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[[Debly Ablem]]
[[Debly Ablem]]
William ad---
[[Charles Adamer]]
[[Charles Adamer]]

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Francis Aaull

Frederick Abbott

J.H. Abbott & co., Storekeepers

W. Abbott

William Abel

Thomas Abenieyer

William Abey

Debly Ablem

Charles Adamer

Edward Adams

James Adams

John Adams

Christopher Adamthwait

Thomas Addison

William Aden, digger

James Adley

Alexander Ahern or alrin, digger

Jo. Ahern or ashern

Henry Aiken

Edward Aikman

John Ainnan

William Ainsley

Henry aiok or cook

Daniel Airde, digger

James Aitken

John Aitken

J--- aitkin

Joseph Aitkinson

William Albury

Charles Alcock

William L. Alcy

David Aldbury

Henry N. Aldey

George Alexander

Thomas Alexander

Robert Allan, digger

Charles Allan

James Allan

John Allan

John Allan, digger

Robert Allan digger mates

Robert Allan, smith

William Allan

Charles Allchin

Danl. Or david allen

Charles Allen

Daniel Allen

John Allen

W. J. Allen, gold miner

[William D. Allen]]

James Alliff

W. Allistee

H.E. Allpress

John Allpress

Samuel Allsop

Samuel Allsop

John Allwright

Thomas Almond or olmond

John Alstead, gold digger

A. Alvis

Georges P. Amand

John Amays, licensed digger

Charles. F. Amery

John Amery

B. Ames - Probably Benjamin Amies

Joseph Amess or Amels

Thomas Amner digger

John Amos digger

Thomas Amos

Saml Anderson - See Samuel Anderson

Webster G. Anderson digger

William Anderson

William M. Anderson

A. Anderson

Andrew Anderson

J. Anderson

James Anderson, digger

John Anderson

John Anderson digger

Joseph Anderson

Joseph Anderson

Robert Anderson

William Anderson

William anderson

William Anderson

William F. Anderson

C. Anderton

David anderton or Anderson

Willeome Andeson, digger

F. Or i. Or j. Andrew

Adam Andrew

James Andrew

Thomas Andrew

John Andrews

Charles Andrews

Francis Andrews

Frederick Andrews

John Andrews, digger

J. Or i.Link title Andrus

Richard Anford

Henry Angus, digger

Joseph Annabel

Denis Annieel

John Ansell

John Ansell

C.I. Ansay

Fritz Antha

Wm Anthony - See William Anthony

Samuel Antivea

George Apperlea

Christian Archer

Philip Archer

Valentine Archer, digger

William Archer, digger

Robert Archibald

James or John armstrong

Arthur Armstrong

Francis Armstrong - [[J.S. Armstrong]]

James Armstrong

John Armstrong

Thomas Armstrong

William Armstrong

William Armstrong

Colville Armstrong, digger

Edward Arnott or arnett or arnot

David Arnott

F.G. Arnott or arnold

Adam Arthur

Samuel Arthur

George John Arvrias

G. Asgood

John Ashbrook

Joseph Ashmore

William Ashworth

George Aspinall, butcher

H. Asselin

Edgar Atkins

Henry Atkins

John Atkinson

Michael Atkinson

Michael Atkinson

Fred Attree

John Auneen

J. Austin

J. Austin

John Austin, digger

D. Austine

Reuben jnr. Autesson

Ambrose Ayers

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