1853 Petition Signatures - B

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Albert Charles Cooke,Theodore and Christopher Ballerstest, 1869. State Library of Victoria (H82.291)

James Babcerk

P. B...zool C. W. B...uan

R. Bach

John Bachana

Leonard Bachin

John Backer

Henry Backhouse

John Backhouse

Wm. F. Badger

W. Badger

- badinley

Herrmann Baehrer

J. P. Bagnall

Edward Baguley

J. F. Baheerek

- Bailens,digger

George Bailey

Samuel Bailey

Tim Bailey

George Bailey

George Bailey

James Bailey

Thomas Baillie

Henry Bailman

William Baily

John Bain

John Bain

William Bain

Wm. Bain

Richard Baines

J. L. Baird

James Baird

James baird

J. L. Bairde

William Baiscoe

Loua Bajniceni

Thomas Baker

Jenis Baker

S. Baker

Geo baker

George Baker

George baker George baker

Henry Baker

J. Baker J. Baker

James Baker

John Baker

John baker

John Thomas Baker

Jonas Baker

T. S. Or l. M. Baker

J. F. Bakewell

Charles Bakingsman

J. Balaam

George Bald (by his marksman)

Robert Balderston

H. or W. Balderstone

Peter Ball

William Ball

John Ballantyne

E. Ballar

Henry Ballen

Theodore Ballers

Theodore Ballerstedt

William Bally

James Balson

Robert Balvirnie

James Barnard

Hewett Bamfield

Thomas Bamfield

William Bamfield

Enoch Bank

Avow Banker digger

Enoch Banks

Henry Banks

H. Bannerman

Luke Bannister, butcher

George Banows

Geo. H. Banows

Joseph Bany

James Barbe

D. S. Or l. G. Barbett

George Bachausen

Jas W. Bard - See James W. Bard

George bardon John bark storekeeper John barker John barker or barton

Benjamin Barker

James barker James barker no occ. Given John barker Samuel barker William barker John barkley Wm. Barkley James barnacas B. B. L. Barnard B. B. S. Barnard B. B. S. Barnard

James Barnard

Josh barnard James barnby John barnes John barnes John barnes Andrew barnet J. R. M. Barnett George barrett Patrick barrett

Thomas Barron

William g. Barrows Edward barry James barry

Robert Barry

Thomas Barry

Thos barry E. E. bartels digger Charles m.d. barth

Louis Barthel

Louis barthel digger William bartholomew Frederick barton Thos. Barton William richard barton George barwek or barwetx G. Barwick E. Barwick R. Basett Chas. H. Bassett W. Bassett Wm. Bassier F. A. Basterfeld Wm. Bater

Frederick Bates

George bates Michal bating digger William baucher Thomas bauld Abraham baurne William bavinton Samuel baxter

James Baxter

John baxter John baxter digger John baxter digger Joseph baxter gold digger Saml. baxter digger W. Baxter Walter baxter William baxter

Frances Bayes

George bayley no occ. Philip baylis William bayne gold digger

Edwd Beach - See Edward Beach

J. Beacon David beaes John beagelhole William beaglehole William beaglehole Owen beahan

Thos Beal - See Thomas Beal

John bealton John beam Charles beamath William bearage William beard James bearsley Thomas beary Horatio beauchamp


N. Beaver R. Beavis - beck digger Fredk. Beck Henry beck George bedrmad or bedrnerd

Thos Beech - Thomas Beech

Chas beedele Chas. Beedele John rd. Beel James c. Beer miner Pran or ivan beess or bass Louis begbury Joel beible H. C. Beihny George beiston

E.C. Belcher digger

Jas. Belcher no occ. Given R. T. Belcher digger Donald bell Jno. C. Bell

Edward Bell

Francis bell digger

George Bell, Digger

John bell Joseph bell Rd. Bell - Probably Reginald Bell Robert bell Samuel bell

John Thomas Bellamy

Henry bellington F. Or t. Bellonsdorff James bemien or beinien E. Bendon Gustaue adolf benicky

