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Devon Countryside, Photograph Dorothy Wickham 2016


Richard Ocock was born on 29 September 1804. He was baptised on 9 April 1806 at Crediton, Devon, England. His parents were Richard Ocock and Elizabeth Pring. Richard Ocock jr married Mary Rebecca Musgrave, on 01 July 1833, at Holy Trinity, Exeter, Devon. The emigrated in 1839 on the Sesostris.[1]

A Captain in the Devonshire Yeomanry late of Colyton, County Devon, a feather from Ocock's helmet is the State Library of Victoria. On 08 November 1831 Ocock was an Attorney in the Court of Kings Bench at Westminster. He arrived in Sydney and travelled to Victoria where he practiced law between 1842-1848. His clients included John Pascoe Fawkner, the Were brothers, and the estate of John Batman. Ocock was included in a group of capitalists that wished to form a water supply company in Melbourne. He was on the provisional committee with Kemmis, Baxter, D. S. Campbell, Welsh, Yaldwyn, Highett, and Clow and other men who were also on the Port Phillip Steam Navigation Company, J. B. Were, Langhorne brothers, Frederick Manton, Farquhar McCrae, and his brother Andrew.[2] Ocock joined Adam Loftus Lynn’s law practise in Ballarat in September 1852 – Ocock travelling to Ballarat from his home in Ballan. After leaving Cuthbert's Practise he opened his own new office in Armstrong St North, Ballarat. Ocock later returned to Melbourne where he often appeared at the County and Supreme Courts. O’Cock became the first Master in the Chair of the Ballarat Freemason’s Victoria Lodge in 1854. After his retirement he moved to live with his daughter Mrs Dugald MacPherson at Bungeeltap, Ballan where he passed away on 10 July 1883.[3]

The Richard O'Cock (sic) papers: Ledger Book 1842-1848; Papers 1842 - 1877; and Day Book 1843 - 1877; are available at the Royal Historical Society of Victoria.[4]

Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Post 1854 Experiences


BALLAN, Wednesday. Mr. Richard Ocock died yesterday at Bungeeltap, the residence of Mr. Dugald Macpherson. He was a very old resident of Ballan, and one of the earliest solicitors in Melbourne, being contemporary with the late Mr. Gurner, the Crown solicitor. [5]

Deaths - OCOCK.-On the 10th inst., at Bungeeltap-house, Ballan, Richard Ocock, solicitor, aged 70. [6]

In the News

Law. - It will be seen by our law report, that on Monday five Barristers were admitted to the Colonial Bar. In addition to these, nine Attorneys have given the usual notice of applying to be enrolled among the Attorneys of the Supreme Court. Their names are, George Glanville, late of the County of Devon, William Henry Goddard, of Middlesex, Henry Littlewood, of Stafford, George Cooper Turner, of Middlesex, Richard Ocock, of Devon, W. G. A. Fitzhardingw, of Middlesex, and Edward Sewell, of Middlesex, Attorneys of the Courts of Westminster, James Montgomery of the County of Antrim an Attorney of the Courts at Dublin, and Alexander Paterson, of Edinburgh, an Attorney at the Courts at Edinburgh.[7]

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