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Pikeman detail from the Peter Lalor Statue, Sturt Street, Ballarat. Courtesy Ballarat Heritage Services.

The pikes used during the Eureka Stockade were made by local blacksmiths. There were comprised of a rough wooden pole about 2.4 metres long, tipped with a sharp metal spike and a hook designed to cut bridles and reins of the mounted men's horses. The hook could also be used to pull rider from their horse.

Mrs Bath exhibited a pike used at the Eureka Stockade, found by her on the morning after the battle. It was exhibited during the 1876 Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute Fine Arts Exhibition.[1]

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Walter E. Pidgeon, Illustration from The Eureka Stockade by Raffaello Carboni, Sunnybrook Press, 1942, offset print.
Art Gallery of Ballarat, purchased 1994.
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