Collin Benjamin digger

E. Benn Eduard benn Charles bennett Elijah bennett

George Bennett

John bennett John bennett John bennett digger Ro. Bennett Thos. Bennett William bennett

William J. Bennett

Jeremiah bennetts Pellen benny Charles benson James benson James benson Jas benson Robert benson Robert benson William benson Daniel benton or beaton or bevton George berkeley G. Bernier Francis berry Henry berry Adolph besker Adolph besker G. W. S. V. Best digger Henry t. Betty digger M. Bettyer James bevan Robt. G. Bevirs

James Bewley

John bews smiths William beylim Caleb biake digger

William Bickly

James Bieck

C. Bielansky C. Bielansky Carl bielefelch Carl bielefeld F. A. Biesterfeld H. L. Bilbo James bill - bill digger John bill Joseph bill Joseph billingham Billips John bills John bills James bilson no occ. James bingham W. T. Binns or burns William bins Benjamin birch digger

Joseph Birch

Has. W. Bird

Henry Bird

William bird John birdrum William birgman G. Birkenhagen

Wm. Birkenshaw - See William Birkenshaw

George Birkinshaw

Robert birley Samuel birley

John Bishop

Phillip t. Biskey E. Bissill or bissile P. Bithaypool A. W. Bjorkman

J. Black, digger

James Black (1) gold digger, Peg Leg Gully

Robert black Thomas black Albert blackburn Walten blackfair digger John blackland John blackless William blackley George blackshaw Chs. Blackwell Arch blair Hugh blair John blair Neil blair Neil blair William blair Edwin blake Edwin blake Edwin blake James blake Jas. Blake

John Blake

Wm. Blake digger - See William Blake

Jas blakely William blanch digger P. Blanchet do.

Andrew Bland

J. Bley Cassiens m. Blie William bloxham Saml. Bloxham Richard blundell storeman Henery (sic) blunt

John Blyth

W. Blyth John boag

Wm. Boatings - See William Boatings

F. Bohn C. Bohn Wm. Bohnbelt T. Bollen

Ferdinand Bollenschott

F. Bollensder or bollensdorff Ernst bollmeyer Charles bolton shoe maker F. C. Bolton Charles bolton shoe maker Thomas Bona

Joseph Bond, digger

Edward bond no occ. Given

John Bonner

John Laybank Bonton digger Robt. Book digger John s. Boons Th. Borchers Thomas borrall Charles bosher D. J. Bosonley H. Bossart

Harry Boswell, digger

W. Boucher Jones boudenet John bourke John bourke L. Bourke

Patt Bourke

Alfred bowden Chs. Bowden gold digger George bowden digger Jas. Bowden Edward bowds Edward bowds or bowels William bowel James s. Bowen Jos. Or jas bowen or bower digger

Groyr Bowle

Alfred Boyd

Daniel boyd Edward boyd Jno c. Boyd John boyd

Annesly Boyde, gold digger, Sailor's Gully

Thomas boyer John boyes John boyes

A. P. Boyle

John boyne digger Jas. Brace Al. Braddy Ch. Braddy Thomas bradfeld Thos bradley Francis bradley Francis bradley John bradley John brady

John Braid, digger

Henry braidman digger Fredrich brain Nathan brain

H. Brassean

Charles braite James braithwaite William braithwaite digger Robert brake

Hugh Bralligan digger

Albert S. Branford, digger

Thomas brannan

H. Brassean

P. Braun

James Bray

Thomas Bray

W. H. Bray

William bray George braybook George brean R. Brecken C. W. Brenan or bunan digger Garrett brennan William brennan John brennen Henry brensley B. Stankie brethen Wm. T. Brett digger Wright brett digger Patrick breukin or brentein digger William brewer digger John briady no occ. Given Alex. Briborn digger George brice or price - g. Bridges Thos. Bridges digger John briggs William briggs Wm. Bright do. Joseph brinkworth H. Briscan

[William Britt]

Chas brock Chas. Brock Henry brockett Charles brockstedt H. Brodie

I. Brodie

Saml. R. Brodie - Samuel R. Brodie

J. E. Broghn Brognas

James Brokenshire FOUNDER OF OLD COLS ??????

