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Sydney, Saturday.
Mr Simon Pritzler, a very old resident of Goulburn, and a retired officer and former army man, died on Wednesday, at the age of 84. He was a native of Ireland, joined]the 12th British Regiment of Foot, and came to Sydney in the forties. He took part in the Eureka Stockade battle and also served with credit in the New Zealand war. When in the military service in Sydney he was selected as one of the bodyguard of Sir John Young, then Governor of the colony, and travelled with him to Winderadeen, near Collector; the arriving there the day after the murder of Constable Nelson and Ben Hall Gil-bert and Dunn, on 26th January. 1865. The outlaws had made public their intention of ‘‘getting’' the Governor, Private Pritzler was on guard, and during the night he fired at a bush ranger's haunt, scaring the gang away. Sir John was not otherwise molested. Mr Pritzler then left the military service, and joined the police force-under Captain Zouch. He was 33 years in the service.[1]

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