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A relic of the encounter that took place at the Eureka Stockade on December 3, 1854, between British soldiers and Ballarat gold diggers was (says the " Age" of March 1 on Saturday discovered by a fossicker in the vicinity of the stockade. It is in the shape of a military scabbard, 3 1/2ft. in length. The relic, which has been badly affected by rust, having been embedded in the earth for some 54 years, belonged apparently to an officer of the 40th regiment, which, with the 12th regiment and a party of men of war from a ship then lying in Hobson's Bay, was engaged in the work of storming the stockade. It is curved and weighs about 2 lb. A Melbourne antiquarian is desirous of purchasing the scabbard which is on view at a shop in the Main-Road. Mr. C. C. Shoppee, superintendent of the Ballarat Benevolent, Asylum, has in his possession an insurgent's pistol, found in an old hole inside the stockade many years subsequent to the armed revolt of the diggers. Some time ago a wealthy pioneer offered £10 for this old-fashioned pistol.[1]

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  1. Barrier Miner, 06 March 1909.