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Suters was born in Sussex, England in 1829. He emigrated to New South Wales with his parents in 1838. [1]

Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Suters was a successful digger, and was in Ballarat at the time of the Eureka battle. He saw the Stockade taken, although he was not one of the rioters.[2]

Post 1854 Experiences


On Wednesday morning, February 19th, 1947, another link with the very early days of the Hastings River district was broken through the death of Mr. George Suters, who died at his home in Bridge Street, West Port Macquarie, at the age of 92 years and three months. The deceased gentleman was born at Ballarat (Victoria), on 19th November, 1851, and was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Suters. He came to the Hastings in his early childhood days, and his main interest centered in farming, and he knew years of toil and disappointment in his efforts to provide a livelihood for his wife and family. On March 8th, 1881, deceased was married to Miss Henrietta Lockton, of 'Belvedere,' Backman's Point, the minister being the Rev. Edward Dunstan. The happy couple spent their honeymoon at Maitland, to which centre they rode on horseback, and it took them five days to get there. Returning from their honeymoon, the late Mr. and Mrs. Suters settled at Gowrie, Wauchope, for a time and had one continual struggle with flood and drought. Corn in those days was worth 4/- per bag, and wages paid were 5/- per week, and under these circumstances they raised a family. In 1900 they made a move to the Richmond River, and their means of transport had improved to a spring cart and dray. The stock travelled with them, and the journey occupied one month. Returning from the Richmond River, they settled at King Creek, and farmed there for seven years before moving to the late Mr. N. Cain's property, near Wauchope. There they remained until 1926, when they came to Port Macquarie to re side. During their stay in Wauchope, the late Mr. Suters took a keen interest in Wauchope Show and was always an exhibitor. He took many prizes for his farm products, and was a keen judge of pigs. The late Mr. Suters was a staunch adherent of the Methodist Church, and was a steward in both district churches for many years. He also showed keen interest in the annual Methodist Flower Show. It was always a pleasure to hear the late Mr. Suters reminiscing. He' knew the early days and knew how to tell a story. He could recall the days when Wauchope possessed one house; when he had to walk from Wauchope to Port Macquarie for pro visions, and the blacks not always friendly, were numerous on the river. He had seen the wool waggons ar riving from New England district to ship their cargo per sailing vessel, and he knew the wet seasons, when flood followed flood. Amongst his prize possessions was a scrap book dealing with these early days. As a sportsman, he had some notoriety, representing the Hastings in the cricket field against other rivers, and he was also a keen foot runner. Deceased was a member of the Good Templars' Lodge. Throughout his long life, the late Mr. Suters enjoyed good health, except for the 17 weeks prior to his death. He had the misfortune to fall and break his hip, and he spent 16 weeks in the H. D. Hospital. Then 10 days at home, prior to passing peacefully to rest as stated. A sorrowing family is left to mourn his loss, the children being : Mrs. L. Noakes (Wauchope), Mr. C. Suters (Grafton), Mrs. T. Bartlett (Green Hills), Mrs. T. Hayward (Port Macquarie), Miss L. Suters (Port Macquarie), Mr. G. G. Suters (Chatswood), Mrs. P. J. Falllck (Chatswood), Mrs. J. Higgins (Meadowbank), Mr. P. H. Suters (Rosella), Mr. S. A. S. Suters (Lane Cove), Mr. O. R. C. Suters (Harden), Mr. N. D. Suters (Port Macquarie). The late Mr. Suters had two sons in the Great War and seven grandsons in the last war. There are 21 grandchildren and eight great grand children. Four brothers survive, viz., John, Edward, Albert and Samuel, all of Wauchope. The funeral service was held at the Methodist Church, Port Macquarie, on Thursday morning, February 20th, following which the cortege moved to the Port Macquarie Cemetery, where the service was concluded by the Rev. W. E. Taylor. A wealth of floral tributes covered the coffin. Three sons and a grandson carried the casket from the church and also from the hearse to the grave. The funeral arrangements were conducted by Mr. F. V. Hayward.[3]

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