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JOHNS—HUMPHREYS.—On the 12th inst., at Landsborough, by the Rev. M. M. Whitton, Reynell Eveleigh Johns to Alice Sarah Humphreys.[1]


JOHNS.—On the 10th September, at her residence, Florida, Hamilton, Alice Sarah, wife of Reynell Eveleigh Johns.[2]

HAMILTON. Mr Reynell Eveleigh Johns formerly police magistrate died on Friday, at the age of 76 years. He was a native of Devon, and came to the colonies in the fifties. After spending some time on the Bendigo gold fields, he joined the Victorian Civil service. He was a collector of native implements, weapons and geological specimens.[3]


HAMILTON, Thursday.
An historic horn has been presented to the local art gallery by Mr. Harry Hughes. It is said to have been used for summon ing the mutinous miners to man the Eureka Stockade on the eventful occasion of the storming of that structure.
The horn formed portion of a collection of curios belonging to the estate of the late Mr. R. E. Johns, formerly police magistrate.[4]

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