[Robert cunningham Thomas cunningham

Thos Cunningham, gold digger - See Thomas Cunningham

Patrick cuperster - [[Wilson Caren]]

James curr James curr Richard curr

Thomas Currun or carran

Jos. Currey by his marksman Wm. Currie digger Dameon curry digger William curry digger John curtin P. Curtis Patrick curtis Henry curtiss John cusac Patrick cusick James cuthbert James cuthbert James cuthbertson Thos cuthbertson digger George cuttwell

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