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Museum of Democracy at Eureka (MADE), Photography: Clare Gervasoni, 2013.
Museum of Democracy at Eureka (MADE), Photography: Clare Gervasoni, 2013.
Suellen Crouch, Ascension, 2015. Private Collection.
The chains representing the bonds of tyranny are burnt in the flames of rebellion. The flag can be seen rising from the ashes of Colonial oppression into the joyful light of glorious freedom rising above the sadness. The quilt was exhibited in the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka Challenge, and is made from mainly cotton fabrics and is pieced and appliqued. The challenge and exhibition centred around the theme Songs of Freedom - Celebrating Democracy. The theme was inspired by the lyrics of five protest songs which form part of the ‘Power of Numbers’ permanent exhibit at M.A.D.E.


Formerly the Eureka Stockade Centre, M.A.D.E is Australia’s newest museum dedicated to democracy – opened on 4 May 2013.[1]

The key themes at M.A.D.E are Eureka and democracy, the Power of People, the Power of Words and what democracy meant back then and what it means to us now. [2]

The aim of the Museum is to draw people in, young and old from across Australia and from overseas so that they may learn more about Eureka and democracy, and to encourage them to become more engaged in the development, protection and enhancement of democracy.[3]

The role of the 1854 Eureka Stockade in shaping our nation has long been celebrated with local commemorations and memorials.[4]

Three tiers of government – Federal, Victorian and the City of Ballarat – have collaborated with $11.1 million to create M.A.D.E. [5] M.A.D.E's foundations are within the Eureka Stockade Memorial Park, and the museum with feature the Eureka Flag, on loan from the Art Gallery of Ballarat.

The Eureka Flag at M.A.D.E.

In April 2011 the City of Ballarat sent a letter to the Art Gallery of Ballarat requesting a loan of the Eureka Flag for display at the Museum of Democracy of Eureka.[6]

Eureka Flag Fragment

On 3 December 2013, Adrian Millane presented his family's Eureka Flag Fragment to be displayed on loan at M.A.D.E. This coincided with the 159th Anniversary of Eureka.


Available in the M.A.D.E. bookshop are titles on Eureka, The Eureka Flag and Women of the Diggings.

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