Thomas bromby

I.I. Bromley (COULD BE SS

Joseph bronfiebler

Abraham Brook

Jas. Brook

Joseph Brook

William brook H. V. Brook or brooks Abraham brooke

Alfred Brooks gold digger

Hy Brooks -See Henry Brooks

James brooks James c. Brooks James c. Brooks John brooks John brooks Thomas brooks William brooks William brooks Wm. Brooks Alex. Broom digger Captain brown delegate George brout or bront John brown John a. Brown store keeper Jo. Brown Abraham brown Andrew brown

Francis Brown printer

Frederick brown George brown George brown Henry brown Henry brown Hugh brown J. Brown James brown James brown James brown James brown James brown digger John brown John brown John brown John brown John brown John brown butcher

John H. Brown

John henry brown John s. Brown Josh brown by his marksman Robt. Wm. Jno. Brown Samuel brown Samuel brown Samuel brown Samuel brown digger Thomas brown Thomas brown Thomas brown Thomas brown Thos. Brown Thos. E. Brown licensed digger William brown William brown William brown William brown William brown digger George s. Brown E. Browne E. G. Browne

Patrick Browne

E. G. Browne Edward browne E. G. Browne or brinne J. Brownridge Valentino browns Thos. Brunker John brurk Charles bruton

Lawrence Bryan

Charles bryan D. W. Bryan D. W. Bryan John bryan by his marksman Laurence bryan Lawrence bryan John bryant Joseph bryant Lewis w. Bryant John bryce John bryce digger John bryden William btevin Wm buatinys John buchanan Jno buchanan John buchanan digger Robert buchanan Thomas buchanan Thos buchanan

William Buchanan

John buchers Henry buck James buck Samuel c. Buck W. Bucketell A. Buckingham George buckingham

Wm Buckingham - See William Buckingham

Francois buckle digger Stephen buckley Jno. R. Buckley Phillip buckley Stephen buckley Tho. R. Buckley George buckley or rattley Richard bud

E. Budden

H. Budden

Arthur budge Frederick bugden Thomas buhoh digger Henry g. Buliver digger Chas. E. Bull storekeeper Robert bull Wm. R. Bull W. Bullock John bullock Joseph bullock

Michael Bunbury

George thomas bunker digger Richard bunn John bunra--- Human burchardt

Henry Burdekin, digger

Joseph Burkett

R. Burdon digger George buredett R. Bureham William g. Burgem

John Burinfield

James burk John burk (sic) John burke Robert burke Robert burke Tom burke

Joseph Burkett

John burkinshaw John burkinshence James burley John burley Ritckerd or richard burn

Michael Burnbury

P. Burne

D. Burne (2)

D. Burne

David Burnet

John william burnett Robert burnn Robert burnn

Bryan Burns

Denis burns by his marksman F. Burns John burns John burns John burns

Robert Burns

Wm. Burns Wm. Burns John burny digger Henry junr. Burrows Thos burrows Thos. Burrows John burstall no occ. Given Andrew burston Andrew burston Thomas burston Thomas burston Thomas burt

William Burt

Charles burton James burton John burton Joseph burton Henry bus---g R. Buschick James bush Josheph bushell Thomas bushton John busse

Frederick Butcher

W. H. Butcher W. H. Butcher J. Bute Davy a. Butear H. Buthern James butler

E. Butler

Martin butler (by his marksman) Michael butler William butt William butt F. Butterworth R. Button Robert button William byan or ryan digger Richard byfield or byfields Peter byford Thos. Byon Denis byrne Edmond byrne Denis bysu

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